Why I’m Sticking With A Capsule Wardrobe.

Finding my style has definitely been a journey, in my teenage years I would go from tracksuits to pleated skirts in a matter of days and constantly moan that “I had nothing to wear.” Fast forward to my early twenties and I feel like I’ve finally found some staples I love, yes I do still have those moments where I feel uninspired, and I’m sure my style will change again and again. Having a streamlined wardrobe with key pieces has made me really passionate about style, and it’s so nice to wear clothes that make me feel good.

It was around November 2017 that I really started thinking about stripping back my wardrobe. I was saving for my wedding and a move to a new city so buying clothes just wasn’t a priority, and I noticed I would wear the same things over and over (with a wash inbetween, obvs). Around the same time I came across the capsule wardrobe concept, which to be completely honest I don’t follow to a t, but I love the ideas it presents around buying clothes and style. From then, every time I bought something it was thought out, I really looked at the clothes I was wearing most in my wardrobe to help me find gaps. I had a mass clear out and my wardrobe looked bare but I loved everything so it made getting ready in the morning 10x easier. Looking back at 2018, I think every single thing I bought (possibly bar one or two random buys) will get worn at some point. 

I had a mass clear out and my wardrobe looked bare but I loved everything so it made getting ready in the morning 10x easier

1) Every single thing I own is exciting
Yes, right down to the £3.99 H&M basics t-shirt that’s bringing me all the joy right now. Because I’m only buying things when I think I really need them, it’s stress free and so much nicer than panic buying. I think another reason is that I’m actually able to spend a little more on the clothes I do buy and shop from brands I find inspiring (& Other Stories, I’m looking at you!).

2) Most items work really well together

Once I started noticing a pattern in the type of clothes I wear most, I’ve been able to buy around that and now I can build so many outfits around one thing. I think this definitely comes down to owning staples too, my wardrobe is quite neutral with the odd statement piece thrown in and it’s always the basics I can build my outfits on.

3) It’s helping me really find my style and the type of clothes I gravitate towards

With my wardrobe being stripped of anything I don’t like/ wear (anything that’s not seasonally appropriate I take out and keep in storage) it’s easy to see what kind style of clothes I feel best in. In the winter it’s cosy jumpers, a staple pair of black boots and jeans. I think during the warmer months this year I’ll be building on my summer staples and figuring out what my wardrobe is missing.

4) Able to invest in better quality pieces and shop in my favourites stores

I’ve mentioned it briefly, but now I’m buying clothes with the intention of wearing them year after year and because I’m buying less I can spend more on individual pieces. I used to buy quite a lot from sales “because it was a bargain” and granted some things would be good, but the majority of the time I would buy them and wear them once (or worse still, never at all). Now if I see something I would absolutely love to buy but think it’s a little steep in price I use shoptagr  (not sponsored, I just think it’s amazing), it sends email updates to say when something has had a price reduction and back in stock in my size! I find with this I’m more likely to wait to buy the thing I really want, rather than buy an alternative I don’t like as much.

5) I’ve experimented with style and made the most out of each individual pieces

When you don’t have much you definitely have to be even more creative with styling. An example is the cream jumper pictured from ASOS, not only can I wear this in the winter, but I can definitely see this worn  denim shorts and trainers in the summer. I have worn the coat I’m wearing just to go shopping, then styled it up with smarter pieces and worn it to a formal occasion. It’s really made me experiment and realise you don’t need a wardrobe packed with clothes to feel your best everyday.

Shop the outfit

If you’re looking to downsize your wardrobe I hope this has been useful! I honestly feel like it makes my everyday life so much easier and I’m enjoying style more than ever before.

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    February 14, 2019Reply

    I really want to work on creating a capsule wardrobe, I keep buying useless pieces and its unethical and also costs a lot!

    Lucy | Forever September


      February 14, 2019Reply

      I’m definitely still in the process of getting to grips with it but it’s made such a difference! Definitely recommend x


    February 14, 2019Reply

    Capsule wardrobe is such a great idea and, even though I have much more stuff than just the essential classic pieces in my wardrobe, I know that every single piece is being worn whenever weather allows it. I do still have those “I have nothing to wear”-days but I guess we’ll never get rid of those. x

    Teresa |


      February 16, 2019Reply

      It’s amazing how much it makes a difference really isn’t it?! x


    February 14, 2019Reply

    I started doing this when I started saving for a flat too, and then I realised just how many clothes I had that I wasn’t wearing and that often I was buying for the sake of it! I really rarely buy clothes now, every now and again of course, but it’s nice to have that extra money and to not feel guilty for shopping constantly. xx

    Jessie |


      February 16, 2019Reply

      Definitely! I also find shopping/ browsing for clothes online really time consuming so I’ve been able to cut down in that too! x

    Flo la vita

    February 16, 2019Reply

    Absolutely love this outfit! The beret is beaut xx


      February 16, 2019Reply

      Thanks so much! Glad you like it 🙂

    Danielle Alexa

    February 16, 2019Reply

    I love my capsule wardrobe, it took some building, but I am at a point where I am so happy with what I have!

    Danielle xx


      February 17, 2019Reply

      It’s definitely a process isn’t it, glad to hear you’re enjoying it too 🙂


    February 17, 2019Reply

    Great blog post! I agree that capsule wardrobes are the way to go. Also, it’s so cool that you mentioned Shoptagr!! <3


      February 17, 2019Reply

      Thank you! I have been using it for a while now so couldn’t not include it 🙂

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