What I Really Love About Christmas.

This post is in collaboration with Boots!

As Andy Williams would say, it’s the most wonderful time of the year! There are SO many things that make Christmas a magical time for me and I’ve definitely carried the festive excitement from being a child right into adulthood. This blog post is almost like a festive favourites if you will. Boots have created a special festive survey on Christmas gifting, shopping and Christmas Traditions which I’m going to use and see how my festive favourites compare to the rest of the UK! There’s a real focus on thinking about what people really love about Christmas and the festive period, which I’m definitely happy to tune into.

The festive questions

Which person’s gift receives the most thought?

This one’s quite easy for me, it’s always my mum who gets the most thought. According to the survey from Boots, partners gifts receive the most thought (38%), followed by children (20%) (apologies to my husband)… I think from years of growing up and seeing how much effort she puts in for the entire family, naturally I think it’s made me want to repay the favour. I don’t have that many people to buy for as my family and friends circle is relatively small, so I do try my best to really think about what someone would actually like and use.

The beauty section is the place I always go for my mum, and the Christmas gifts for her this year is a collection of serious gems for those in your life that love beauty. This year I loved the YSL gift sets from Boots. My mum has been speaking about the Touche Eclat for a while so I think she will be happy to unwrap this gift set this year (also love the packaging on this!).

When do you start your Xmas shopping?

Mid November seems to be the natural time I really start to think about Christmas shopping every year, and it tends to work for me. Having said that, every year I do end up picking the odd thing even a week before, mostly stocking fillers and any edible treats. 

What is the most quintessential Xmas dinner food?

Before going veggie two years ago I have to admit it would have been a pigs in blanket. The little luxury you get only once a year (and potentially Boxing Day, but they were always the first thing to go). Now, I’m with the 69% who voted roast potatoes in the Boots survey. But, they have to be crispy on the outside, fluffy on the inside – no other way!


I love the little traditions I have with my family, in terms of gifting every year I treat my husband to a skincare related gift (mostly in the hope that he doesn’t steal my moisturiser to be honest). This year the Christmas gifts for him that Boots have are seriously impressive, but my favourite was this set from Liz Earle for him. I know he will use all of the products and it comes with a new wash bag which I know he needs. 

Exciting news! I have a festive giveaway. If you would like to win a Soap and Glory advent calendar worth £42, simply leave me a comment telling me what you think the most essential Christmas dinner food is.

Giveaway ends Tuesday the 3rd of December. 



    November 25, 2019Reply

    Can’t wait for Christmas. For me it’s got to be pigs in blankets!


    November 25, 2019Reply

    For me it’s got to be either the yorkshire puds or the roast potatoes!

    Such a fab post Jodie xx

    Jessica Robinson

    November 25, 2019Reply

    Completely with you on the roast potatoes there! Although do Quality Street also count? 🙊


    November 25, 2019Reply

    My essential Christmas dinner item is definitely stuffing, can never go wrong with it 😍

    Chrystal Altman

    November 26, 2019Reply

    love the post, going to have a look at the Touch Eclat for my mum too! I’d have to say roast potatoes after that, or roast parsnips! I would love a Yorkshire on Christmas day but there’s a big debate in my family as to whether they are part of a Christmas dinner?


    November 26, 2019Reply

    The most essential Christmas dinner food is roasted veggies for sure! <3

    Lauren Victoria

    November 26, 2019Reply

    Loved reading this festive-inspired post! Boot’s do so many great gift sets. They’re always my go-to when it comes to gift sets. I’m definitely going to check out the Liz Earle Men’s gift set for my boyfriend. I think the most essential Christmas dinner food is pigs in blankets. Is it really Christmas without them?xx

    Lauren |

    Laura J

    November 26, 2019Reply

    I would say my fave is pigs without blankets which my mum does for me as I don’t like bacon (yes I know they’re both pork and it’s weird!).

    Laura J

    November 26, 2019Reply

    I would say my fave is pigs without blankets which my mum does for me as I don’t like bacon (yes I know they’re both pork and it’s weird!).


    November 28, 2019Reply

    It has to be pigs in blankets, they are so yummy! I can never work out why we don’t eat them all year round!


    November 28, 2019Reply

    My essential Christmas dinner item is cauliflower cheese – not particularly traditional but you can’t go wrong with covering everything in melted cheese? Christmas is a time for indulgence after all x


    November 28, 2019Reply

    For me it’s the indulgent dessert of mince pies & clotted cream!!

    Tina Mansfield

    November 28, 2019Reply

    You have to have roasties and pigs in blankets for Christmas dinner.


      December 2, 2019Reply

      Hi Tina, you are the winner of the advent calendar! 🙂 please can you send me your address at in the next 48 hours to get the calendar sent out to you? thank you for entering


    November 28, 2019Reply

    Definitely pigs in blankets.


    November 29, 2019Reply

    Turkey! ☺️


    November 30, 2019Reply

    For me the most essential Christmas food is really good roast potatoes! I’m vegetarian and my family are meat eaters so the potatoes bring together the rest of what we have for our Christmas meal!


    December 2, 2019Reply

    Christmas Pudding… it’s not Cristmas without a flming pud!


    December 6, 2019Reply

    I think my favourite part of Christmas is shopping for loved ones and seeing the happiness on their face when they open their gifts!

    Lucy | Forever September

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