30 Journal Prompts For Self Discovery

It’s amazing just how much clarity journaling can bring.

Putting pen to paper can help us get to know ourselves, regulate how we’re feeling and gain some perspective on how we’re living.

Wanting to understand more about myself is the reason I started journaling. Journaling is the perfect tool for self discovery. Whatever it is you want to learn about yourself, I’m 99% sure journaling can help. On TikTok I’ve been sharing a new journal prompt for self discovery every day, and I wanted to share the questions here for you to follow. They have been put together with the idea of cultivating a deeper understanding of yourself, but also considering what actions you can take based on that. I really hope you get as much out of them as I do…

5 tips for journaling for self discovery

Before sharing the prompts, here’s some tips to get you started on journaling for self discovery. I also have a post with 7 journaling tips if you want more support with this.

Start small

When building a habit it’s always easier to start small. Try not to put too much pressure on yourself to write pages, go with the flow and what feels right for you.

Make it easier to stay consistent

Consistency is key, but that can be hard to achieve when building a habit. Doing little things like keeping your journal insight, setting an alarm to journal, or planning your day so you can set aside from it makes a difference. Dedicate the time to yourself fully and you’re more likely to make it happen.

Remember there’s no right or wrong time to journal, just whatever fits your life best and will make it easier for you to stick to.

Don’t worry about your hand writing.

Seriously, this journal is for you to get to know yourself better, it doesn’t matter how neat it looks.

Remember it can feel uncomfortable.

Sometimes, the things we resist are actually the things we need most. Try to spot those feelings of resistance and push through them. This will help to build a practise.

30 journal prompts for self discovery

  1. What does my dream day look like?
  2. Based on what your dream day looks like, ask yourself how you could incorporate more from that day into your life right now? Is it setting boundaries or changing your routine slightly? 
  3. What habits are not serving you? If possible, what small steps can you take to change those?
  4. If there was absolutely no chance you could ‘fail’ at anything, how would your life look?
  5. What scares you most about failure? Where do you think those ideas have stemmed from?
  6. What didn’t work for you today? Whatever that is, how can you change it tomorrow?
  7. What are you afraid of most? Why do you think you have this fear?
  8. What values do you respect most in someone else? Read over what you’ve written, this can help you understand more about your own values too.
  9. What makes you feel happy and most joyful? And how does this compare to how you think the world defines happiness?
  10. What’s one small thing you can start to incorporate into your routine tomorrow that will make you feel good? Start small, be gentle with yourself and see what happens.
  11. What are you most proud of?
  12. Write down whatever it is that you need to hear right now, give yourself advice as you would a friend
  13. When do you feel most at peace?
  14. Is there something you could do to feel even more grounded?
  15. How can you take better care of yourself everyday for the long term?
  16. What could you talk about for hours on end and not be bored by? 
  17. What type of person do you want to be? How can you work towards this? 
  18. Where would you like to be and how would you like to feel in one years time? 
  19. What practical steps can you take to get to where you want to be in one year?
  20. What do you need to change in life, what’s stopping you from making that change?
  21. What was your favourite activity as a child? Why did you stop doing it and can you incorporate it into your life now?
  22. What are three things you want to tell your past self?
  23. How would you want others to describe you?
  24. What makes you most jealous of others? What do you think your life is missing that is making you compare and experience this feeling?
  25. What causes you stress? What can you do to take ownership of this?
  26. How can you best take care of yourself at this moment in time?
  27. What makes you feel most alive? 
  28. What areas of your life feel out of alignment, how you you gain control of that? 
  29. What’s one of your most memorable moments from childhood? How do you think that’s impacted you?
  30. What have you learnt about yourself answering these questions?

If you want to watch the series you can follow me on TikTok: jodie.melissa to see the last of the daily updates. For self awareness, I’ve shared how to become more self aware.

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    Wow, I absolutely adored reading this post. I think these things are so important!

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