The Little Things In Life: Focusing On Them & Why It Matters

If there’s one positive that’s come from this past year for me, it’s that I’ve really come to appreciate the little things in life. Pre pandemic, it was easy (and encouraged) to really focus on big picture plans. The holidays we’d book months in advance, the homes we’d eventually buy, the promotion we might get. These are all valid things to strive for, but what about the here and now? The small things we do every single day that can spark joy. Paying attention and focusing on the little things makes the day to day more joyful and puts everything into perspective. It’s what makes up most of our time! Here’s a few benefits, some reminders of simple things that can spark joy, and how we can make them part of our daily lives even more…

It helps to keep us in the here and now

The present moment is all we have. We can’t entirely predict the future (as the past year has shown us all), but we can live in the present and fully embrace what is. When we focus on, and appreciate the little things in life it gives us chance to slow down and be present. If anything, it’s always the little things that have mattered, but sometimes it can be hard to see that.

They cheer us up!

The more we see the little things and take time to appreciate them, the more joyful we’re likely to feel day to day. The little things in life are there, around us every single day, but we rarely look us from how busy we are to appreciate them. When you look at children and the enthusiasm they have, it’s something a lot of us have had too but we end up focusing our awareness on our thoughts instead of what’s right infront of us.

A chance to de-clutter your mind and live intentionally

Focusing and bringing your attention to the simple pleasures is basically about becoming more mindful. It’s making a conscious effort to focus on something small, which is easier said than done these days. It sounds quite extreme to type it out, but this past year I’ve been prioritising yoga, meditation and exercise in general as my main form of self care, purely to become more self aware and have the ability to notice small things. Meditating made me realise just how little time I spend in the present. My mind often wonders to the big picture stuff, when actually, I’m much happier and more joyful when I focus on the here and now.

Simply checking in with yourself is a good place to start. This could be through journaling, setting an alarm on your phone to remind yourself to just stop and observe how you feel or concentrating on your breathing. The more you connect with yourself, the easier it will be to live intentionally and focus on the little things in life.

The little things bring gratitude into our lives

It seems like gratitude has become a bit of a buzz word at the minute. But, it’s one of the most powerful ways to shift your mood and help you see what really matters. There’s so many simple things we have to enjoy in life that so many others don’t, sometimes simply reminding ourselves of that can make us appreciate the simple things even more. A simple way to bring more gratitude to your life is by simply bringing more attention to what you are grateful for. This could be through thinking of three things before you go to sleep, or writing down one thing you’re truly grateful for each morning.

Focusing on the small things helps to shift your perspective

Some of the simple things in life… (incase you need a reminder)

Running a bath to the perfect temperature. That first sip of coffee (or tea) in the morning. Perfectly ripe fruit. Re-discovering an old favourite album. Forehead kisses. Finding your favourite chocolate in the cupboard. Feeling the sun on your face. Post workout endorphins and that feeling of accomplishment. The perfect cup of tea. Getting into fresh bed sheets. The change in seasons. Cleansing your face after a long day. Finally making time to read that book. Starting a new series. Long voice note chats with friends. Waking up to see the sunrise. Noticing the days are getting longer.

take some comfort from the simple things in life, and start to bring your awareness to them.

I hope this post bought you some comfort and hope during these strange times. What small things are bringing you joy right now?



    January 29, 2021Reply

    I loved reading this post Jodie, focusing on the smallest things in life is a great way to keep us happy and be more content with life also x

    Lucy |


      January 30, 2021Reply

      thanks for commenting Lucy! Glad you liked the post, absolutely x


    January 30, 2021Reply

    Some days when i am not feeling my best, it is the little things that really get me through!

    DAnielle xx


      February 1, 2021Reply

      Me too Danielle, definitely finding it at the moment and it’s making everything a lot easier.


    January 31, 2021Reply

    I remember someone telling me how if you live in the past you have depression, and if you live in the future you have anxiety. Ever since this, I’ve tried super hard to just focus on the now. It’s so much easier said than done, but it does help to put everything in persperctive!

    Jodie |


      February 1, 2021Reply

      I’ve heard that too, and that depression is linked in living/ thinking in the past! It makes sense. I definitely felt my most anxious when I thought negatively about the future. So much easier said than done, but I do think it gets so much easier with practise!

    Lisa Autumn

    February 7, 2021Reply

    So so true! Thank you lovely for the reminder!

    Lisa |


    February 7, 2021Reply

    Loved this, definitely food for thought.
    so easy to get swept away in sitations and forget to make time for the simple things.



    February 9, 2021Reply

    I love this post! and I 100% agree – if 2020 taught us anything it’s to celebrate the little wins and appreciate the smaller things in life!


    March 6, 2021Reply

    I really enjoyed reading this post. It’s so tru that the little things in life are the most important. I’ve been appreciating the people i have in my life, the fact we are given each day to start a fresh, the sun shining and birds tweeting outside. that’s what I’m loving the most at the moment.

    Isobel x

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