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A Round Up of Summer 2019 & My Autumn Plans.

Pinch punch, happy September, hasn’t this come around quick?! I know we all say this with the changing seasons, but seriously, WHERE has this summer gone? It’s been a bit of a jam packed one for me, from my husband finally moving back home after working away half the year, and having family stay for two weeks – it’s been hectic in the best kind of way. I’m feeling really grateful for what’s been a cracking summer, here’s some of the best bits…

The busy but brilliant days

There’s been some crazy long days in London (luckily I get the train from Kings Cross so I get all the best train snacks for the journey home), then as a true contrast going camping and waking up at 7am to the sound of sheep in a field about 10 meters away from our little 3 man tent. Lets cover the busy days, in July I got to have a lot of family time which was just amazing. All of my family came to stay and I’ve realised there’s nothing I love more having a full house, it makes my heart happy.

I turned 24 on July 15th and had a huge homemade coffee and walnut cake and got to visit Ole Ole (the restaurant I recommend to anyone that ever asks for one in Lincoln). My mum treated me to some dreamy Castaner wedges – it’s like walking on clouds AND I’m a healthy 3 inches taller. The last birthday treat was a last minute trip to Prague (I shared all of our favourite vegetarian restaurants from the trip in a post, cos you know, food) we walked for miles just chatting about anything and everything, it was the perfect little break after a hectic year and Prague is one of my favourite cities so it was just nice to see it again.

Being more mindful

Amongst the madness this summer, overall I’ve just tried to be more mindful of everything. Making small changes like having a coffee outside in the morning without any phone, going for runs outside in the evening instead of the gym. I just wanted to fully embrace my favourite season, and it was these slow moments that recharged my batteries – you know? We also went camping a few times which has introduced a wholeeee new thing to me that I actually love, and when the rain didn’t get in the way we got to enjoy the beach when we went back home to where we grew up in North Wales.

Some favourites that spring to mind

Brace yourself, but I have a new favourite product from my Charlotte Tilbury… The Hollywood Flawless Filter – HOW did I only try this in July!? As you can probably tell I think it’s wonderful, so dreamy if you like glowy skin. If you can get to a counter definitely don’t pass it up, I have mine in the shade 1 fair and on the skin it gives the most natural looking glow – especially handy when you’ve had one too many G&Ts and your skin needs a pick me up!

A fashion favourite has to be my Veja trainers. A right old treat to myself and I’m so glad I bought them. The only issue is I’m now obsessed with Veja and want another pair, maybe I can justify it by saying they would be my winter trainers? Might do that.

I’m going to throw a food section in here, why the hell not. Not strictly food, BUT, I’ve switched to Oatly Oat milk – the barista version and ditched cows milk. Honestly I’ve never used a milk that’s better in coffee than this, I’m at the stage of buying 6 packs from Amazon because I can’t be without the stuff. For breakfast I’m usually a porridge kinda girl but it just feels wrong in the summer months, so during my birthday week I started making pancakes from this recipe and just adding a scoop of protein powder, I’m yet to go back to porridge and my birthday was 6 weeks ago, so I guess you could say I’ve been a little obsessed with making those.

Plans for Autumn

I can’t remember if I mentioned it on my blog, but back in July I started a level 2 counselling course, I was feeling like I wanted to do something with meaning and make a positive difference to peoples lives and thought I would give it ago. Doing the course has basically confirmed that my end goal is to become a counsellor, so once I’ve finished my level 2 I’m going to start volunteering, and I think I may have found the perfect place for this that’s close by so hopefully all of that pans out – I’ll keep you updated.

In November I’ll be escaping what will be pretty cold weather for a 5 day trip to Dubai to my see my bestest friend who moved out there in August. I’m going with two other friends and I’m already day dreaming about the pool parties, brunches and *absolutely* one too many G&T’s I’ll be drinking – can’t bloody wait.

Content wise I’m in a bit of a pickle at the moment, I love sharing all things lifestyle but also love writing about beauty and everything inbetween, and I feel like I possibly need to hone in on a niche. Maybe I don’t and I’m fine to share it all, but I am feeling like I want to really establish what I want to share online and how I want to present myself so I’m hoping to figure something out – we shall see!

There we have it, a bit of a mash up of favourites, what I’ve been up to and what’s happening in autumn. Spring and summer are my favourite seasons so I’m conscious of the fact I’ve got some adjusting to do when the early starts come in, but I’m excited for the warm comfort food, long reading sessions and having a bit of a hibernation getting things ready for some exciting things I already have planned in 2020!



    September 1, 2019Reply

    It sounds like you’ve had an amazing summer Jodie! And I can’t wait to see where your counselling journey takes you. What a great path to go down! x


      September 3, 2019Reply

      I really did thank you. I’m really excited to see where it takes me 🙂

    Lisa Autumn

    September 1, 2019Reply

    This is such a cute dress babe!

    x Lisa |


      September 3, 2019Reply

      Thanks so much Lisa 🙂


    September 1, 2019Reply

    Sounds like you’ve had a really good summer and some fab plans coming up for Autumn! Have an amazing time in Dubai! I’m so jealous! xx


      September 3, 2019Reply

      Thank you Charlotte! Hope you had a lovely summer x


    September 8, 2019Reply

    Loved this post & reading about your plans, lovely. Missed your blog!!
    I must get that oat milk – it sounds amazing.
    Also, Nov is one of the most ideal months to go and visit Dubai – you will love it there 🙂 It’s hot but it’s so so nice!
    I have written a few blogs post about it <3
    Nadia xo


    September 13, 2019Reply

    Thats great that you’re doing the level 2 counselling course, I’ve been thinking about maybe going down the path of counselling – I’d love to hear more about your experience!

    Lucy | Forever September


      September 18, 2019Reply

      A level 2 is an amazing place to start, it’s been really interesting! I think volunteering would be really useful for you too, I’ve worked at the mental health charity Mind before and that taught me a lot x

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