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The Best Workout Clothes For Women, Starting From £10

There’s no doubt that what you wear to workout in makes the biggest difference, but finding the best workout clothes to fit the bill, well, that can be a struggle. I’ve bought from so many different brands over the years. I’ve tried affordable brands and a few not so affordable ones too, so I thought I would bring all of those pieces together and share my absolute favourite picks.

The Best Sports Bras

Sports bras for me are the thing I find most difficult to get right. I’ve tried premium ones that are £40+ and I’ve tried ones for £4 from Primark. For me, of course it’s a case of making sure everything stays in place, but it has to feel comfortable too. I have some that are medium support which are good for lifting weights (with absolutely no jumping around included), and then the fully supportive options that see me through a HIIT class.

My favourite sports bras with medium support are the Girlfriend Collective Paloma Bra. They’re soft, comfortable, wash really well and give enough coverage. The material is lightweight and stretchy too so I never feel too hot when I’m wearing them. I don’t tend to wear a top over these, so they also double up as my top. If you don’t need much support or do light workouts, this sports bra is a good option.

The Best Affordable Sports Bra 2021

So, I’m excited about this next find. When it comes to the most affordable option the USA PRO back sports bra is incredible. They’re highly supportive but comfortable, flattering and just an all round winner – especially considering they’re only £12! They have a selection of different colours. I have the plain black and black and white patterned one. They’re the piece that inspired this post because I know how tricky it can be to find workout clothes.

The Best Workout Leggings/ shorts

I feel like I’ve got the best workout leggings down. Having tried near enough everything from Gym Shark, Sweaty Betty, Nike, Adidas, it’s safe to say I have my faves. My first pair were from Nike, and I still stand by them as a brand that delivers when it comes to workout clothes in general – you can’t go wrong. I love the Dri-Fit range. They wash well, last for years, are usually slightly more affordable than other high quality leggings, and they’re not see through!

My all time favourites that I tend to reach for most are the Sweaty Betty Power Leggings. These are incredible. They have a pocket at the back and at the side so you can store your phone and a set of keys easily. They’re a lightweight fabric that makes any kind of workout doable, they’re not see through and they stay high waisted throughout the workout. They also come in an amazing choice of patterns/ colours, and you can buy a cropped version or a 7/8 length leg. I only have black at the moment but I’m waiting for their next sale to pick up some more. They are on the pricey side at £75 – but they’re worth it for leggings that last years and feel good.

Another brand I love for workout leggings is Girlfriend Collective. I discovered them last year and the sets in general are just a delight. The leggings are a little thicker so I tend to wear them more on cooler days. They also don’t have a pocket so they tend to be my yoga leggings, or I’ll opt to wear them for a gym class or session. Girlfriend Collective is a sustainable activewear brand, the leggings and other pieces are made out of recycled plastic bottles (this still blows my mind).

In terms of shorts, I love the Girlfriend collective high waisted bike shorts. They’re so comfy, amazing thick material and I tend to wear them outside of a gym session too. They’re 100% squat proof, wash well and I always feel good wearing them.

The Best Workout Vests

It’s rare that I wear a top that isn’t a vest to workout in (apart from a sports bra). I like them simply for the practical reason that they feel comfortable and keep me cool. It’s the one part of my workout wardrobe where I tend to invest less and see similar results. Some of my favourite tops have been from Primark! I much prefer the skin tight vests too as they don’t ride up or gape open mid way through a workout.

For winter workouts the Nike long sleeve top is the best. It’s a super flattering fit and doesn’t make me too hot. I love this for running on the cooler days.


The Best Affordable Workout Jackets

Now, this is more of a work in progress category. Personally, I don’t have many jackets that I can throw on and go to the gym in. However, I have done some research for this post and found some faves that I wanted to share (that are also a reasonable price).

TALA – Tala is a brand I’ve had my eye on for a while, and I haven’t purchased simply for the fact that I’ve got too much workout clothes… However, as I’m lacking in the jackets department I thought I would have a browse. This is by far my favourite

I hope if you were looking for workout wear recommendations this post has been useful.

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