Life Update: Catch up, 2021 & Blogging Plans

Hello, Hi! It’s been a while since I’ve wrote a post like this, but I thought I’d share a life update. Mostly spurred on by the fact I have a sparkly new blog design (thanks to the amazing kobathemes, they do some cracking wordpress themes). So, I felt like this post would be a good way to introduce you to my new blog, share some future plans and give you a bit of a good ol’ life update.

Blogging Plans

So, seen as though I’ve already mentioned the blog it seems a good place to start. Firstly, I definitely feel like this design is the best I’ve had yet, and it’s making me so excited to share content on here! Earlier this year I decided to take a step back from writing about fashion and beauty to focus on wellbeing, personal growth and mental health. As much as I still love fashion and style, it just didn’t seem to align with my passions anymore, and I really wanted to focus on what I care about most.

Earlier this year I started taking my blog a little more seriously. I invested time into sorting out the SEO on old blog posts, fixing my hosting and just putting a little more love into it behind the scenes. I’d never given myself permission to think of it as anything more than a hobby prior to 2020, but actually, I’ve realised I want people to find my posts, enjoy them and find value from them – and I can do that alongside enjoying writing and sharing.

I’ve always played it safe when it comes to my little space on the internet. I’ve never had a newsletter or thought about guides/ ebooks I could share, but, I have a feeling that might change in 2021. I want to provide more journaling prompts, talk more about shifting mindsets to create a life of joy and healing, and really see where that takes me. I’ve been able to work with some incredible brands that I love this year, and I hope that continues too.

2020 in review

It’s hard to review this year to be honest. In some ways I’ve been so incredibly lucky, but then there’s been loss in more ways than one. One thing I’m holding onto is that the pandemic isn’t forever. There’s still so much I can control and do for myself regardless of the current situation, and that’s really helped me get through this year. I’ve really learnt the value of connection, a good routine, getting out (even just for a walk) and prioritising what makes me feel good.

I’ve also started therapy again recently. I’m keeping it as a private thing as I work through it, but maybe I’ll share more once I’m done. Although it’s a difficult process, it’s incredible at the same time, and I know in the long run I’ll reap the rewards. So, despite a year I definitely didn’t plan for, I’m still taking some good things into 2021.


Who knows what 2021 will look like eh… I’m still making some goals for the year and trying to vision how I want the year to look (based on things I really can control). My main hope is that I stay in Manchester. Despite different tiers (and some tears), a lot of restrictions and not actually getting the full experience, it still feels like home. I’ve never quite felt as settled as I do there. I would love to stay for another year or two, and I think I’m going to make it happen.

I also really want to learn more about mindset and psychology. Whether that’s a course or reading more academically around it. Since graduating and stepping away from Psychology I’ve missed it. I’ve missed learning more and I feel like I’m not quite finished. I’m not sure what this means, whether I take another course or two but I want to explore it further this year.

I’ll definitely be posting before the New Year, but seen as though this is a little more of a personal post I just wanted to say thanks! A huge thanks in fact for sticking around and reading my blog, after all the re-designs and content changes as I find my thing I still see the same bunch of you comment and it makes my heart happy. I hope you can all find some joy in the lead up to Christmas this year, however that looks for you.


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