My Jewellery Collection & Favourite Affordable Brands.

When you wear outfits as minimal (and basic) as I do, jewellery is the one thing that just completely pulls it allll together… Wearing a plain black t-shirt? Throw on a necklace, need to make an outfit more dressy? Reach for statement earrings (you get the picture). Jewellery is something I’ve slowly started to invest more money in and as I wear it pretty much everyday I see the value in buying pieces that will last. Here’s some of my fave brands that are high quality, but at the same time won’t see you forking out £150 on a pair of earrings…


I’ve got a silver necklace from Daisy and the most recent addition to my collection are these GORGEOUS (yes, caps locks necessary) earrings from their collection with Estee Lalonde*. Since I got these around a month ago I haven’t worn anything else, I have quite sensitive ears and I’ve worn them non stop (including in the shower, to go to sleep etc) and have had no problems. I definitely want to invest in some more jewellery pieces this year (hint hint to my husband who is likely to never read this post). Also, out of every brand out there Daisy kill it with their selection of jewellery gifts!


I’ll be completely honest I’ve had mixed experiences with Astrid and Miyu. I wear some of their pieces every single day and don’t have one fault or a single bad thing to say about them, but then I have had a couple of pieces that haven’t worked out for me. Anyway, I wanted to mention two things in particular because they are staples for me, I’ve had both for way over a year and don’t see myself switching them up any time soon. The first are the gold huggies, they’re the perfect small hoop to compliment any type of earrings. I wear these in my second ear holes mostly. I also have one of their barbell earrings for my helix piercing and I love how subtle it looks and it works with any other earrings I’m wearing too.


My all time favourite necklaces are from Muru Jewellery. They have the most stunning gold (and silver) pieces that give a Missoma vibe without the high price tag. My favourite piece from the brand is their Forever necklace in gold* (it’s got 40% off at the moment!). For layering I also love their Bead Chain Chocker Necklace*. In terms of quality, both are Sterling Silver with Gold Vermeil which is exactly the same as what’s used for Missoma, I’ve had these for a few months now and if you scroll through my instagram it’s clear to see they’re my most reached for pieces…


I can’t visit an & Other Stories store without having a little look at their selection of jewellery. These hoops are my most recent purchase, I love how they look when I’m wearing my hair up, layered with the Astrid and Miyu huggies I mentioned earlier. For costume jewellery you can’t go wrong with their designs.


I can’t write this post without mentioning my engagement ring, easily my most treasured jewellery piece of them all. It’s white gold and the only thing I wear that isn’t yellow gold, but I wouldn’t change it for the world and I quite like how the diamond looks against white gold compared to yellow! It’s a simple round cut diamond with nothing else, I have really smalls hands and fingers so a bigger ring with more details would have just looked too much.


Honestly, I used to be the WORST at storing my jewellery. I wanted to include this little section because I’ve lost the off piece that I’ve loved but just haven’t looked after correctly (a v annoying moment when you know you could have avoided it…). Basically, the most ideal place is in a drawer or jewellery box so it’s completely dry, clean and away from direct sunlight.. For me this just isn’t possible due to space, but if I ever get the chance (as pretty as my necklace stand looks) I’ll be switching it all over.

  • Keep jewellery in a clean and dry place – note to self, on the side in the bathroom pre shower will eventually take its toll!
  • Where possible try to take off your jewellery every night. For earrings I don’t do this, but I don’t sleep in any other jewellery.
  • Don’t leave any jewellery on a window sill near direct sunlight. Again, I’ve made this mistake.
  • Try not to spray fragrance directly onto jewellery, it will tarnish quicker!

Products marked *have been gifted.

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    January 16, 2020Reply

    OMG these are so gorgeous!! Loooooove

    Ellie xx


      January 20, 2020Reply

      thanks girl! x


    January 19, 2020Reply

    I love the photographs for this post! I have a few pieces of jewellery I wear pretty much every day, but I’d love to expand my collection this year and get better at trying out new styles and layering

    Emily x |


      January 20, 2020Reply

      Thanks so much Emily 🙂


    February 2, 2020Reply

    These pieces are absolutely beautiful! I really, really have to check out the & Other Stories stores, ’cause I’ve been seeing them lots and I love all their pieces.

    Charlotte Lane

    April 16, 2020Reply

    I love all the jewellery you wear! I really need to start accessorising and wearing more, cos you’re right they really do add that little something extra to any outfit. I love Astrid and Miyu jewellery xo

    Char |

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