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2019 Goals.

And just like that, there’s only a couple of weeks left of 2018, can you believe it? It’s been a real whirlwind, which you’ll know if you read my 2018 in a nutshell post, but I’m feeling pretty focused for the future and ready to see what the new year brings. Don’t worry, this isn’t a “New Year, New Me” kinda post, but over the past few years I’ve loved documenting my goals and recognising them as things that I really can achieve, here’s what I’m hoping to tick off the list for 2019…

Develop my blog and YouTube channel

Quite a broad goal I know, but overall throughout next year I really want to make a few upgrades to my blog, YouTube and social channels in general. The first thing is to get a complete blog redesign and migrate over to WordPress. Yep – I’m finally saying goodbye to blogger! I want to make my blog a space I’m proud of again and feel motivated to post content, I really do feel like a complete redesign is exactly what it needs – a bit of botox for the blog if you like.

Advance in my career 

I’ve never been that person who knows exactly what they want to do, I’ve always just tried my best and gone with the flow. This past year it’s become pretty clear that my flow is marketing and something creative within that. I studied Psychology at uni and I’ve basically taught myself what I know to get to where I am now. I don’t think I could go back to a university style of learning and the pressure of essays, but, next year I would love to actually do some courses and qualifications in marketing to learn more.


Hire a photographer*
*aka someone other than Jay who will help me take photos, and someone I don’t feel like an absolute melon trying to get content with. If you’re in a city taking outfit photos it’s pretty much become the norm now, go to a smaller city or worse still a town and it’s definitely not. Basically, what I’m trying to say is there isn’t that may people out there who are willing to get involved and don’t still actually find blogging a bit weird. With that said living outside of London it makes it super difficult to find a photographer/ someone to help, but I’m keen to try it next year.

Rejoin a gym
Keeping fit has been something I’ve actually enjoyed over the past few years, I quite liked my gym routine when I lived in North Wales and found myself getting stronger and happy with where I was. When I moved to Lincoln I signed up to a pretty awful gym that just wasn’t for me and it’s completely ruined any kind of routine I had before, I don’t even want to think about how unfit I am right now. In the New Year especially with Jay working away Monday to Friday until summer I’m going to sign up to a proper gym with classes, a pool and sauna and really make it a part of my routine again.

Be grateful for what I have and keep a gratitude journal
This is my biggest goal for 2019 and something I’m really focused on. Not that I wasn’t grateful before, but when I consciously start thinking about the things in my life that I love, and feel really grateful to have, it changes my perspective and mindset better than anything. I’ve definitely become a more positive thinker overall this past year, but of-course I still have my moments, so putting this into a journal everyday is the perfect reminder to see the good in every day – even those days that really do feel like the worst.

2018 has been a year I’ll never forget for so many reasons, I’m excited to see what my new blog design and consistent posting on my YouTube channel will bring in 2019.

Have you thought about any goals for 2019 yet?

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    Lauren Victoria

    December 18, 2018Reply

    These are some great goals and ones that seem very attainable! Having a blog refresh is always a great way to kick start some inspiration and get the ball rolling with some new content. I'm definitely going to work on mine in the new year xLauren |

    Lisa Autumn

    December 18, 2018Reply

    Oh you got this girl!x Lisa |

    Teresa Maria

    December 18, 2018Reply

    Hiring a photographer is definitely high on my list of goals as well! It’s so difficult to get consistent photos when the photographer changes between every post. I hope I will be able to hire someone soon as well 🙂 xTeresa |


    December 19, 2018Reply

    These are some amazing goals! Every year I say I'm going to take my blog to the next level, but lately I feel like I've really started to up my game so fingers crossed that will continue in 2019!xoxoJessThe Crown Wings | UK Travel & Lifestyle Blog

    Danielle Alexa

    December 19, 2018Reply

    Such wonderful goals sweetie, I hope you achieve them all!Danielle xx

    Sophie Laetitia

    December 20, 2018Reply

    Loved reading this! These sound great goals. I too feel bad for asking my bf to take photos of me! I also love gratitude. I'm going to post my goals after my Blogmas has finished this year! I'm actually excited about 2019 and I'm feeling more positive about myself even though I am still struggling with ongoing anxiety!

    Lucy Alice

    December 24, 2018Reply

    I absolutely love reading through people's goals for the year, its so refreshing! I also want to advance my blog next year too, a goal I always set! I hope you find some luck in finding a photographer, if I lived further up north I'd definitely help but I'm just outside of London!Lucy | Forever September

    Anu A.

    December 26, 2018Reply

    Great goals hun! I moved from Blogger to WordPress last year and it was the best decision! Starting a gratitute journal is something I want to start as well – there are so many little things that happen that I want to remember! XxAnu | Based On blog

    Charlotte Lane

    December 30, 2018Reply

    Ah I cannot wait to see your new blog design – it's going to be beautiful! I would 100% help you out with photography, if I wasn't so far away down South! I hope you manage to find someone that you feel comfortable with 🙂 xoChar |


    January 5, 2019Reply

    Good luck with all your goals! I’m hoping to improve my blog and photography this year! XX

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