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My Mental Health.

Ahhh I’m feeling pretty nervous about this post I’m not gunna lie, but it just doesn’t feel right to jump back into my usual kind of content without talking about it, and I don’t want to be that person that just shares the good stuff. I hope if you are feeling in a similar way to how I’ve felt the past few months, this gives you some comfort. I’m learning my mental health isn’t something I should be ashamed of, and being honest about how I feel is one of the most powerful ways to get through the harder times.

Everyone wants to be happy, it’s a given.

But what do you do when you just can’t feel it? When you know you have so many amazing things in your life but all you’re doing is thinking negatively. This is exactly how I’ve felt, and it’s really hard to get out of it. It’s exhausting, constantly feeling down and putting on a happy face when inside you don’t feel it at all. I don’t know how I found myself feeling that way to be honest, it’s a scary place to be in and I felt like it was just getting out of control.

A month ago I decided to see a therapist once a week. I feel like I’m slowly getting back to feeling happier and myself again, I unintentionally took a step back from blogging and social media, and I’m learning more about what actually makes me tick and feel good every day, I just need a little help along the way this time. I’m not where I want to be, but I’m taking steps in the right direction. I really do believe a positive can come from anything, and there’s always something to learn, even if at the time all you can think about is the worst thing possible happening (trust me, I’ve been there).

The biggest positive out of all of this for me is having the courage to just go and speak to someone. I plan on talking more about this in the future, but I had a pretty tough time growing up and I think I’ve had some things I needed to deal with for years. Another thing for me is finding happiness in things I just didn’t realise actually made me feel good before. I’m an extravert and thrive around other people and human connection, and I’m realising this now. It’s always been there with everything I do, I started by blog to connect with people online, I go to the gym because I like being in the company of others, I work in an office because I need that interaction with people everyday. Now I know this makes me happy I’m able to put things into place so I can be around people more, it’s a simple thing but day to day it makes me feel like the best version of myself.

I guess my aim with this post was to bring you up to speed with how I’ve really been feeling, and to remind you that your mental health comes first, for me having therapy is like having physio, why wouldn’t you look after your mind like you would any other body part? It’s also made me think more about social media, when I was in a negative headspace it just wasn’t the place to be, scrolling wasn’t fun anymore and it was the opposite of being sociable, escaping from everything in a bad way. It’s been a hard thing to find a balance with as I love it most of the time, but ultimately having that time away from anything digital is really what I need to stay happy.

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I feel grateful that I managed to nip this in the bud within a matter of months but I know so many people don’t, if you’re not happy don’t sit in silence. I’m not sure how much to talk about therapy/ counselling at the moment, but all I can say is that it’s helping me massively, everyone’s experience will be different but ultimately they’re there to help you get through whatever it is you’re dealing with. This post is literally all of my thoughts typed out, so I hope it makes sense. If you are feeling like you need support, the charity Mind are amazing.

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    May 15, 2019Reply

    This was exactly what I needed to here, I’m going through a similar thing at the moment, I really want to learn to love myself for me this year and come to terms with being okay with my flaws. Time offline is so important and we’ve definitely become too attached to social media! When I take time to do the things I love I feel my best so this is great advice! Thanks for sharing and I hope your journey to getting where you want to be goes so well for you! Xx


      May 15, 2019Reply

      You can do it, you’ve absolutely got this! Social media is designed to be addictive, it just doesn’t help when you already feel low does it? Thank you for commenting, I’m excited to see what’s next. I really hope you manage to achieve loving yourself this year! xx


    May 15, 2019Reply

    I think its great that you’ve opened up Jodie, sometimes it can be a really therapeutic thing to do. Looking after your mental health is so important and should always be put first, so you’ve definitely done the right thing!

    Lucy | Forever Septemeber


      May 15, 2019Reply

      Thank you Lucy, it’s been hard but so worth it! x

    Lauren Victoria

    May 16, 2019Reply

    Putting yourself first and recognising you need to work on yourself is such a massive step! I’ve been seeing a therapist weekly for over two years now. This year in November will be three years and it’s honestly changed my life. I would recommend it to anybody x

    Lauren |


      May 18, 2019Reply

      Thank you Lauren, it really was. So glad to hear it’s been life changing for you, I would too! x


    May 16, 2019Reply

    Mental health should always come first and it’s good you’re pushing it for yourself :).

    Enjoyed reading your post.

    Love your bag !

    Noemie XX


      May 18, 2019Reply

      Thank you Noemie!

    Erin Azmir

    May 17, 2019Reply

    i hope everything’s okay x


      May 18, 2019Reply

      Really getting there, thank you! x


    May 30, 2019Reply

    I’ve predominantly been staying off of social media as well for the past few months because I went through a really tough phase (similar to how you were describing how you were feeling) and the scrolling just made me sink deeper into that. I’m not sure if it’d help at all, but I read ‘Matt Haig’s Reasons To Stay Alive’ book and it truly helped me a great deal!

    Julia // The Sunday Mode


      May 30, 2019Reply

      I’ve heard really good things about Reasons to Stay Alive, I’ve added it to my reading list. Hope you’re feeling better now for it. It’s a really tricky thing to balance, especially when writing a blog/ wanting to be present online to grow, but it’s just not a good place to be when already feeling low!

    Charlotte Lane

    August 29, 2019Reply

    Such a brave post for you to publish and share with us, Jodie! Therapy is something that can be so so helpful and I definitely want to look into weekly sessions for myself – it’s great to have someone who doesn’t necessarily know you, to talk to. I also just wanted to say that I also love the way you wrote this xo

    Char |


      September 3, 2019Reply

      Honestly thank you so so much for this comment Charlotte! It does feel quite vulnerable talking about mental health still, but it’s something I’m passionate about and the weekly sessions really have helped me get perspective on so much x

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