Home Update: Haul, Following Trends & The Issue With Renting.

Interiors have always been my jam, even at the age of 10 I was re-arranging my bedroom and constantly tidying! In my April goals post I mentioned buying nothing for the house to save more – that didn’t happen – but I realised creating a space I love is actually really important to me. At the moment the one thing that really holds me back is living in a rented property, we’re not sure how long we will be in this house so it’s really stopped us changing anything and only buying things we can take with us. Regardless of the magnolia walls, I’m still buying things as I go along to make the space feel more like us. Here’s what I’ve bought recently and how I’m navigating the trends…


The living room is definitely my favourite room in the house. I still need to replace the curtains to something more neutral, but other than that it’s getting there! The biggest purchase recently is the La Redoute rug, you’ll have probably all already seen it on Instagram, but I noticed there was 40% off so I finally caved and just chose to ignore the fact everyone and their mum has it. I went for the 160×230 size in brown and off-white. When we eventually move I see this looking amazing in any room so I thought it was worth buying, it’s added so much to the space and makes it feel a little more cosy.

Another purchase is the teal pouffe, I wanted to keep the blue tones in the room and it goes with the darker blue cushions and throw. We use this pretty much everyday, and it’s filled what felt like a bit of an empty space inbetween the sofa and tv stand. I was tempted to make everything in the living room neutral and follow that trend, but I decided against it and just went with colours and tones I’ve loved for years and just incorporate some of the trend rather than going full force. The rattan basket is where we keep a couple of extra cushions and throws, we got it from IKEA about 5 months ago, and the basket with the plant in is from Home Sense. If you’re looking for baskets or anything rattan I really recommend Home Sense, they have a huge selection at the moment and it’s all pretty affordable.

My Pinterest is filled with neutrals and rattan/ wicker style accessorises, I know it’s a trend so I’m trying to not jump on the bandwagon too much when it comes to larger furnishings (as much as I want to buy a wicker chair, some how I don’t think it’s going to be that practical, or comfortable…) so I’m sticking with a couple of smaller bits.


A couple of months back I went on a press trip and was lucky enough to receive some gorgeous pieces from the new Barbour x Emma Bridgewater collection* (launches August), and it spurred me on to buy a couple of extra things for my kitchen and dining room. To be honest I don’t really have any kind of theme or plan with either rooms, the kitchen is new but not my taste at all which doesn’t really help me feel inspired. I just try to put up with it and make little areas that I do like. I’ve noticed greenery definitely helps with that so I’m going to buy a hanging planter and add a couple more plants to spruce things up a little.

Another thing I’ve bought recently is the bouquet candle from NestCandleCo. I have this in the centre of my dining table and I have an almost open plan dining/ living room and the floral scent works well for both spaces. I’ve added a couple of accessories to my dining room including a new runner and table mats, that’s definitely made a difference to the look and feel of the room.

I feel like at the moment I’m buying things I love for our house, but because I’m not able to change the big things like flooring or walls nothing looks quite complete. The furnishings definitely do help (especially rugs and photos on the walls) but I can’t wait for the day I can have a statement wall and properly decorate my own space.

A bit of a random post but I’ve been buying little bits here and there over the past few months so I thought I would do an update. How do you get inspiration for your home?

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    June 14, 2019Reply

    That mug is so pretty!

    Arianna |

    Lisa Autumn

    June 14, 2019Reply

    I looove your plants!

    x Lisa |


      June 14, 2019Reply

      thanks girl, I’m obsessed haha!


    June 19, 2019Reply

    What a lovely mug! Love your planter too! Such a lovely home you’ve created!


    July 24, 2019Reply

    I love your blog- I follow you now!


    Charlotte Lane

    September 25, 2019Reply

    I totally feel you Jodie – magnolia walls are actually the devil! I can’t wait to own my own home one day and just change everything to be completely my taste! I think your home looks lovely and you’ve definitely got a great interior eye 🙂 xo

    Char |

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