Wardrobe Staple: The Perfect Occasion Dress.


Usually it’s rare something makes the cut to have a whole blog post dedicated to it, but occasionally there’s those special things you buy that you instantly love, and this dress from Warehouse falls right into that category. I’m not great at picking out dresses for myself (even my wedding dress was a struggle) so as soon as I tried this on I knew my wardrobe was missing it. I bought it with my holiday to Dubai in mind but I know after that I’ll wear it for pretty much any occasion where I need to be a little fancy.

Why do I love this dress? Well, the fit is a DREAM! I went for my usual size and it fits perfectly everywhere and usually I’ll struggle to get a dress to fit so well everywhere. The print makes it perfect for any occasion and season which is a rare find too.

When it comes to dresses I think I’ve just always struggled to find something I feel good in, so out of everything the shape of this dress is what caught me by surprise and made me love it most. Thinking about it my wedding dress was similar with a slight mermaid style to the bottom. I’m slim and there ain’t all that much going on in the boob and bum department, but this style of dress just feels feminine and it’s definitely something I’m going to think about when buying dresses in the future.

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It feels slightly odd writing such a short post when I usually ramble away, but there’s not much more I can say other than bravo Warehouse for making an amazing dress!

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    September 17, 2019Reply

    This is such a beautiful dress, very my style too – love it and it suits you so much!

    Lucy | Forever September


      September 18, 2019Reply

      Thanks so much Lucy, glad you like it! I just look everything about it


    September 17, 2019Reply

    That dress is just stunning

    Candice ||


      September 18, 2019Reply

      Thank you Candice!

    Charlotte Lane

    January 18, 2020Reply

    Ah this dress looks so amazing on you!!xo

    Char |


      January 20, 2020Reply

      Thank you Charlotte! xxx

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