Enjoying The Festive Season with Petplan.


This post is in collaboration with Petplan, but all thoughts are my own.

If you follow me on Instagram you’ll know I’m completely dog mad, I can’t walk down the street without wanting to stop and say hello to every pooch I see. One of the biggest joys for me when it comes to the festive season is getting to spend two whole weeks at home with my family, and the family dogs Beau and Lilly (who absolutely rule the roost). Whether you’ve got a dog, cat or rabbit in your life, you’ll want to get involved with Petplan this Christmas and treat the bestest girls and boys in your life!


Gifts to buy your dog this Christmas.

The gifting market for pets has completely boomed over the past few years. Since moving to Lincoln I genuinely feel like there’s something missing without pets in my life, so when I am with the family dogs it’s an absolute treat, and I LOVE to treat them over Christmas.

Every year on average 43% of pet owners buy their pet a Christmas present (I’m absolutely included in that figure). If your pet doesn’t already have insurance, there really isn’t a better gift you can give, and Petplan insurance is the UK’s favourite so you know they’ll be covered well!

A treat for the dogs but something my mum and step dad will definitely appreciate is a new dog bed. Beau and Lilly tend to share a bed and it’s the cutest thing. Of-course it wouldn’t be Christmas without buying them some edible treats while we’re tucking into Quality streets and Christmas dinner.

Another way to treat your pet this Christmas is by entering the Pet Advent Calendar giveaway! They have thousands of prizes to giveaway throughout December, so definitely worth entering.


Our Christmas Day Routine.

As most families do for Christmas we’ve naturally fallen into a bit of a routine. After waking up and getting half ready, we pop on a Christmas playlist, make breakfast and have a couple of glasses of Buck’s Fizz. Before opening any gifts a few of us will take the dogs for a walk around the block (it’s often really quiet, and if you do see anyone they’re usually in a cheery mood, so it’s actually quite nice!). Then we come back, open any gifts together (the dogs’ favourite part of this is definitely fighting over the wrapping paper) and start preparing dinner.

Thinking about it now the dogs really are a massive part any family occasion for us, they just make it extra special!

(huge thanks to Beau and Lily for having their debut on the blog, and to Petplan for sponsoring this blog post!)

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