Saturday, 25 February 2017

The Wedding Update #1

Quiet a lot has happened since I last did a wedding related post! We still have just over a year to go but I'm keen to get as much sorted as soon as possible. I mentioned in my last wedding post that the venue has been booked, finally after 6 months of hunting for the perfect place! I'm feeling quite private about it at the minute, I shared a couple of sneak peaks on my Instagram story and the picture above is part of the venue, but I won't be doing a full venue reveal until after the day!


I can see myself having a bit of a ramble here, basically my first experience of trying on wedding dresses really wasn't how I imagined it. I decided to stay local and I didn't go to an amazing shop, I knew that it wasn't the nicest place to try on dresses for the first time, but I was so nervous about it that I just didn't want to go far and make a big fuss. I'm sure I can't be the only bride to be with this feeling, but I'm just so worried that I won't find a dress that I feel amazing in!

Basically the whole thing was rushed, the lady 'helping' didn't seem interested and I didn't feel amazing like I expected to! I'll definitely be trying on some more dresses on soon, I have a couple of designers in mind who I love which should hopefully make it easier.


As much as I love the idea of fancy invitations I've actually let my partner decide on this and we are going for email invites and a wedding website. I'm still going to have stationary on the day in a beautiful calligraphy font as I imagined for the invitations, but we decided that spending £600- £700 on the dream invitations just wasn't worth it, and we would much rather invest in the venue. Some of the websites we have seen are beautiful and definitely set the scene for the day, hopefully in a similar way an invitation would.


We didn't really fancy the idea of having a formal 3 course meal, we wanted something more relaxed and have gone for a tapas style menu. There will still be 3 courses but it not only gives our guests a little more option but creates a more informal atmosphere for sure. One thing I'm definitely looking forward to is our food tasting session, halloumi skewers are currently on the cards!

If you have any wedding dress experiences similar to mine, then please put my mind at ease and let me know!

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Wednesday, 22 February 2017

The Contour Edit: Save, Spend or Splurge?

Contouring has been around for a while now but it's something I'm only just getting the hang of. It was only the other day I realised just how many contouring palettes/ products I have, ranging from £3.99 right up to £35, and there is a definite favourite!


Collection Contour Stick - LIGHT £3.99

I picked this up after seeing Fleur De Force rave about it, it's the most affordable in my collection and one of my favourites! I love this particularly for contouring my nose, I don't do anything too heavy but the bullet is small making it really easy to be precise. The shade of this is also spot on, it's a cool toned pale brown with almost a hint of purple to it which works well to give the look of a natural shadow. The formulation is also a winner for me, it isn't too creamy so it stays put on my oily skin throughout the day. If you are new to contouring or want to try something a little different to a powder I really recommend this!

Barry M Chisel Cheeks Contour - LIGHT £6.49

I think this was the first contouring product I picked up a fair few years ago now (probably needs to be chucked in all honesty...). This isn't my go to option anymore, the powder which is meant for sculpting is far too dark for my complexion so it just doesn't work. Having said that I do like the bronzer in this and the powders are soft and blend well. One to avoid if you have a pale complexsion but worth looking into if you want your contour and bronzer in one place and have a darker complexsion.


Sleek Contour kit - LIGHT £6.99

Like the Barry M kit this is another old product which doesn't see much love anymore. I don't think much of the highlighter, but I do like the contouring shade for bronzer. Being so pale I don't tend to go for really warm bronzers as they just look orange on my skin, the shade in this palette is a fab neutral/ slightly cool toned brown which just seems to work better as a bronzer for me.

Maybelline Master Sculpt Contouring - LIGHT MEDIUM £6.99

This is a more recent addition to my collection which I definitely didn't need... However, out of all the contour and highlighting kits mentioned this is my favourite. The formulation of the powders reminds me of highend products, it blends so well and lasts on my skin. The only issue I have with this is the shade, it's a great matte brown but it just isn't quite cool toned enough to really give the illusion of naturally contoured cheeks, like some of the other products. I think this may work better for me in the summer when I'm not so pale.

Rimmel London Sculpting Palette* - 002 CORAL GLOW £6.99

I've had this for couple of months now and I tend to reach for it when I'm in a rush because it's so easy to use. I like all of the shades, but like the majority of the kits mentioned above I don't necessarily use the contouring shade for contouring, more of an all over complexsion boost. The powders are soft and tend to last well on my skin throughout the day, so it is a nice addition to my makeup collection, and doesn't break the bank!


Clinique Chubby Stick Sculpting Contour £19

I loved this at first but after trying so many other contouring products I've realised it's pretty much a waste of money! I use it to bronze my complexsion from time to time but I find that it blends out so much that there is almost no point in applying it in the first place. To me contouring is supposed to be precise, and having it in chubby stick form makes that impossible. For a night out I will sometimes layer this and apply a powder bronzer on top and I definitely notice that my bronzer lasts longer, but considering it's supposed to be for contouring and it set me back £19, it's really not worth it!

The Sculpting Powder Kevyn Aucoin - LIGHT £35

Lastly is the product that really spurred me on to write this post, out of all contouring bits and bobs mentioned this is my absolute favourite. There are so many things that makes this contouring powder better than the others mentioned. Firstly the packaging is gorgeous, it comes with it's own little velvet pouch! It's the shade and formulation of this that make it worth the splurge, it's the only product I've found that can actually recedes areas of my face in a natural looking way. The powder is so soft and pigmented I only need a tiny amount and it blends beautifully too. The price tag put my off buying this for years, but nothing more affordable compares for me!


If you are on a budget, I don't think contouring is something you need invest in for your makeup routine. However, the Kevyn Aucoin Sculpting Powder is my favourite without a doubt! It really does manage to fake the appearance of cheek bones and shadows like no other powder I've tried. From one extreme to the other, the Collection Precision Contouring pencil is an absolute steal and a fab way to test a really cool toned contour and whether it will work for you.

1) Barry M Contour Kit - Shade 2 2) Barry M Contour Kit - Shade 3 3) Clinique Chubby Contour Stick  4) Collection Precision Contouring 5) Sleek Contour 6) Rimmel palette 7) Maybelline Master Sculpt 8) Kevyn Aucoin Sculpting Powder

Do you have a holy grail contouring product?

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Sunday, 19 February 2017

Rimmel Brow Shake Filling Powder Review

For me brows make or break a look, the whole 'Instagram Brow' isn't for my thing and I try to achieve a full, but natural looking brow instead... I was lucky enough to be sent the brand new Rimmel Brow Shake Filling Powder* £5.99, lots of brands seem to be coming out with brow palettes, pomades and taming gels, but this is pretty unique!

I'm really impressed with the powder in the product. My brows stayed put all day without any budging or fading which was perfect. It's also nicely pigmented and soft helping it blend well when combing my brows through after using it - i've found using a spoolie works wonders with this as it distributes the powder evenly.

The applicator is what makes this unique, it's a soft sponge which holds the powder. As you can see the applicator is quite thick which makes filling in the brows a quick process, but that does mean less precision and the inability to create soft hair like strokes, so this is definitely for those that like a bold brow, or perfect for more dramatic evening looks. This has been marketed as a 3-in-1 product that will fill, define and line, and I definitely agree.

I think with a little practise this does become easy to use, it's a very quick way to fill the brow with colour!
(L-R Light Brown, Medium Brown, Dark Brown, Black)
There are only 4 shades to choose from in this range, which isn't really enough. At first glance I thought that medium brown would be a good match for me, but actually on the brows it looked more like a dark brown. In the end my shade of choice was the lightest in the range which is light brown, however I feel like this will be far too dark for anyone with lighter brows. 

The dark brown as you can see from the swatch is incredibly warm toned, which is something to bare in mind when deciding which shade to go for. One thing I do like about the shades they have in the range is the consideration of different tones, it's good to see more affordable brands bringing out a mix of both cool and warm toned shades. Buying this instore I think swatching it/ actually trying it out will be your best bet to finding the perfect shade. 
I think this is a product I'll use more for evening makeup, or in conjunction with a brow pencil to create a more natural looking finish for day time. I'm impressed with the concept but if you prefer very natural looking brows, this isn't for you.

What are your favourite brow products to use, will you be trying the Brow Shake?

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Friday, 17 February 2017

Why I Love Bio Sculpture Gel

Rewind to two weeks ago, my nails were short, brittle and unable to grow without thinning and snapping - then I decided to try Bio Sculpture, and now I'm hooked.

I'm one of those unlucky people with incredibly weak nails, one look at my nail and it would snap. Working at a computer all day I constantly see my hands and I was so fed up with my nails looking short, and having to paint them 3 times a week for them to look semi presentable. I've tried Shellac but had no luck with it, it often chipped within the first week and it made my nails weak from it peeling off, it just wasn't durable enough.

When I heard about Bio Sculpture I knew that it would be the treatment for me, it's similar to Shellac offering a glossy looking colour to the natural nail, but the difference is the product as it's a gel rather than just a polish. The pictures above were taken just a day after getting the treatment so my nails were pretty short, two and a half weeks in and the polish is still intact and my nails are much longer - with no breakage! I was actually recommended this treatment by Chloe who has just started a blog here! Her nails lasted over 3 weeks and they still looked amazing towards the end of of the treatment!

As you can probably tell, I'm seriously impressed with Bio Sculpture! The treatment took less than 30 minutes, it's made my nails grow longer than ever before and it can guarantee me nice nails for 2-4 weeks. However there is one downside for me and that's the price. This treatment is £24, which isn't a lot but going from spending nothing on my nails each month to that is quite a big jump, although it's a price I'm still going to pay once a month, as I really do think it's worth it. I don't think I'll ever go back to Shellac or nail extensions again after this, I'm actually looking into becoming a Bio Sculpture nail technician to fill my time on the evenings and weekends I think it's that good!

Have you ever tried Bio Sculpture?

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