Some Thoughts on Change and Worrying Less.

If you’re optimistic and think of allllll the amazing opportunities that come with change, and embrace the fact you’re doing something new, well, that’s my goal. If you’re in the camp where you know something is going to change and can’t help but fear the outcome, I FEEL you. When you’ve been set in your ways for so long it takes some work to switch camps, but I feel like it’s happening, slowly.

Growing up I had a life plan, a detailed map of how every year would look. I actually remember in my early teens vividly thinking I would be in a job I loved by 20 and have a baby at 22 – hahaha, actually had a little chuckle typing that, really 13 year old Jodie, REALLLLYYY!? The past year and a half has been stacked with quite big life changes, it’s made me realise I love change and the excitement of doing something new, but my own self-doubt and inner critique did dampen the experience, something I didn’t even realise at the time. I’ve become so much more aware of my thoughts and noticed that with all the small prospects of change my initial reaction was to think of anything and everything that could go wrong, people would reassure me and I would still go back with something else to self sabotage from doing something I actually wanted to do! Even typing it out now it doesn’t add up!

Make a distinction between a real problem and an imagined scenario that hasn’t happened yet.

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I was in denial that I was holding myself back to be completely honest, I always blamed other things and didn’t recognise that it was negative thinking holding me back. To put this into context, in the past I’ve applied for jobs that I loved the sound of, got an interview and been over the moon then made an excuse to cancel, I blamed another reason for not attending, but really I doubted my ability to work at that company. It’s scary how without even recognising it at the time, I was holding myself back. The only thing that’s going to turn a situation into a negative is my thought process. HOW can I expect a positive outcome if all I’m doing is worrying about everything that could go wrong?

Therapy, manifestation and daily affirmations have been massive for me this year, all three of those things (and mindfulness – but that’s a post for another day) have really allowed me to unpick things and become more self aware and actually notice this was happening.

There’s no quick fix to instantly seeing the positives to every huge life change, but becoming aware of your own thoughts and noticing what actually goes on in there is pretty handy… Now when I get moments of worry about a big change, or think something won’t go to plan, I challenge it, and ask myself why can’t it happen? I think we can all agree that life would be boring if things didn’t change, I enjoy routine and stability and think that both of those things are important day to day, but you don’t grow without change.

Just read over this post and I’m not entirely sure how coherent it is, but a ramble of what I’m thinking about at the minute nonetheless. I have some BIG changes coming up next year and I’m noticing myself being positive one minute then doubting myself the next, this post is a big middle finger to the lack of self-belief, and if there’s something in life but YOU are holding yourself back, just know you can change them.

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6 responses to “Some Thoughts on Change and Worrying Less.”

  1. Sophie says:

    I totally get you, it’s so hard not to self doubt and worry about everything! sounds like you’re taking the steps in the right direction though! definitely some great tips I need to take on board xxx

  2. Jessie says:

    I am going to properly look into manifestations and daily affirmation. I’ve been going through a bit of a shit time lately, and feel a bit like i’m at a cross roads, so I feel that being more positive will definitely help! xx

    Jessie |

    • Jodie says:

      Sorry to hear that Jessie, whatever has happened I hope things start to get better. I struggled a lot earlier this year and daily affirmations and being grateful have really helped to just keep me on track! xx

  3. Lucy says:

    I’m the same lovely, when I know big changes are heading my way, I feel excited one minute then all of a sudden doubt and fear creep into my mind then I don’t want things to change! A brilliant post! I know you said at the end that you thought you rambled but you didn’t honestly! x

    Lucy |

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