The Foundations of my Spring Wardrobe.

Spring is 100% my favourite season. All of my family seem to gather for Easter (this year it’s also my 1st wedding anniversary on Easter Monday, double win!), the lambs bounce around the fields and it actually makes my heart burst and finally my I don’t have to leave the house with a fear of freezing (I have raynaud’s so have a good excuse to hate the cold). As I mentioned in my style plan for spring, I needed to pick up a few new bits to give my wardrobe a refresh, I’m a simple dresser so it’s never a hard task, but here’s what I ended up buying that have become the foundations of my spring wardrobe this year…

The classic trench coat

I can’t believe this is the first year I’ve had a trench coat, I knew before buying one it would just slot in with my style but I didn’t realise just how much wear I could get out of it. I thought it would be wise to stick with a classic beige to start off with, I’m not a massive fan of the shorter trenches either so it was just a case of finding the perfect longer trench that didn’t look too oversized. I went for this one in the end and I can see myself reaching for it year after year. I also bought this thicker trench style coat in a checked print a couple of months back and it’s been perfect for those slightly chillier days when a thin coat doesn’t cut it but anything thicker doesn’t feel right.

A linen blazer

Who doesn’t love a good blazer? Bloody hard to get right but when you do, it’s worth the extra effort finding the perfect fit. For the colder months I’m sorted with darker colours and thicker fabric, but I fancied something more lightweight this year. I’d never even considered a linen blazer before but wow, they’re game changing. I collaborated with Monsoon a couple of weeks back and the first thing I picked out was this blazer (my mum has this too, that either shows how versatile it is or at 23 I’m already dressing like a middle aged women), I can see myself wearing this with white denim shorts and t-shirts in the summer and for now I’ve been pairing it with blue denim jeans, LOVE! I also bought a neutral linen blazer from Topshop (this style but in a natural sand kinda colour), again I’m getting so much wear out of it and they’re the sort of thing that can be worn year after year.


White Jeans (absolutely not skinny jeans though)

I remember back in the day (around 2010) I would live in white skinny jeans over the summer months, I definitely won’t be returning to those, but white jeans in a straight leg style I’m kind of loving at the moment. I’ve found myself reaching for them on dressed down days, not the most practical when you’re as clumsy as I am, but they’re surprisingly easy to build outfits around and they’ve become a bit of a staple and a nice alternative to blue/ black jeans. While on the topic of light jeans, most of the saved photos on my Pinterest and Instagram feature beige jeans, they’re next on my list for the summer months.

The good kind of basics

Without good basics I’m screwed, I think you could class a lot of what’s in my wardrobe as basics, but the plain t-shirts and jumpers that fit like a dream are the final piece of the puzzle for all of my outfits. & Other Stories are the one when it comes to t-shirts, they wash amazingly so they don’t make it to the pyjama draw after a couple of wears like my cheaper basics do. Topshop also have some good basics too. Another staple I’m wearing more this year is shirts, I was kindly gifted this beauty from Gant a couple of weeks back, after years of wearing them everyday for school I never thought I would even look at a crisp white shirt again, but with and oversized fit and dressed down with some trainers I actually love the way it looks.


I seem to go through phases with trainers, but they’re something I always go back to. I’m patiently waiting for this style of the Veja trainers to come back instock, but until then I’m still wearing my trusty vans. I love how dressed down they make a whole outfit and it’s bloody lovely not to be wearing boots 24/7.

So they’re the foundations of my spring wardrobe this year, what are your staples that you can’t dress without?

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15 responses to “The Foundations of my Spring Wardrobe.”

  1. Pinja says:

    All of these definitely make the foundations of my spring wardrobe too! And they’re all such classic pieces that will probably remain as my spring style staples for years to come!

  2. Teresa says:

    Trench coat is definitely my ultimate Spring accessory as well! I should finally go out and find a new one, though. My current one is nearing the tender age of 10 years and it’s starting to sport some signs of usage, which are not flattering, like rips and such. I guess I’ve done my responsibility sustainability-wise for taking care of it for so long, but time has come to find a new trench-companion! x

    Teresa Maria | Outlandish Blog

  3. Gillian says:

    I loved this post Jodie, it’s so refreshing to see the behind-the-scenes view on your style! I love that you wear such miniamlistic pieces and it always matches perfectly. That trench coat is on my to-buy list, it looks great on you. And you already know I love those white jeans!

    – Gillian x

  4. Lisa Autumn says:

    Oh I love your trench girl!

    x Lisa |

  5. Isabel says:

    Yes to wide white Jeans and trench coats! Our foundations are looking pretty similar, but I haven’t had the chance to bring out my spring clothing from under my bed yet. Maybe this weekend… I am very excited! 😀


  6. I love a trench coat this time of the year! They’re so easy to throw on and dress up any look x

    Lauren |

  7. Danielle Alexa says:

    White jeans are my absolute go to item at this time of the year!

    Danielle xx

  8. Lucy says:

    I really want to get myself a linen blazer!

    Lucy | Forever September

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