10 Things I’m Wearing Again & Again.

You know you see those twitter posts that ranks things in priority order, well, the 10 style favourites I’m mentioning in this post would fall under the ‘god tier’. The absolute creme de la creme of my wardrobe. I aim to only buy something if I truly love it anyway, but there’s certain things that tick the box for that and become the things I constantly reach for and just want to wear  again and again – everyone has those staples don’t they!?

I’ve really enjoyed stripping my wardrobe back the past few years, and I feel like this summer has been the first that I’ve really reaped the rewards and I’m wearing *and loving* so much of what I bought last year. There’s definitely a theme with these 10 favourites and the things I can’t stop wearing, and it’s anything that’s easy. I want dresses that I can just throw on and simple t-shirts that I feel good wearing with any shorts, trousers or skirts.

The 10 things I’m wearing again and again…

If you follow me on Instagram (shameful plug, that is where I’m most active though) you’ll know I get so much wear out of the linen blazer I bought from Topshop around April this year. Going to be that annoying person here because it’s actually out of stock, but I  had to mention it as a staple because it’s easily the best thing I bought this summer. It works so well with the rest of my wardrobe and managed to update so much of what I bought last year. I’m already thinking about allll the blazers I could add to my collection for autumn/winter this year!

My Veja trainers were an absolute NIGHTMARE to break in, but thankfully they’re completely worth the blisters and pain I endured. I’m wearing them with almost everything and with the lack of sun we’ve had this summer they’ve come in handy for rainy days. When it has been a little too warm for trainers the Zara sandals (completely inspired by the YSL ones) that I bought last year have been my go to.

Now, a pair of jeans that are old but gold, ASOS still stock them which is definitely a good sign considering I’ve had mine for a good 18 months. The ASOS Farleigh Jeans are the perfect inbetween kinda jeans, tight around the bum and thighs and slightly loose at the bottom. I still love mine and I’m not ready to go back to skinny jeans any time soon.

If I haven’t been wearing dresses or jeans I’ve been leaning towards loose tapered shorts and teaming them with pretty much everything. I snapped up a neutral beige pair in the H&M sale, I also have a dark navy pair that I LOVE wearing with trainers and linen shirt. Talking of linen shirts, I’ve found the dreamiest of all from Uniqlo, I panic bought this in London just before our trip to Prague because I packed for 30 degree heat and it was forecast to rain the entire duration of our stay. Thankfully, it didn’t rain, and I am now the proud owner of the best white linen shirt!

This year I’ve been really drawn to red, there’s a certain tone of red that I quiet like wearing so I’ve tried to buy a couple of pieces to test the waters with it. I bought this wrap dress in the Newlook sale,- WHAT A FIND! I’ve worn it to work, in the day with trainers and in the evening. It’s just amazing and the best sale find of the year so far.


As much as I’m loving the red dress I’ve also got so much wear out of my simple white summer dress. You know it’s a good’un when someone actually stops you in the street to ask where it’s from. Again I’ve worn this dressed up and down (I love how it looks worn with trainers most) and it’s just an easy one to wear.

I finally took the plunge and invested in the 53mm Rayban rounds, but for the past two years the high street has done me well with the amount of dupes around. The Topshop sunglasses are pretty much identical and are £12. Last but not least this wouldn’t be a current style favourites post without mentioning my sheer love for basket/ wicker bags, I’m completely obsessed. Zara and Accessorize have been my favourite places this year, & Other Stories too.

So, we’ve reached the end. That’s my round up of 10 things that I’m wearing over and over at the moment. A scary moment seeing all of the A/W pieces in shops already (definitely not ready to unpack my autumn gear just yet).

What are your staples that you reach for time and time again?

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