Transitioning to Autumn & Embracing The New Season.

It’s that time of year where I comment on how cold it’s got so quickly atleastttt twice a day for the next month. I spoke about this last year and shared 5 self-care tips for autumn and winter, I do embrace all the trivial things when it comes to autumn and winter, but, for me the transition into the dark nights and cold weather isn’t quiet as magical as social media depicts it to be. I know I’m not alone in feeling like this so I really wanted to talk about the little things that are helping me embrace the transition to autumn and stay positive this year.

Making plans.

I can’t work out if I’m an introverted extrovert or just a full blown extrovert. I do need a good hour a day just to have some time to myself, but I also love being with my friends and family and around people who lift me up. Realising this I’ve decided to make plans right up until Christmas, and it feels good to have so much to look forward to.  There’s also this buzz before Christmas, like it’s a fresh start similar to school (although no new pencil case and gel pens unfortunately). Also, I usually shy away from embracing them but in September I had more blogging jobs than ever and it’s been amazing to work with so many brands, it’s just been a really positive start in terms of work and I’m honing in on that.

Sticking to my summer routine.

Jays waking up at 5:15 EVERY. single. weekday. morning for work, so with that, I’ve given myself an extra half an hour because I don’t think I would function, but I’ve been waking up around 5:40 every day. It’s pitch black outside, but there’s something quite nice about being awake before everyone else and having an hour to have a slow start to the day and feel productive (or sit and watch Breaking Bad like I have this past week). I’m able to do this mostly because my Lumie light* is a god send. It’s a pricey wee alarm clock but if like me you feel lethargic waking up in a room that’s pitch black, the lumie light completely takes that feeling away and it’s absolutely worth the investment.

Embrace the new fashion trends, for me it’s all the roll necks.

Roll neck jumpers are my thing (and for the really cold days a Marks and Spencer thermal under it for good measure). I look forward to digging them out every year, and autumn fashion in general is my favourite so I’m fully embracing it this year. A couple of my favourite places to shop cosy jumpers are & Other Stories, H&M and Topshop, although I also have my eye on a couple of eBay listings to snap up a bargain.
Some Current Favourites

All the food…

I’m a foodie so the fact I can start making stew (with double the amount of recommended dumplings, obviously) is something I’m embracing, and all the soups and part baked rolls… I’ve missed proper comfort food, can you tell? Meals in the colder months are the best, they’re comforting and being mostly veggie I actually find making meals in the autumn/ winter months so much easier. I get most of my recipes from old Hello Fresh boxes, Deliciously Ella and Madeline Shaw.

Actually making use of my gym membership.

I’m going to keep this last one short and sweet. I go to the gym but I really want to make it a part of my routine and have set days and routines, at the moment I will quite happily find an excuse not to go.

So there we have it, a few things that I’m doing to stay positive and embrace autumn, I do have a holiday to Dubai in November which will definitely top me up on sun rays.



    October 10, 2019Reply

    I love the Autumn season! leaves going brown and just being cosy indoors.


    Lisa Autumn

    October 13, 2019Reply

    YAY I can’t wait for autumn fashion!

    x Lisa |


    October 19, 2019Reply

    Yes to making plans, I find the darker days can seem so endlessly long if I haven’t got much planned. Nothing better than whipping up some cosy autumnal comfort food in an evening

    Emily x |

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