Things to Do In Copenhagen During Winter.

I’ve been desperate to write this post since getting back from Copenhagen, what a place! We went for 3 nights, 4 days, filling the awkward gap inbetween Christmas and New Year, and it was one of my favourite city breaks yet. I didn’t want to call this a city guide as I felt like that was cheating a little, but in our 4 days I think we found some pretty good restaurants and shops and covered all of the tourists spots to make this a handy post if you’re visiting.

Admittedly, as you would expect from a Nordic country in December, it was cold! So I’ve tailored this with that in mind. We did find ourselves having to stay indoors more than the usual city break (we definitely experienced the true meaning of hygge with the cosy coffee shop visits) but we didn’t mind. Visiting Copenhagen in the winter months gives you the perfect balance of relaxing and sightseeing, and I’m glad it’s a place we’ve ticked off our list.


  • If you plan on doing quite a bit of travelling around the city, definitely get a travel card as soon as you leave the airport. It’s so much cheaper than individual tickets and it won’t restrict travelling for your stay.
  • Give yourself quite a bit of time when it comes to travel, we found their metro system wasn’t the easier to follow.
  • Compared to other European city breaks, it’s expensive.
  • We had to really layer up to stay warm. I wore thermals and fleece lined leggings (under my jeans) to stay warm and that worked a treat.
  • If you like shopping and the minimalist, Nordic style, I would definitely recommend leaving some room in your suitcase. I wish I could have shopped a little more.
  • Arket is a little cheaper in Copenhagen… (v important thing to know)
  • Take a book, and be prepared to need to sit in a coffee shop for the odd hour to defrost. It gets so cold, we found that we needed to stop every 3 hours or so otherwise it was just too much.
  • With it being winter a lot of the food markets we wanted to visit had closed for the season. Most of them were marked as closed on Google or their website, but we did make the mistake of just assuming it would be open on our first night!
  • People don’t tend to be looking at their phones. Honestly it made me realise how much I walk and scroll because you just don’t see anyone doing it. It’s actually really lovely and it’s the perfect holiday to take advantage of a digital detox and embrace just taking everything in.


Our trip to Copenhagen was a Christmas present from my husband so I’m not sure on exact price flights, I think it was around £100 each and we flew from Manchester with EasyJet (all flights to Copenhagen are from Terminal 1 – the best terminal to take advantage of World Duty Free). In terms of accommodation, we stayed in an AirBnB in the Nørreport area. It was the perfect base to get around the city and only 30 minutes away from the airport. If you fancy using AirBnB you can get £25 off your first stay with my referral link.


Tivoli Gardens – if you go to Copenhagen in the winter and love amusement parks then Tivoli Gardens is a must. Even if you’re not a massive fan of rides it’s nice to visit, especially with all of the Christmas decorations. It did cost to get in (around £20 each if I remember correctly) then you pay for rides separately too. Jay managed to drag me on a roller coaster (legit screamed the whole way round) and that was £10 each. The nearest station for Tivoli is Copenhagen Central Station, so really easy to get to.

CopenHot – Before going we stumbled across Copenhot on Instagram, the pictures sold it to us and it was honestly one of my favourite parts of the holiday. The thought of wearing next to nothing when it’s usually around 0 degrees did make me question it, but surprisingly you don’t really feel the cold (adrenaline maybe?) and I’m really glad we did it. It’s a real experience and something I would recommend to anyone visiting Copenhagen. To get there we got a bus then it was around a 10 minute walk, we used Google Maps to help us find everywhere.

Visit Malmo – Getting the train over to Sweden and visiting Malmo is well worth it, such a gorgeous city and a chance to visit another country. We did a couple of tourist things, had a look around the shops and took advantage of the cutest cafes. We didn’t need our passports to cross over via train (maybe take them just incase). It was around £30 each return to get to Malmo and back from the airport train station, which we didn’t think was too unreasonable. I’m going to write a separate post on how to spend a day in Malmo soon and I’ll include all of the shops/ further places to visit in that post.

The Round Tower – We actually stumbled across The Round Tower on the last day and I hadn’t seen it mentioned anywhere before. It’s a 17th century observatory tower and for around £2 per person you can walk right to the top. You can see quite a lot of the city on a clear day so worth it for the views, plus we had a good laugh walking up and being way more out of breathe than we should have been…

Shopping – I could easily dedicate an entire post to the shopping in Copenhagen, there style is so effortlessly chic and minimal. There’s everything you would expect from Arket, Ganni, Acne and dedicated H&M Home stores that I didn’t even go in because I knew I couldn’t bring anything back – SOB. The best shops I found were those that were stand alone and not part of a chain. On Jægersborggade there were so many eco friendly stores, vintage/ second hand clothing shops and jewellery brands, if I had my way I would be paying for an extra suitcase to take full advantage.

Visit Nyhavn – Easily the most instagrammed place in Copenhagen (the rows of coloured houses). It’s a tourist spot but a must see. A little tip if you’re on a budget, don’t buy anything along here, we spent £15 on churros and a waffle which were nice but not worth the price to be completely honest.


Copenhagen really know how to do food and coffee well. Alcohol is expensive so we didn’t have as many late evenings out, but we went to some amazing restaurants that were definitely worth the extra spend.

Baest – A good old Google Recommendation… I’ve never had a food experience like what we had at Baest. A must for meat eaters and they catered to me and Jay as vegetarians. All of their produce is organic (I sat by a window and could see where the broccoli I had just eaten came from!), we ate mozzerella that had been made fresh that morning. If you have one fancy meal out in Copenhagen, make it here!

Souls – Every time we go away we try and find a good vegan restaurant, and for us it was Souls. They serve the most amazing burgers, and other meat free alternatives to classic fast food. The setting is beautiful and apart from Baest it was one of our favourite spots where we ate the whole holiday.

Coffee Collective – All of the coffee shops in Copenhagen felt so calm and had such a nice vibe, but Coffee Collective was easily our favourite (we ended up visiting twice we loved it so much). You can also buy coffee from there, which I would have taken advantage of if I’d had the room in my case. It’s a great spot inbetween sightseeing or for a small breakfast.

Meyers Bageri – This is a beautiful little bakery taking danish pastry to a whole other level. It’s on Jægersborggade (like a lot of these recommendations) which is pretty easy to get to. The cinnamon rolls are delish, I made the mistake of saying I would just have a bite of Jays instead of getting my own, potentially my biggest regret of the holiday…

I’ve tried to pick out the things that really stand out most to me instead of just sharing absolutely everything we did. The main thing I loved about Copenhagen was the way of living, everyone does just seem more content, the streets are clean and it’s made me eager to explore more Scandinavian countries in the future.

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    Erin Azmir

    January 10, 2020Reply

    i am definitely taking notes of these places for when i visit copenhagen one day x

    erin x |


      January 10, 2020Reply

      Thanks Erin! 🙂


    January 11, 2020Reply

    Thank you for sharing this guide! I am definitely adding Copenhagen onto my travel list, because it looks so beautiful! xx


      January 11, 2020Reply

      Thank you so much for reading! It’s such an amazing city 🙂


    January 11, 2020Reply

    I’ve been wanting to visit Copenhagen for the longest time, sounds like such a great destination for a city break

    Emily x |


      January 11, 2020Reply

      It’s definitely worth visiting if you can, such a gorgeous city! And yes, perfect for a 3-4 day city break 🙂


    January 11, 2020Reply

    It’s so so beautiful. Hope it’s been useful 🙂

    Charlotte Lane

    April 14, 2020Reply

    I’ve added Copenhagen to my travel list after reading this! It sounds like you had such a lovely time and all of your recommendations sound great xo

    Char |

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