Glossier FutureDew Review.

The Glossier marketing team sweep me up into their campaigns every single time. Just like Boy Brow sucked me in with the promo video, when I saw FutureDew all over my Instagram the excitement was all too much and I place an order the same evening. I’m sure you’re all aware of FutureDew by now, but if not, then in a nutshell it’s an oil-serum hybrid delivering seriously glowy skin that lasts throughout the day.


The thing I was intrigued about most was the longevity. Was it REALLY going to last on my combination skin or slip off into the atmosphere by 9am? I have to say, hats off to Glossier because it really does last on the skin and has seriously impressive staying power! Even having combination skin, it doesn’t make me look like an oiled tin can, it’s an obvious glow but not overbearing. I use one pump and just apply it like I would a normal serum (just avoiding around my nose and cheek area), I avoid my nose and cheeks because it does highlight enlarged pores and obviously enhance any already oily areas, which is completely fine and to be expected so I just work around that.

Glossier are promoting FutureDew as the last step in your skincare routine. I’ve been using it pretty much since it launched in the UK so around two weeks and I haven’t seen any impressive skincare results, but potentially they could be there in time. It feels nourishing and hasn’t broken out my blemish prone skin so that’s always a positive sign. Instructions say to use two pumps of product but I found one to be enough for me, I massage it into the high points of my face and let it sink in before applying concealer or foundation. I’ve been combining it with the Glossier Stretch Concealer, and what a dreammmm that combo is. They work so beautifully together on the skin and the concealer blends so well into the formula, topped with powder it my t-zone this base duo lasts really well throughout the day.

Excuse the pun, but it’s been a glowing review so far, and rightly so because it is bloody fantastic. But, I do have similar products and one in particular that springs to mind is the Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood Flawless Filter. I mean they’re not exactly the same and I will definitely reach for the two products to achieve a different look, but if you’ve already invested in the Flawless Filter I don’t think there’s a specific need to go out and buy FutureDew straight away. Plus, I actually love that the Flawless Filter has a tint to it which Futuredew doesn’t and it’s definitely more wearable if you want a softer glow.

It packs a punch if you like a glowy skin look. FutureDew isn’t a product I’ll be reaching for day to day, if anything for me in an office environment it actually gives a little too much glow and shine for what I like. But, on super glowy skin days and holidays in particular I’ll definitely be packing it. Overall for me it’s the longevity and how well the glow lasts on the skin that’s the most impressive thing about this launch.
Have you tried FutureDew?
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4 responses to “Glossier FutureDew Review.”

  1. Michelle says:

    I’ve been SO tempted to pick Futuredew up but can’t work out for the life of me whether it’ll feel uncomfortably dewy on the skin, if that makes sense?

    • Jodie says:

      Completely makes sense! For me it isn’t, it’s comfortable but does take around 3-4 minutes to just settle into the skin 🙂

  2. Anika says:

    This definitely sounds like the product to start with if you’re after glowy skin. I haven’t worn that look in a while but I’m tempted to try this and experiment again!

    Anika |

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