Erborian Review: CC Cream, BB Cream, CC Red Correct & CC Eye

this post is in collaboration with Erborian

Erborian is a brand that came on my radar earlier this year, their mission is to create simple, unique products that achieve perfect skin. They achieve this by combining sophisticated Korean technologies with high-quality ingredients found in traditional Korean medicine. Unlike most Korena skincare which might seem a little daunting, Erborian aims to reduce the steps in a regime by creating products that do more than one thing. They have an incredible range of skincare, CC & BB Creams. I’m way past applying foundations that feel like a mask every day, I want my skin to look like skin, and Erborian CC & BB Creams deliver just that.

Since discovering their selection of CC & BB Creams it’s rare that I’ve reached for anything else – seriously. They’re are a clever combination of skincare and makeup to enhance natural beauty. I’ve been using the products in this post for 6 months now, and I cannot wait to share my full review and thoughts on the range. My skin has never felt or looked better, and I’m putting it down to the fact I’m not wearing heavy makeup everyday.

Erborian CC Creme

This is probably the product I reach for most in the mornings, especially now I’m working from home and we’re in the summer months. It’s classed as a radiance face cream, and combined with the colour pigments (it comes out white then adapts perfectly to your skintone) it also adds a glowy light to medium coverage. I’m using the shade Clair. I reach for this when my skin is dull and needs perking up, it colour corrects and adds radiance which is perfect for day to day use. It also has an SPF 25, I do still use a separate SPF but it’s nice to know there’s that added protection.

It’s not just a CC Cream, it also contains the following ingredients that work wonders for the skin:

Honey extract: Softens and heals the skin
Vitamin E:
Anti free radicals, high skin protection

The CC Creme also contains Centella Asiatica (also known as Tiger Grass) which grows in Asia and is known for its soothing and brightening properties. In terms of staying power, I have combination skin and find this lasts well on both the normal and oily areas. It has a surprisingly a good coverage and overall, I think it’s my favourite and most used out of the entire range.

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Erborian CC & BB Cream Review

Erborian BB Cream

Similar to a tinted moisturiser, the BB Cream has slightly more coverage whilst still looking natural. It’s described as giving a ‘baby skin’ finish – the dream! I’m actually quite surprised by how good the coverage is on this, again without it looking cakey. It also doesn’t feel heavy on the skin thanks to the skincare and makeup hybrid, living up to the ‘baby skin’ phrase. It evens out the skin tone, camouflages imperfections and nourishes the skin all at the same time.

They have some amazing before and after photos on their website that demonstrate how good the BB Cream is for a whole host of skin concerns. The formula is enriched with ginseng, liquorice root extract and kigelia africana fruit extract, ingredients designed to help reduce blemishes and add radiance to the skin.

The BB Cream is available in 4 shades which they are continuing to expand (I use the shade Clair). It has an SPF 20 and can be bought in a 15ml and 45ml. I love that they have this feature across their products so you can try it out before committing to buying the full size (although I’m pretty sure you’ll want the full size once you’ve tried it).

Erborian CC Eye

Like the rest of the Erborian products, it doesn’t just do a good job at brightening and concealing. First and foremost, the CC Eye is actually a skincare product that contains makeup.

I’ve realised in recent years, lightweight products around the eyes are what work best to naturally cover any darkness. Cakey, thick concealers only draw more attention to the area and they just look unnatural. The CC Eye leaves my eye area looking fresh and brighter, without being heavy on the skin. It reduces the appearance of fine lines and hydrates the skin helping it last well throughout the day.

Here’s some of the key ingredients included and their benefits:

Tiger grass extract: Helps to soothe, prevents signs of ageing.
Tara fruit and red seaweed extracts complex: Smoothes and reduces wrinkles, promotes make-up hold.
Anti-fatigue peptide: Acts on puffiness and dark circles, improves skin elasticity.

Similar to the CC Creme I mentioned earlier, it’s lightweight and fresh. For those days when your skin just needs a radiance boost these products are a must. I can also vouch that they last on my skin a full day, without going patchy like a traditional foundation might. I also use this in the shade Clair.

Erborian CC Red Correct

CC Red Correct does exactly as the name suggests. Using green pigments it cancels out any redness on the skin, and can be worn alone or under products. Similar to the CC Cream, the formula is enriched with Centella Asiatica, to boost radiance, protect and hydrate.

For me this works well when I have a breakout to cover any redness that comes with that. It softens the appearance of blemishes whilst still being a lightweight fresh base. Some of the other ingredients includes:

Glycerin: Moisturising, prevents skin dehydration.
Vitamin E: Antioxidant (perfect for blemish prone skin)
Green pigments: This is what provides the colour correction by reducing the appearance of redness

Erborian do have a couple of other base products, including the CC Dull Correct which I definitely need to try.

Overall I’m really impressed with these products. I love how multifunctional they are, the natural looking finish I achieve and the long term skin benefits that my skin clearly loves.

This blog post is in collaboration with Erborian

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    Lisa Autumn

    July 24, 2020Reply

    OH this sounds like it’s perfect for me.. I love lightweight and fresh products x

    Lisa |


    July 25, 2020Reply

    I have just bought myself some of these items and this blog post has made me even more excited to try them out!



    August 10, 2020Reply

    I keep hearing such positive things about Eborian – I haven’t tried anything from them. Your skin looks lovely in the photos, I’ve been going completely makeup free most days lately, I’ve lost all patience for “getting ready”!
    Helpless Whilst Drying

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