My Style Plan For Spring 2019.

I know it sounds a bit far fetched to have a “style plan,” but to break that down, I’m basically in that process of thinking about what my wardrobe is missing for spring, what I can transition over from my winter wardrobe and what styles/ outfits I’m feeling inspired by – it’s been way over 10 degrees this past week so surely it’s time? I’ve had a quick peek at the lighter clothes stored away under the bed in the spare room, some of it will definitely be getting recycled this year, but I feel like I’ve moved towards more of a minimal style of dressing, so possibly quite a few pieces will be finding a new home but I’m so excited to finally be able to leave the house and not think a hat, scarf, gloves etc…

Gathering Inspiration

Instagram hasn’t got much right over the past few years, but what a bloomin marvellous creation the saved feature is, that and Pinterest are the main sources of inspiration I use for how I want to dress for the coming season. If the same kinds of outfits keep cropping up I’ll make a note of it and see what I already have in my wardrobe to recreate the look, if there’s something missing I’ll think about making a purchase. I used to spend hours scrolling through ASOS for inspo but found it actually to be a waste of time (and annoying that all of the good stuff is often out of stock in my size). I’ve created a Minimalist Spring Style pinterest board and already I’m seeing the same kind of outfits coming up – midi skirts, blue demin and blazers seem to be my most loved.

Bringing back old favourites

Although some of last years clothes aren’t looking their best, there’s definitely some things that will be making a come back. I’ve included a couple of photos of outfits I loved last spring/ summer below. The khaki trousers are possibly one of my favourite buys, they look amazing with sandals or trainers and I just love how high waisted they are. I also loved the Miss Selfridge jumpsuit which I know I’ll get so much use out of again this year. Possibly one of the best things I’ve found since switching my clothes out seasonally is that you actually forget what you have, it feels like shopping for new clothes when you bring them all out again – winning!

Autumn/ winter favourites I’ll be keeping out

The beauty of a minimalist wardrobe is that so many pieces cross over into each season. My ASOS Farleigh jeans are staying, absolutely no way they’re getting put in storage. Another favourite that can stay out is this jumper. I’ve worn it layered in the winter months but I can see this pairing nicely with some lighter denim for the cooler spring days. I’ll definitely still be wearing black ankle boots as we go into spring, my Vagabond boots will probably be the ones I reach for most.


Looking online to fill the gaps

This is the process I’m at now, I’ve got a boozy brunch coming up on the 1st of March and it’s the first time in a while I’m thinking shit, I really don’t have anything I want to wear for this. I need to buy something that will see me through any smart casual occasions. This skirt from Warehouse although pretty trend lead (I mean it’s the closest thing I’ve found to the infamous *and bloody expensive* Realisation Par dress everyone has) will slot into my current wardrobe perfectly – and dressed up with heeled boots and jewellery I feel like it could be perfect for a boozy brunch. I definitely won’t be buying everything at once and it will be more of a gradual thing, I spotted this blazer from H&M and I’m in love, I have been after the perfect camel blazer for a while and it’s only £39.99 (& Other Stories have had a beaut one, but it was £150).


Buying less

Ultimately I’m doing this whole process so I buy less. I love style and fashion so I definitely don’t find it easy not to want everything and test out every trend under the sun, but I’ve definitely learnt it’s all about being a little more selective.

Are you thinking about your spring wardrobe yet? (or have I gone absolutely mad?)


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    February 21, 2019Reply

    I’ve also been thinking about my spring style. I can’t lie… I’ve already started shopping for it! I get the struggle with not wanting to buy more but it’s so hard! Everywhere I look there’s something I think I need!❤️

    Arianna |


      February 24, 2019Reply

      Ahh there’s nothing wrong with being organised! x


    February 22, 2019Reply

    Haha, I wouldn’t say you’re mad, or if you are we’re all mad. I sure think ahead when it comes to all things style. Winter is such a boring time cause all nice outfits get covered under jackets and thick jumpers and all so come Spring I can’t wait to get to rock my favourite outfits! And heels!!

    Teresa | 💫


      February 24, 2019Reply

      Couldn’t agree with you more!


    February 22, 2019Reply

    These photos are lovely Jodie!


      February 24, 2019Reply

      Thanks so much Charlotte! x


    February 22, 2019Reply

    I love going back and shopping my wardrobe that’s been packed away for months, it’s the best! Thanks for all the lovely spring outfit inspo. I love that Miss Selfridge jumpsuit!

    – Georgia |


      February 24, 2019Reply

      Aw thank you! I love the jumpsuit too, will definitely be getting lots of use out of it this year too!

    Danielle Alexa

    February 23, 2019Reply

    Buying less is something that I really am trying to do this year!

    Danielle xx


      February 24, 2019Reply

      I’m really loving it 🙂


    February 24, 2019Reply

    I love this post! I definitely need to do something similar and work out what I’ll be taking with me into the next season as well as what I’m missing!

    Lauren |


      February 24, 2019Reply

      Thanks so much Lauren! x


    February 24, 2019Reply

    Oh I totally need to sit down and assess my wardrobe for spring. Love those green trousers you’ve mentioned in this post, I really want to break away from my jeans style rut…

    Michelle / Daisybutter


      February 27, 2019Reply

      Thank you Michelle, I’ve managed to wear them the past few days it’s been so sunny! I think it’s so hard to break away from jeans!

    Charlotte Lane

    March 2, 2019Reply

    I love that Miss Selfridge Jumpsuit, especially how you’ve styled it! The Leopard Skirt from Warehouse you’ve linked is looovely too and I can imagine it looking fab on you 🙂 Always love your fashion/style posts Jodie xo

    Char |

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