Hello, I’m Jodie

I’m a wellbeing mentor and certified Yoga teacher, and have been practising Yoga and meditation for 4 years. I discovered the practice in a moment of need. I was struggling with my mental health, self care was at the bottom of my list, and I found both Yoga and meditation to be the pause I needed from the busyness of life. It helped me kick start getting things back on track.

I’ve always been interested and passionate about wellbeing and methods of improving mental health, but despite having a degree in Psychology, I found I needed more than the traditional methods had to offer. Naturally, this deepened my curiosity with just how beneficial Yoga and mediation could be to wellbeing overall, and living a life that feels authentic and true to who we really are. 

I started off focusing on meditation and breathwork (Pranayama), before slowly finding my way to the mat and building a daily yoga practice. I moved to Nottingham in September 2021, in a completely new city I decided to start my Yoga teacher training. To begin with, it was a way for me to meet new people and connect through something I loved, slowly I realised I wanted to share this practice with others and facilitate their own practice. 

My own daily practice of Yoga continues to help me learn more about myself and how to navigate the world. It’s taught me to slow down, the value of connection and the importance of regulating our nervous system for our overall mental wellbeing. Now I share my love of wellbeing and Yoga through weekly classes.


Jodie Rogers