The Highs & Lows Of Lockdown In The UK

On the day of publishing this post it’s been 100 days since the first full lockdown announcement in the UK. Yet somehow I feel like those days all merge into one.

Lockdown is starting to ease. We’ve lived through an entire season of abnormality beyond what we’ve ever experienced, yet it all feels mushy. I looked back at my journal and some online articles to try and remember everything I could. I wanted to try and remember all of the highs and lows of lockdown in the UK.

I’m not actually sure how I feel about lockdown coming to an end. I’m excited for things to move forward, but at the same time lockdown gave me a sense of calm that I think I’ll miss. Not to mention the worry of a second spike and more lives lost, but that’s a conversation for another day…

I don’t want to forget any of this. How well the nation coped, the amazing key workers who went to work and kept everything going. On a personal, individual level, so many of us coped unbelievably well considering. We haven’t given ourselves enough credit for how much we’ve just got on with it.

It’s been a rollercoaster of emotions. I know this isn’t over, and for many the costs of the lockdown are still present physically and mentally, which is something I’m thinking about constantly. I also know some people didn’t have the luxury or privilege to be at home and feeling safe during lockdown, and I can’t not acknowledge that in this post. Although I’ve felt anxious and worried, it’s not on the scale compared to what others have dealt with during this time.

If your brain feels like mush, here’s a reminder of the small, and big things that came and went in the past 100 days…
Mass toilet roll shortage
Everyone downloaded Zoom and Houseparty
We spent Mother’s Day away from our families
All schools closed
WFH became one of the most used acronyms
The lockdown announcement came from Boris
Clap For Our Carers
Pressure to ‘use this time wisely’
Banana bread, everywhere. Before swiftly moving on to perfecting the sourdough loaf.
We racked up hours on social media in need of connection
The news was watched more than ever before
We held a lot of worry for our loved ones, and the world in general.
Tiger King on Netflix
Spending more time with those we live with, if you were lucky enough to live with someone
Too much time to think, so we did anything we could to avoid it
Accidentally clicking on all of the Instagram lives
PE with Joe Wicks
TikTok dances
More Worry.
A beautifully sunny Easter weekend
Doing nothing and not feeling bad about it
We clapped as we watched Colonel Tom Moore lap his garden and raise £32 million for the NHS
We breathed cleaner air.
A sense of calm
Spring flowers started to bloom
We went for long walks
And got to know our neighbours better
A feeling of being let down that something wasn’t put in place sooner.
Virtual hen parties, birthday parties, quizzes, bingo, scavenger huts
Loved ones lost
A fair few of us ran 5k, nominated 5 and donated £5
More TikTok dances
Glorious sunshine for weeks on end
Another virtual family quiz.
Anxiety for what life looks like post lockdown
Flour came back on the supermarket shelves
We connected to ourselves more
George Floyd was murdered by a police officer in the US.
The Black Lives Matter movement became more prominent than ever before
We spent more time on social media, looking for valuable resources
There were protests across the world for justice
We looked to educate ourselves further.
The shops reopened
Summer solstice
The announcement that pubs, bars, cafe and restaurants will reopen on the 4th of July
Is there a particular moment that stands out to you from lockdown in the UK? For me, it’s more a feeling of calm, especially coming towards the end and looking back. I managed to have moments where I truly switched off, which I just don’t think I’ve ever had before. Until I read back, I could barely remember the small moments at the beginning, but they still all made up my experience.

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    July 1, 2020Reply

    Many things have happened during lockdown, I think I’ve learnt a lot more about myself during this period and I’m looking forward to gaining some sense of normality when my shielding time is over! x

    Lucy |


    July 2, 2020Reply

    This list is so accurate! It’s funny in a way because for the past few weeks no one has been making banana bread or obsessing over TikTok as much as two months ago 😛

    Being from New Zealand where our lockdown wasn’t too long I was anxious when it was over and worried it was too soon but at the time it was probably the right thing. We went for weeks without any new cases but the past few cases have gone up again. During lockdown though I was peaceful and calm like you, I quite enjoyed it x

    Lauren Victoria

    July 2, 2020Reply

    Reading this post has made me realise that so much has happened in such a short space of time! I also can’t believe how long ago now it feels since Boris gave his speech and put us into lockdown. In someways it feels like forever ago but in other ways it feels just like yesterday xx

    Lauren |


    July 2, 2020Reply

    What a lovely post 🙂 it really is very important to give ourselves credit for managing to cope and come out the other side! xxx

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