Girlfriend Collective Activewear Review | The Paloma Bra & High Rise Leggings

My Girlfriend Collective collection all started from a fully fledged ‘instagram made me do it’ purchase. I saw a few people wearing their pieces and I decided to take the plunge and buy a few for myself – now I can’t stop blooomin’ ordering! If you want the full review of the bra and leggings, scroll down, but I feel like I can’t write this post without a good overview of what makes Girlfriend Collective so fab.

A bit about Girlfriend Collective…

I don’t even know here to start with this brand, it’s perfection in every sense of the way. The activewear is ethically made and inclusive, so browsing their website is a joy. You’re met with models of all shapes and sizes, and skin tones. It’s just a happy place to shop. Having said that, as a UK buyer I did purchase from this UK retailer, but I did my research on which products I wanted on the main website.

What is Girlfriend Collective activewear made from and where?

Ready to have your mind blown?

The Compressive leggings start with 25 recycled post-consumer water bottles. I didn’t realise this, but nylon and polyester are made from plastic! So by using recycled plastic you can actually make clothes, AND it’s not creating new materials, but using something that’s already made.

The factory where the clothes are made is certified and pays living wages, provides fair working hours and safe conditions, allows unionisation, and uses no forced or child labor. It’s crazy to think that this is actually something that has to be highlighted, but as we know, so many high street retailers do not follow the same procedures…

They also have a recycling programme called regirlfriend. You send them your old Girlfriend products, receive a gift card in return and they use the old products to make new ones. It’s a really positive way to shop for new clothes, especially knowing that your impact on the environment is far less compared to the usual mainstream brand.

Although it’s an activewear brand, I’ve found myself wearing their pieces for both workouts and lounging – I think that says a lot.

If you’re ordering from the UK, I ordered through The Sports Edit. If you sign up to their newsletter you can get 10% off your first order. 

The Paloma Bra

I had a bit of trouble with the Paloma Bra to begin with, purely due to sizing. For the fit I would order two sizes you usually go for and try them out. I initially ordered a size XS but it was way too small so I went for the S instead, and now it’s the perfect fit. If the bra is too big it gets a little bagging under the boob area, so definitely worth getting your size right with this. The Girlfriend Collective website has a really handy size guide to follow. In all fairness, it was my own fault I got the size wrong as initially I didn’t use it.

When it comes to the style, I absolutely love how simple and well fitting these bras are. They can be worn with the leggings, or even with shorts and a shirt over the top. The Paloma Bra also has a built in band that means it doesn’t ride up mid work out. Basically, once you’ve got it on, you’re safe in there all day if you wish!

The material for the Paloma bra is thick, but it is padding free so there is a little bit of nipple to be seen at times! That being said, it’s minimal, and only really noticeable if you wear this as a sports bra with a tight thin top over it.

In terms of support, lets just say this bra isn’t made for running. I’m a 32C, so not too big but also I do like a little more support from sports bras if I’m doing high impact exercise. For weights, yoga or forms of exercise and general wear, it’s perfect. This comes in so many different colours, I have Midnight Blue and Black but I definitely want to try some of the brighter options.

  • Look –  4/5
  • Comfort -4/5
  • Support – 3/5
  • Sizing – 3/5
  • Durability – 5/5


The Compressive High Rise Leggings

Let’s move onto the leggings. There’s two things I look for when it comes to workout leggings.

  1. No sliding down mid workout
  2. They absolutely cannot be see through

Thankfully, the compressive leggings tick both of those boxes.

Although these leggings are tight, I do find them to be comfortable. I’ve found myself reaching for them to work from home in most days. I think they’re also going to be amazing for winter workouts too, the thickness of the material makes them warm but breathable at the same time. I’ve found both the Paloma Bra and High Rise Leggings wash amazingly well, they look no different to when I first purchased them.

Here’s my overall rating for the leggings…

  • Look –  5/5
  • Comfort -4/5
  • Support – 5/5
  • Opaque – 5/5
  • Sizing – 5/5
  • Durability – 5/5

Sizing Of The Compressive High Rise Leggings

I had absolutely no trouble with sizing for the leggings. I went for XS, so they are on the tighter side as I go between XS and S (I’m a UK size 8). The leggings are for those of us who love support. They give you that feeling of being completely sucked in. They’re thick and super high waisted, so when you wear them with a crop top or bra there’s not too much skin on show in-between which I like.

I’m 5ft 5 and the long leggings are the perfect length. There’s a small amount of material at the bottom, but it’s minimal so they would definitely work for someone taller too. The leggings also come in a 7/8 length if you are shorter but want a full length leggings. They also have shorts that look similar that are next on my to buy list.

Although the products are a little more pricey, you really do get what you pay for and it’s a brand I’m more than happy to support. If you’ve been thinking about splurging, I cannot recommend the brand enough.

Have you tried anything from Girlfriend Collective?

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