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Interior Wishlist.

I’ve noticed a pattern, as soon as there’s a shift in the season I get this urge to have a change… My last post was my style plan for 2019, so I thought it was only fair to let my unhealthy obsession with interiors have a look in, and share what’s currently on my wishlist for our home. At the moment there’s a few things I’m gravitating towards, house plants, brass *anything, and the last few furniture bits needed to make things feel a little more complete. I’m wary of the fact we could be moving house soon, but I’m also hopeful that anything new can come with us and I’m buying things with a new space in mind too.

Decorative bits and bobs

I go through phases with this, sometimes I want a cleaner looking space then a week later the less bare the better. For affordable decorative accessories, Matalan and H&M have some amazing things at the moment. This planter from Matalan looks like it should be more than double the price! I also love this mirror from Urban Outfitters. I’m really into rattan, since buying this basket from IKEA last year. I’ve been lusting after anything and everything. I really want a rattan pouffe for the living room, I’m hoping when we move to get wooden floors and I really think it would look amazing, (just trying to convince my husband it’s a great investment) I really like this one from John Lewis.


House plants

So, last week I discovered that eBay actually have some amazing house plants, pretty much all of the fancy ones that seem to only be sold in London… I’m waiting on the arrival of this Fiddle Leaf Fig, feel like it was a dangerous thing to discover them and I’m going to be living in a jungle soon, but I’m ok with that. I’m also debating ordering this Chinese money plant from Waitrose for my office, I think they look amazing and make the perfect little plant for a work surface.


One of the main things we need to is a full length or floor standing mirror, with it being a bit more of an investment I really want to wait for the perfect thing to come up. I did have something wider in mind, but I spotted this on Cult Furniture and I’ve fallen in love. I’ve bookmarked it so if I haven’t found anything else in the mean time I think I’ll be going for it. We also need a book case/ shelving unit in our living room, I’ve seen quite a few options on IKEA and John Lewis, but I really want to see them in person to see if it’s worth spending a little more!



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    February 24, 2019Reply

    OK, we don’t have the same taste as far as I can see, but if I were to decorate, I would definitely go for the same colors and tones. Beige and gold are so warm and homey and I also love blue and especially turquoise!

    xo Honey – blog Royal LifestyleTwitterInstagrampersonal blog Beehive


    February 25, 2019Reply

    I so want to change things up at my flat, but it is rented and comes with the furniture, so unless I find a place to store all of the dark toned furniture, I cannot buy aaaanything, which sucks big big time.
    But I love blue and gold together, I need to think something with that to change things up a bit!



      February 27, 2019Reply

      Ahh that’s so hard, I guess you just have to work with what you’ve got! We live in rented at the moment so we don’t want to do too much to the walls/ carpets but we definitely would if we could haha x


    February 25, 2019Reply

    I love adding plants around the house! I like having nature all around me❤️

    Arianna |


      February 27, 2019Reply

      It definitely makes a difference doesn’t it!? I love them


    February 26, 2019Reply

    i’m trying really hard to keep my plants alive! they are absolutely a delight in the living room!

    Cate // 35mminstyle


      February 27, 2019Reply

      Oh same, it’s a constant struggle haha! They’re definitely worth the hassle 🙂

    Lisa Autumn

    February 27, 2019Reply

    Oh I love the pink chair!

    x Lisa |


      March 1, 2019Reply

      Thanks Lisa, I love it so much!

    Charlotte Lane

    March 2, 2019Reply

    I loove finding new homeware bits, especially now I have my own home to decorate – yay! We got that basket from IKEA and I just love it, it’s such a great piece. You’ve picked some lovely bits Jodie xo

    Char |

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