The Best Vegetarian & Vegan Restaurants in Prague.

I’m a real foodie, so naturally, good food is a massive part of any trip away for me so I thought I would go over the best places to eat in Prague – believe me we found some absolute gems! We eat mostly vegetarian and vegan and found Prague to cater to that really well! *this post contains ALL the food shots, so if you’re feeling hungry I definitely recommend bookmarking this and coming back to it later*


I’m a breakfast enthusiast and if it doesn’t happen before 10am, I’m more often than not going to be hangry. On the first day we found SmetanaQcafe which is just by the river. It was definitely one of my favourite breakfast spots from the entire trip. The location was perfect for further site seeing throughout the day, and it was just an all round cool place with a good atmosphere. I went for avo on toast with an iced coffee (pretty standard for me), but they also did some pretty delicious looking pancakes and alll the cakes. The next day we went to Cafefin, they serve mostly Vietnamese/ Chinese style breakfasts which I had never had before but REALLY enjoyed, it was heavy but much needed after one too many daiquiris the night before. On our final morning it was a quick slice of toast from our AirBnB, so not much to report really…

Coffee/ Snacks

We spent a lot of the trip at the cutest little spot by the river called Cocovana Cocovanka. We had been to Prague before so wanted to use the trip as a chance to chill out and just let the world go by. We sat there sipping iced coffees and reading books in dappled sunlight for a good few hours on our second day, and went back there on our last day because we loved it so much. If you’re looking for some where as a mini pit stop I can’t recommend this place enough!

One day after a full morning of walking we stopped off at the Donut shop for a pick me up, if you’re after a sweet treat and like donuts it’s definitely worth a visit. It’s slightly further out of the main city centre but good if you fancy a little explore.


The main place to report for lunch is a vegan fast food restaurant called Forkys.  Even if you’re not vegan, the burgers were unreal, and if you are looking for a vegan option you CANNOT miss this place off your list. I think the photos speak for themselves, it was like a high end McDonalds but vegan – seriously good.


The northerner in me did originally label this ‘tea’ but for SEO purposes lets stick with dinner… We had some amazing evening meals but our favourite night by far was at Manifesto Market – basically Prague’s equivalent of London’s Box Park. They had R&B playing all night, served frozen daiquiris and gin, and had some of the best food stalls – the perfect spot for the evening. We also decided to go back to the italian restaurant Marina, which we had visited the first time we went to Prague in 2015, it’s such a gorgeous spot for dinner, and has a really romantic feel to it. Amazing service and italian food, it ticks all the boxes.

I hope if you’re heading to Prague this blog post has given you some food inspo!

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    August 26, 2019Reply

    Oh wow, all this food looks incredible! Finding good food places abroad is the best, I’ll definitely keep this incase I travel to Prague any time soon!

    Lucy | Forever September


      August 27, 2019Reply

      We were lucky to find some amazing spots! Hope you love them if you ever get round to visiting, it’s a gorgeous city!

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