My Story: How I Became A More Positive Person

I feel like sharing this has been a longggg time coming…

I’ve changed my life for the better, and my mission is to help other people make positive changes too.

I used to be a ‘negative Nancy,’ or so I was called. My glass was always half empty and I was fearful of the future. I knew this for a long time, but I thought I was stuck that way. To be able to confidently say I really do look on the bright side of life (most of the time), can manage my emotions and have more self awareness is something I’m so grateful for.

I’m going to be talking more about mental health, personal development and real life on my blog going forward. This isn’t going to be about ‘striving for perfection’. But openly and honestly discussing the big, and small things that can get in the way, and practical tips on how we can improve our lives and start living joyfully.

My mission? To help other people realise they have the potential to live lives they love, regardless of their past experiences!

I know I’ve blogged mostly about beauty and personal style over the years. Firstly I want to say thank you for sticking around. For nearly 10 years writing a blog has always been my creative outlet, and I feel so grateful for all of the opportunities that have come from it. There may be the odd beauty post here and there (especially skincare, I’m still a skincare junkie), but definitely expect more lifestyle content moving forward…

Oh, and the main reason for this post… I’ve started a brand new Mindset series on my YouTube channel! The videos are going to cover everything from mental health, personal development, manifesting and basically everything I’ve done and will continue to do to live a more joyful life. I’m so excited to start documenting this, and the first video is sharing my story to it all.

There’s going to be a new video every single week, so you know, please feel free to subscribe if you’re into that sort of thing.

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    Lisa Autumn

    July 5, 2020Reply

    Girl this is so inspiring! Beautifully written x

    Lisa | lisaautumn.com

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