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Styling Short Hair & Keeping Blonde Hair Ashy.

Since my last hair related blog post there’s been some changes, I did that typical post wedding hair chop, I’ve gone a little blonder, and I feel like I’m finally at a place where I’m *kind of* happy with my hair on a day to day basis. I tend to get my colour done every 12 weeks, so I’ve started making it a priority to look after it inbetween appointments, and let me tell you, keeping blonde hair ashy isn’t as easy as it seems. Seriously.

For styling I’ve actually just filmed my first IGTV video, yes, I’ve finally jumped on the bandwagon, and filmed exactly how I style it. I still use GHD’s as I’ve always done but the way I curl it is slightly different. I cannot tell you the struggle I’ve had over the years trying to find a purple shampoo that doesn’t leave my hair feeling like straw, but finally, I’ve found the best of the bunch. The Redken Colour Extend Blondage  is like a toner at home, it leaves my hair feeling clean and really does knock out any brassy tones (even my hairdresses said my colour has lasted really well!). When I’m not using the Redken shampoo I’ll use one specially for dry hair and use the Davines Purple Conditioner, again this definitely helps keep my hair looking ashy and it’s actually a really nourishing conditioner at the same time – the best of both worlds!

In terms of styling products, I want something that adds texture but doesn’t strip my hair within an inch of its life. The Sam McKnight styling range is my absolute favourite, I’ve just ran out of the Cool Girl spray, ACTUALLY GUTTED, but the Multi-Task Styling Mist is the next best thing for adding texture and hold whilst still being easy to brush out.



I swear I have given every single dry shampoo on the market a try, and you know which one is still my favourite? Good old Batiste! It’s about two quid, actually soaks up oiliness  at my roots and adds much needed volume. I know so many people don’t like it, but it’s honestly one of the only dry shampoos that actually works for me. Quick tip, I use this in the evenings before I go to bed to prevent any oiliness showing up in the first place – it works a treat!

11 year old me is pretty happy that headbands and hair clips are back in fashion, I’ve fully embraced this trend and ended up buying a couple. You’re probably going to get sick of seeing the pearl clips from Accessorize, CANNOT stop wearing them. I also bought a simple plan headband from H&M, pretty handy for makeup application not gonna lie, but I also love that it adds just a little something extra to the simple outfits I wear most days.

So, that’s my hair update and how I keep it ashy inbetween hair appointments. If you have any other recommendations I would love to know!

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    June 16, 2019Reply

    I love these hair clips. They’re so adorable and I completely agree they do spice up a look!

    Arianna |

    lisa Autumn

    June 18, 2019Reply

    Your hair always looks gorgeous!

    x Lisa |


    June 24, 2019Reply

    I absolutely love your hair and how you style it, honestly so gorgeous! I have a very similar colour to yours and I’m always on the hunt for purple shampoo’s, I’ll definitely have to give the Redken one a go!

    Lucy | Forever September

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