7 Day Journaling Challenge For Self Discovery


Fancy getting to know yourself a little better? Every single day this week I’m sharing a new journal prompt for self discovery on my instagram reels,  @jodie.melissa. It’s all geared towards self discovery and finding what makes you tick. Perfect for journaling beginners, or a week long check in with yourself, goals and what you’re striving towards.

Currently we’re on day 4, so there’s already 4 prompts there for you to get started with. I really wanted to put something together with some of the prompts and questions that helped me in the early stages of journaling. Journaling really is a form of free therapy for me, it allows me to have daily check in’s with myself and often get to the root of how I’m feeling. It also puts things into perspective which I’ve found invaluable.

Journaling Challenge For Self Discovery

Journaling is a safe space to really discover how you’re truly thinking and feeling, which for self discovery is key. The prompts from the 7 day challenge are very much focused on the bigger picture, asking questions around your goals, favourite things to do, coping mechanisms and putting things into action.

The journal prompts so far…

  1. What does my ideal day look like?
  2. What’s something I’ve always wanted to do?
  3. When do I feel most alive

I hope you can join us, whether you discover this post later down the line and go back to the reels or join from today. It would be great to have you there.


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