Restorative Online Yoga Class | 6th December | 7:30-8:30pm


The online restorative yoga class is a one hour session designed to ease away tension and stress. The class will incorporate the breath, moments of stillness and some gentle Yoga postures to help you unwind and calm the nervous system. The class is suitable for all levels, whether it’s your first ever class or you’ve been practising for years.

Venue:   Online via Zoom
Date:      Tuesday 6th of December
Time:      7:30-8:30pm
Cost:       £9 per session

For the practice all you will need is a Yoga mat (or any kind of exercise mat), a blanket, cushion and zoom.

I cannot wait to see you there.

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The body and mind are interlinked, when we have tension in the body, our mind notices it too. During a restorative Yoga session, the poses are held for a longer period to allow the body to release any build up of tension. In turn this helps to calm the mind. This style allows you to slow down, be more present and truly connect to the mind and body.




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