I post a mixture of content really, from lifestyle/ think pieces to style and beauty. I also have a YouTube channel and you’ll often find me either talking about coffee or skincare on my Instagram story…

Think your brand is a good fit for jodiemelissa.com? I would love to hear from you. Please get intouch via email – jodiemelissaxo@gmail.com. My media kit is available upon request.


I started writing this blog way back when having a disclaimer on a blog just wasn’t a thing, so I want to keep this as short as possible. Throughout my whole time blogging my main aim is to stay true to myself, so any content you see on my blog is written by me, and I will only ever work on something I fully believe in. Basically, everything I write is my honest opinion.

I’m lucky enough to have some things sent to me by some incredible brands, and through this I’ve been able to try some products that have now become my favourites. If I receive a product from a brand that I don’t like, I just won’t mention it. I never just accept a sample just for the sake of it, if I’m genuinely interested in a product that’s when I’m happy to say yes and give it a try.

  • All skincare products will be trialled for a minimum of 3 weeks, unless stated otherwise.
  • Any sponsored posts will be marked at the end of the post clarifying sponsorship
  • Unless stated otherwise all images on my blog have been taken by myself or Jay (Instagram husband…). If you wish to use one of my images please contact me before hand.

Affiliate links…

Links used in posts from November 2016 may be shopstyle links. When an item is purchased through a shopstyle link it provides a small amount of revenue to me. I only link products that I am interested in and to sites that I use/ order from myself.