5 DIY At Home Beauty Treatments I’m *Actually* Doing

At some point I’ve tried almost all at home DIY beauty treatments, but less than half actually make it into my at home beauty routine. They’re little pick me ups, either before the day starts or just as it ends, and it’s a solid chunk of time I dedicate to making myself feel good.

Prior to lockdown most of my beauty routine consisted of DIY at home treatments anyway (apart from the odd gel manicure here and there, and I’m definitely not about to do a DIY on my hair any time soon). I find it quite therapeutic, especially during this time when I’m trying to find a sense of normality. I’ve never compiled all of the products and treatments I do for myself in a single post before, so I thought I would do one big round up sharing my feel good, at home DIY beauty treatments (that I actually stick to).

A Fuss Free DIY Manicure

I’ve seen quite a few people mention gel manicure kits over the past few weeks. I do have one but I’ve not actually been reaching for it that much since discovering the CND Vinylux Nail Polish (I wear the shade Winter Glow). This is the most long lasting nail polish I have ever used. My nails tend to chip within a day or so, but I can get a solid 4-5 days out of this before even a slight chip.

As my base coat I use OPI Nail Envy. It’s not strictly a base coat but it works well as one and keeps my nails in perfect condition. I discovered Nail Envy about 8 years ago and I’ve been using it ever since. I also apply the Sally Hansen Cuticle Oil just before bed. If I don’t fancy wearing a nail polish I’ll even just file my nails, trim the cuticles and apply the OPI Nail Envy and give my natural nails a break. I don’t mind how they look without polish when they’re short and Nail Envy really does strengthen my otherwise weak nails.

At Home Dermaplaning For Super Soft, Peach Fuzz Free Skin

I’ve tried quite a few beauty gadgets and tools over the past few years, one of the only things I’ve stuck to using religiously is the Veet Sensitive Precision Dermaplaning treatment. I was lucky enough to collaborate with Veet on this product last year, and ever since every 3-4 weeks I use this across my face removing dead skin and peach fuzz. It’s pretty much taken away my need for waxing my upper lip (absolutely thrilled about this), and I feel like from using for over 6 months my skin texture has improved and I always see good results.

I’ve never found any hair to grow back quicker or thicker and it’s an easy way to get amazingly smooth skin at home. I’ve also found my skincare to be more effective after using this and everything looks a little more glowy in general.

Tinting My Brows

At this point my brows are nearly back to their natural shape, I’ve plucked to odd hair that’s completely out of the brow family, but other than that they’re untouched. To make it easier in the mornings and spend less time filling in I’ve been tinting my brows at home using the Eylure Dybrow Kit every 3-4 weeks. I filmed a first impressions on my IGTV if you want to see how to do it (and a before and after, because who doesn’t love a good brow transformation?). I’ve found the key to this working well is mixing the two parts of the dye together as much as possible, leave it on for 10 minutes and I’m good to go. You get 12 applications in the kit for £7, so really good value for money too.

Fake Tanning & Body Care

I used to be a little lazy with body care to be honest, but this is the one I’ve really upped, partly because of the warmer weather but it also has just makes me feel good. I have a full blog post on my fake tanning routine, I’ve switched up the products but the routine is the same. Every single day for the past month or so I’ve been using a dry body brush, I started using one again after seeing Alix from I Covet Thee mention it, and I remembered I had one that I’ve just neglected. It actually feels amazing as a morning ritual to wake myself up, and it’s leaving my skin really soft and smooth. It’s also helping to remove dead skin cells and my fake tan has never looked so good since adding this in.

In terms of fake tan I was recently sent some products from Vita Liberata, I can honestly say it’s the best fake tan I’ve ever used. Both the mousse and the gradual tan. The colour looks natural, I haven’t had any streaks and it lasts so much longer than other formulas I’ve tried. If I’d have known about the brand when I got married it would have easily been my fake tan of choice for the day. I’m really enjoying the gradual fake tan just to add a light glow. I use it once every three days in the evening. It has a slight fake tan scent (it’s really minimal compared to some), but it’s definitely worth it for the amazing results.

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Toning My Hair At Home

For anyone else that’s missing the hairdressers (I feel you) but have been managing to keep my blonde hair brass free just with purple shampoo. I’m hair training at the moment (documenting the journey on my instagram), and I’m washing my hair once, rinsing, then washing it again but leaving a purple shampoo on for 5-6 minutes. This is acting as a toner without having to risk ruining my colour with an actual chemical dye. There’s two that I absolutely love, the Redken Blondage Shampoo is my all time favourite. It does an amazing job without leaving my hair feeling dry. Another more affordable favourite is the L’Oreal Elvive Purple Shampoo, again it does exactly what it’s supposed to and it’s definitely keeping my hair going without the constant need to get it done professionally.

And there you have it, the DIY at home beauty treatments I do without fail.

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