My Top 15 Binge Worthy TV Shows & Series


When it comes to TV I’m usually an all or nothing kind of gal, I get completely sucked into storylines or I’ll go weeks without watching anything. I guess like most of you reading this I’m grateful for the escapism that comes with a good series, and how it can so easily take me out of the chaos right now. With that being said thought I would share my favourites, mostly from Netflix and the BBC as they’re the main places I tend to find a series to binge. p.s. I’m 99% sure there’s going to be quite a few crime dramas in here… You’ve had your warning.

The Best Binge Worthy Series On Netflix


This is the latest series I’ve binge watched, it’s a three part series at the moment but they’re filming a fourth and I’m marking my calendar for whenever it’s released. I have to say it’s up there with one of my favourite ever dramas. It’s an American crime drama, basically money laundering for the Mexican cartel gone wrong. I became really invested in the characters and there’s so many twists and turns you can’t help but want to sit and watch the whole thing through in one go. It’s a 10 from me!

Breaking Bad

It’s old but gold. I’ve watched the whole thing three times and it’s probably the first series I ever fully got into back in 2013. I’ve heard a few people say they couldn’t get into it, I can kind of see why, but push through seasons one and two. They’re not the most exciting but the contrast of that compared to the later seasons makes the build up so worth it. Including it in here as your reminder to finally give it a try if you haven’t already!

Sex Education

If you need a good laugh and you’ve not watched Sex Education yet I highly recommend it. There’s so many characters I absolutely love (Erik being my absolute FAVE), and it shines a light on so many issues and things people have to deal with so well, I wish I’d had something like this to watch when I was a teenager!

Brooklyn nine-nine

My all time favourite feel good tv show is Brooklyn 99. I’m not usually one for American comedies like this (shocker, I’m not a fan of Friends), but a couple of episodes in and I was hooked. I find myself laughing out loud at almost every episode.

After Life

I watched series one with a friend in one go and a brand new season has just launched. I love Ricky Gervais so I had high hopes and it didn’t let me down. I laughed and cried in almost every episode, pretty amazing how a series can have such a contrast, and I really don’t think there’s another series like it. It’s a feel good watch in a weird sort of way – dark comedy at its finest.

Our Planet

A relaxing watch, the kinda thing you stick on at 3pm when you’ve not got much else to do, and if there’s one person that’s good to watch right now it’s David Attenborough.

Stranger Things 

I was about to leave Netflix and move on without mentioning Stranger Things – who am I? I absolutely loved Stranger Things. I’m sure you all already know about it, but it’s an American Sci-fi drama set in the 80’s following teenagers as they investigate something strange happening in their town. I don’t think that description has done it justice whatsoever, but it’s one of my favourites on Netflix. Plus it’s not as heavy as some of the other shows I’ve mentioned too.

The Best BBC Dramas I’ve Watched…

Killing Eve

Again a super popular one but I’m including it as a reminder that there’s a brand new season! I personally think Jodie Comer is enough of a reason to watch it, the way she plays Villanelle is so impressive and I’m completely obsessed with that character. I’m SO glad it’s back.

The Nest

I’m kind of cheating with this one because it’s on my ‘want to watch’ list. Friends and family have recommended this, and from what I can gather it’s a thriller with quite a few twists and turns. Once I’ve caught up with Killing Eve and After Life this weekend I’m getting started on this.

The Body Guard

If you haven’t seen The Body Guard, where have you been? Get to know David Budd, you won’t regret it… Seriously, I know I’ve listed a lot of dramas, but this is another series that you absolutely can not pause, get properly hooked on and dread the ending because it’s been such a good watch.

Line of Duty

I’ve just got my mum and step dad into this and they’re as obsessed as I was. Along with The Body Guard it’s another good’un from the BBC (they do the best police thrillers/ crime dramas!).

The Missing

I’m a HUGE fan of The Missing. I was completely hooked when the first series came out and I have been ever since. It’s quite a dark drama (can you tell they’re my favourites…) but it’s super gripping, has amazing actors and the storyline just keeps you guessing.

One You Don’t Want To Miss From ITV

The Quiz

If like me you grew up watching Who Wants To Be A Millionaire every Saturday night, I think you’ll love this. It focuses on someone who tried to cheat on the show in 2002. Lots of early 2000’s nostalgia which I loved and another easy watch. Plus it’s only a three part series so it doesn’t feel like a chore to follow along.

A Classic From Channel 4

My Mad Fat Diary 

Who remembers this? Again it’s old but a bloody good drama to revisit right now if you fancy an easier watch. 30 minutes per episode and I just remember this being absolutely hilarious.

A Final One From Amazon Prime

The Man in The High Castle 

I’m throwing this one in for good measure just incase you have Amazon prime. There’s four series in total and it depicts a parallel universe where the outcome of World Ward II is completely different. It’s definitely one where you have to concentrate and be fully focused, but the storyline and depth to the entire series is amazing. The effort that’s gone into the set design and outfits just makes it amazing to watch. I definitely want to discover more from Amazon Prime.

And there you have it, hopefully enough TV shows to keep you going if you need something new to watch right now. If you have any other recommendations let me know in the comments!

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    Lisa Autumn

    May 3, 2020Reply

    GIRL this is exactly what I needed! Thank you!

    Lisa |


      May 3, 2020Reply

      Aw I’m so glad, thank you lovely! x


    May 3, 2020Reply

    I’ve binged the first few episodes of Killing Eve season 3 and I’m already so excited for the next episode! xx


      May 3, 2020Reply

      It’s so good isn’t it? I’m kind of glad it’s coming out weekly so I don’t binge it all at once haha x


    May 3, 2020Reply

    I love Sex Education so much and Erik is also my favourite character. If you love Game of Thrones then you’ll love The Last Kingdom on Netflix, it’s one of my all time favourite tv shows alongside the Witcher!

    Jodie |


      May 4, 2020Reply

      Oh my gosh of-course Game of Thrones! It’s amazing. Glad you like Erik too, I feel like Sex Education would be a good one to re-watch right now! The Last Kingdom sounds good, definitely on my list to watch

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