How To Make Old Clothes Feel New Again.

We’re all guilty of buying something new, wearing it once then getting shot of it a year or so later. There’s this thrill with buying something new, but I’ve been trying to have a sensible head on when it comes to clothes this year and rain back the hauls for a more curated wardrobe.
I’m no where near perfect and definitely haven’t got the capsule wardrobe thing down, but over the past year I’ve been trying to think more about what I buy, and how much I’ll actually wear it. I’ve found that I’m re-wearing things more than ever, and I’m the most comfortable I’ve ever been in my outfits. In a bid to be more sustainable, I wanted to share a few ways I make old clothes feel new again…

Get your clothing staples covered

Kind of cheating because you need to do this before, but I really think this is the key to me still loving the things I bought years ago. I’m not spending hundreds of pounds on single items, I’m just spending time thinking about what my wardrobe needs and what I’ll wear, then shopping for items I think will last. A couple of staples for me have been skinny black jeans, the Topshop JAMIE jeans are the perfect fit for me so I know I can throw those on and feel good. Another thing I’m really quite smitten with are my heeled black boots, I wear them with jeans, trousers, dresses, literally everything. I decided to go for real leather and they’re a dream.

Another thing with buying staple items is they’re so easy to style around current trends, I bought a leopard print shirt in September and I’ve been able to wear that with older items and that instantly makes them feel new again, you would never know they are years old!

If you really don’t love the clothes, clear them out!

Throughout my uni days I think my most common phrase was either “I could kill for a decent meal” or “I have nothing to wear.” Pre clear out when my wardrobe was jam packed with clothes I barely wore, any new purchases seemed to sink into the other things and I felt like I never had anything I liked to wear. It takes time and my wardrobe is still a work in progress, but selling or giving old clothes to charity that I know don’t work for me is one of the best things I’ve done to keep my wardrobe looking and feeling fresh. My rule is if I haven’t worn it for a year then it goes, or if I know I definitely still like the item I keep it and make sure to wear it that week (obviously it has to be seasonally appropriate). Something I did this year was take all summer clothes out of my wardrobe so it is just things I know I can wear, that’s also been a massive help.

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Use accessorise and jewellery

Accessories are still something my wardrobe is lacking, but I can’t believe how much they really do make a difference. Even by wearing a beret and a couple of necklaces, BOOM, you’ve got a new outfit. A dear favourite is my Topshop belt, I wear this with pretty much every pair of jeans and it really adds something and pulls an outfit together. One thing I always have out for the older months is scarfs, I haven’t bought a new one things year as I’m just re-wearing old favourites, I actually tend to go with printed designs because most of my coats are plain colour and I love the contrast. In terms of jewellery, a lot of the pieces I wear all year round. I’ve definitely become more of a gold jewellery wearer and I love layering gold necklaces over simple jumpers. Even just adding necklaces can add a bit of life to basic pieces.

Style the clothes differently to before, and experiment with one new piece

I definitely get stuck in a bit of a rut with some things, I find myself wearing certain pieces in the same way over and over. I’ve started layering more, pairing blouses with skirts instead of trousers, and although it sounds simple it’s made me absolutely love old clothes again. I have a red pair of trousers that I absolutely love and I’ve been wearing them with a black blouse instead of the usual black turtle neck jumper, and although it’s only a small difference they’ve quickly become something I love in my wardrobe again.

Look for style inspiration

Every season I have a good look on Pinterest and more often than not I feel inspired to wear something in my wardrobe that hasn’t seen day light in a year or so. Going back to the leopard print shirt, I put that into Pinterest and straight away seeing it styled up I got the iron out ready to wear again. I also love the Instagram saved feature for this, I’ve been saving style favourites for the past few months and it’s become a little mood board of my favourite/ dream outfits.

Do you have any tips on making old clothes feel new again?

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    Lauren Victoria

    December 23, 2018Reply

    I love these tips! They're so useful and a great guide to follow. I definitely like to add different accessories to an outfit to make it feel like a completely new look xLauren |


    December 24, 2018Reply

    I love this post so much!I want to be much more conscious about my spending this year so this post has definitely got me in the mood!xoxoJessThe Crown Wings | UK Travel & Lifestyle Blog

    Lisa Autumn

    December 24, 2018Reply

    Ahhh such amazing tips babe!x Lisa |

    Danielle Alexa

    December 26, 2018Reply

    So many great tips. I love to look for style inspiration, then I go for basics that I can integrate into lots of different outfits!Danielle xx


    December 30, 2018Reply

    For me, the biggest change came when I started buying pieces that will never go out of fashion. I get maybe 2 trendy pieces (if I really really like the trend) and the rest is all neutral to all times. Also, seeing everybody's styles on Instagram or wherever is just a huge help. I'm going out of my comfort zone now and I'm loving it!great post!xo Honey – blog Royal Lifestyle – Twitter – Instagram


    January 3, 2019Reply

    This was really helpful! I am so bad at buying things just because they seem cheap or I might not see it again. I never end up wearing them! I know I feel comfortable in so I need to buy more of those, then style them differently like you said. Thank you for sharing this! G

    Charlotte Lane

    January 6, 2019Reply

    I love this post! I always get stuck with what to wear and feel like I don’t have everything I need/want! I’m also all about comfort, so even if an outfit looks nice, but it’s not comfortable, I just won’t wear it! I definitely need to start experimenting more with what I’ve already got xo

    Char |

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