Why I Love HD Brows.

Using the Glossier boy brow with HD Brow treatment

If there’s one beauty regret I have from my younger years it’s that I didn’t discover HD brows sooner. I spent most of my teenage years with barely any brows thanks to the thin brow trend and some tweezers I stole from my mums makeup bag (seriously they were awful). A few years back I finally realised natural was best and spent about 8 months growing my brows out to their full fluffy potential, and I’ve ended up becoming quite over protective. I tried to keep on top of them myself, but they got to the stage where they were over grown in a bad way and needed some TLC. I found The Beauty Lounge and was convinced to give HD Brows a try, I had my first treatment in January and went back again last week, so I thought I would share the results and explain why I’ve grown to love HD brows.

The Beauty Lounge Lincoln

What actually are HD Brows?

I don’t just want to regurgitate the information on the website, but in short it’s a bespoke brow treatment where the brow stylist will work with your desired brow look (for me I’m all about the fluffy brows that just looks a little more tamed). The tint is a custom-blended colour and artists are trained in waxing, plucking and threading. It’s brows that are perfect for you, there isn’t a one size fits all look. The treatment takes around 45 minutes, around an hour for the first time as the stylist will go through a full consultation with you, and depending on your brows and hair growth the treatment can last up to 9 weeks.

Some tips if it’s your first time…

Around 4-5 days before the treatment don’t use any chemical exfoliants that will thin the skin, this can cause it to graze which isn’t great. You will also need a patch test for the tint, so make sure to find a time to get that sorted with 48 hours to spare before the treatment. To be honest, Hayley from The Beauty Lounge was amazing at telling me anything and everything before the treatment started, I think any questions you have the stylist will definitely be able to answer (and it’s definitely worth asking if you’re unsure of anything).

HD Brows at The Beauty Lounge in Lincoln

Why HD Brows it’s the one beauty treatment I keep up with religiously

Brows are the one thing for me that makes the biggest difference to my overall appearance, and after having the treatment it’s so much easier for me to get ready quickly in the morning, and if I’m not wearing makeup I still look somewhat put together. It lasts around 7 weeks on me before things start looking bushy and less put together, so it’s not like I’m having to go back every month either. I have a full post on my brow routine and I still use the same products over a year later. The Glossier Boy Brow is all I use for the first few weeks after the treatment to keep everything in place (I’ve got a 10% off referral code on Glossier if you’re interested!)

After photo using the HD brow treatment in Lincoln

This treatment was gifted by The Beauty Lounge for the purpose of review. I paid for the treatment in January and will continue to pay for the treatment every 7 weeks.

Have you tried HD Brows?

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    March 31, 2019Reply

    Your eyebrows look fabulous! Eyebrows truly are one of the most important steps in my makeup routine! They completely transform a look💕

    Arianna |


      April 1, 2019Reply

      Thank you Arianna, they definitely took some work haha!

    Candice Sandler

    March 31, 2019Reply

    This sounds like a must have item

    Candice x


    March 31, 2019Reply

    Your brows look beautiful. Defined but still very natural, I love them. Definitely a very convenient treatment, too, when it comes to getting ready for the day.

    Paula | Thirteen Thoughts


      April 1, 2019Reply

      Thank you Paula! Agreed it’s really convenient, I’m about 10 days into the treatment now and I’m still able to just use the Boy Brow as the tint is lasting so well


    April 1, 2019Reply

    Thank you Anika, if you do try it let me know!

    Lisa Autumn

    April 1, 2019Reply

    OMG your brows look amazing!

    x Lisa |


      April 7, 2019Reply

      Aw thank you Lisa!


    April 1, 2019Reply

    Brows definitely help to frame the face and transform any look! This treatment looks really natural as well which is so nice! x


      April 7, 2019Reply

      Thank you, they make such a difference don’t they!

    Charlotte Lane

    May 16, 2019Reply

    Your brows look amazing!! HD Brows is never something I had considered before, but your post has made me want to look into having it done xo

    Char |


      May 18, 2019Reply

      Thank you lovely! It’s definitely my favourite treatment x

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