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Beating The Winter Blues & Seeing The Good In Every Day.

Anyone else feeling a whole lot better now January is out of the way? I’m actually looking at it as a trial run for the year, a few weeks to get back into the swing of things. On paper it wasn’t the best month for me, a couple of shitty life things happened, and in a sense I honestly felt like I was muddling my way through. Knowing there’s nothing I could do about my situation, I just wanted to focus on trying to stay positive. It was definitely the little things I did throughout January that helped me make what could have been an awful month one that was not all that bad.

I’m starting to learn more about what actually makes me happy and the little things that lend themselves to  having a good day. I think it’s different for everyone, but for me it’s always simple things like waking up early and having a bit of time to eat my breakfast properly, or even crack on with emails if I want to. Or getting organised the night before and writing a to-do list for the following day so I don’t feel over-whelmed first thing. Putting these things into place makes focusing on the positive stuff a whole lot easier.

I know it sounds obvious, but when you make an effort to focus on the good, after a matter of time without even realising you continue to do it. Being naturally quite pessimistic I never in a million years thought I could look at a bad situation with optimism. I didn’t even believe it was possible! This mindset has definitely helped me get through times where I would have otherwise felt low, especially in the winter. The bitter cold and dark early mornings aren’t something I dwell on anymore, I can’t change them (unless I move to a hot country which I definitely considered when it was -4 last week!), so instead I’m focusing on all the good stuff, down to the simple things. It could literally be something as small as going for a coffee with a friend, but remembering that and feeling grateful for it some how manages to counteract anything that could make me feel down.

Since doing this, I’ve come realise that I’ve spent most of my life barely thinking about what I’m grateful for, and it’s something I’m adamant to change this year. I know this sounds wishy washy, and very “self help preachy book”, but every night I’ll think about 10 things I’m grateful for (some times I’ll write them down too). It ends the day on a high and you wake up feeling good too. It’s one of those things that took a while to become a part of my routine, but once I started properly I definitely noticed a positive difference, and I actually really enjoy documenting and looking back on good things that have happened. It’s one of the biggest things that’s helped me realise that although some aspects of life might not be so good, there’s still so much to focus on every day that is.

There are a couple of books/ podcasts that definitely deserve a mention. Spending more time reading in January felt pretty bloody amazing so I want to keep it up. Fearne Cotton Happy has been plastered all over my Instagram stories this month, so you know I’m loving that! It’s just so uplifting and has so many practical tips on how to be happy, the podcast is really good too! To understand more about gratitude The Magic and The Secret both by Rhonda Byrne are really good, I don’t follow everything they suggest but it’s a good start to understanding how much of a positive impact it can have.

Also, I can’t not mention An Edited Life. I’m actually really grateful for this sudden trend of cleaning and organisation, I definitely fall into the category of tidy space tidy mind and picking up some tips from An Edited Life has made my life easier, and “more edited”…

If January has taught me anything it’s do what makes me happiest and be grateful for what I have in life, it’s almost like a buffer to some of the shit life throws at you and helps me feel as good as possible every day.

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    Lauren Victoria

    February 6, 2019Reply

    I loved reading this post! It was so lovely and inspiring to read how you’re trying to live each day a little more grateful and positive. I really need to check out the Ferne Cotton Happy podcast. I’ve heard so many great things x

    Lauren |


      February 7, 2019Reply

      Thanks so much Lauren, so glad it’s been inspiring! Yes it’s such a good podcast x

    Danielle Alexa

    February 6, 2019Reply

    I loved reading this blog post, it was lovely to see something positive!

    Danielle xx


      February 7, 2019Reply

      Thanks so much Danielle!


    February 6, 2019Reply

    It’s is funny how the weather and temperature really can affect our moods! This was such a great post ❤️

    Arianna |


      February 7, 2019Reply

      I know, it makes such a difference doesn’t it!

    Charlotte Lane

    February 9, 2019Reply

    Ah Jodie, you’re so SO pretty! You look amazing in these photos and I adore your outfit. I’m usually on the pessimistic side too, so I need to start being more positive. I might try writing down what I’m grateful for each evening, as I like the idea of ending the day on a high and then waking up the following morning feeling better 🙂 xo

    Char |


      February 12, 2019Reply

      Aw Charlotte, thanks so much! Honestly taking note of it has really helped me, definitely a nice way to finish the day and feel good in the morning x

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