Happy New Year!

Blimey, a brand new decade.

For a few reasons going into 2020 feels really special to me. I learnt A LOT about myself in 2019 and I’m ready to put it all into practise.

Taking Risks.

In my early twenties I’ve managed to cram in one hell of a lot. I graduated from university, moved to a new city and got married. After all of that 2019 was quite a stagnant year, giving me time to think about what I want from life. One thing I know is that I love change. Although staying in one place feels comfortable, it doesn’t bring me joy. I want to take risks, have quite a big change and just see what happens. I’m extroverted, I thrive meeting new people and being around my family and friends. I want to do one hell of a lot more to make that happen in 2020.

Figuring Things Out.

Jay travelling a lot with his job has been a huge blessing in disguise, allowing me to figure things out for myself. I did quite a bit of this in 2019, but this year I want to do more to help. Meditate, go to therapy, try new things and just embrace the little things in life. After removing instagram from my phone for a week recently, it made me realise that I need to spend a little less time on it, and more time doing things I really love. I’m also learning to trust the process, a lot of my goals from last year haven’t happened yet, but I’m taking all the right steps to make them happen and that’s what counts.

Focusing on The Positives.

I’ve got a fresh gratitude journal ready and a vision board in progress. I really believe that our thoughts are really what shape our lives, if you think positively, good things do happen. I really want to incorporate this into my content more in 2020, I’m still yet to figure out how in the most positive, uplifting way possible, but I’ll get there!

While I’m here, thank you all SO much for sticking with my blog and reading over the years, and for the comments. I wish you all a Happy New Year and good wishes for 2020!

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    January 2, 2020Reply

    I love that you are taking the time to figure things out, and that instead of thinking that you failed for not completing your goals, you see it as a work in progress. I need to be more like that haha

    Happy new year!


      January 10, 2020Reply

      There’s been so many times when a goal has happened later and that’s still a good thing in my eyes! 🙂


    January 2, 2020Reply

    2020 is the year of self-care and putting myself first for a change – speaking it into existence! wishing you a very happy new year! Ps love your dress!!!

    Georgia Rose |


      January 10, 2020Reply

      I’m so glad to hear that, that’s how every year should be! Hope it’s going well for you so far x

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