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Not Stylish Enough To Be A Fashion Blogger.

Over the past two years I've dabbled with fashion and style posts, I like style and it's an element of my life I want to share. I'm just about getting over the awkwardness of posing in public and being starred at by strangers *just about* yet sometimes I can't help but feel like my everyday outfits are just not stylish enough to share with you guys...

It was this post by Hannah which spurred me on to write this. I know it's my little insecurities, anything goes on Instagram, but when you're in a sea of gorgeously bronzed bloggers that have a new designer bag every month it kind of makes you question things. I wear thermals under jumpers in the winter (M&S have a cracking selection if you're wondering), I don't always have gloriously tanned skin and my hair definitely doesn't look like I've just strolled out of a salon for every outfit photo. Admittedly I've tried to be more "fashion blogger esque" and it lasted about two weeks, I don't want to fake who I am for the sake of social media - you know?

In all honesty, most of the time I think f*ck it. I feel good in what I wear and enjoy a minimal more classic style of dressing with the odd fast fashion piece thrown in. Something I always strive for with my outfit posts and style content in general is being as natural as possible, I buy things I know I can wear with what I already have in my wardrobe and know I will hopefully love for a few years to come... I think this is possibly where the biggest difference comes in, I don't buy clothes thinking of how stylish they will look for the gram, I want things that will make me feel good but also be appropriate while I'm doing the Aldi food shop on a Sunday or going on a coffee date with my girls.

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When it comes to style content I definitely get the most out of creators who share their everyday - yes I can just pop to the shop wearing this - kinda outfits. For me style is about confidence, feeling good in what you like to wear and absolutely owning it. Honestly, I was close to not even sharing these photos or bothering to try and get outfit shots because (as you can see) it was one heck of a windy day, and as a result my hair does look a bit shoddy, but that's life, so windswept hair it is (plus it provided some entertainment when it came to editing, silver linings and all that)

*Quick disclaimer,  I'm really not throwing shade on fashion bloggers with this post, more confirming that it's ok to feel stylish and good in what you're wearing without following trends, having a room full of clothes or having the latest "it" bag*

I would love to know what you think about this? Do you get inspiration from fast fashion and looks that are on trend or prefer classic fashion pieces?

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  1. you look great Jodie! I've read Hannah's post and like her, I do feel like my style is too boring for a fashion blog but hey it is what it is and as long as I'm confident and comfortable with what I wear, then f*ck it aha x

  2. Absolutely loved this post Jodie and I completely agree. I'm certainly not a fashion blogger and I suck at posing for the camera to be honest haha but I'm okay with that and I'm more than happy to buy bits that go with what I already own and not just because it'll look good on the gram!

    Lucy | Forever September

  3. 100% Yes! I'm all about comfort: big cosy jumpers, a pair of jeans and converse pretty much every day!

    Zoey |

  4. Great post and an interesting subject! I also came to the conclusion couple years back that including more pictures of you makes your blog more appealing and, I guess, more relatable to the reader. I do try to put some effort into thinking about the outfits that I want photographed rather than just taking pictures of the same jeans-and-t-shirt combo every time. But then again I like to put some thought into my outfits anyway :) My hair is a constant issue, though... And I guess I'll never find out how to keep those escaping strands of hair under control.
    But I still think that as long as you have interesting content, not just pictures, that people want to see/read, you'll be just fine even if you're not wearing an Erdem dress paired with a Chanel bag. x

    Teresa |

  5. You always look gorge! I feel like that too, and the most annoying thing is when I have nice clothes on, there's no one to photograph it! I could never live that full fashion blogger lifestyle xx

    Jessie | allthingsbeautiful-x

  6. Thank you so much for taking inspiration from my post to write this Jodie, that honestly means the world as you inspire me so much! I completely agree with everything you say here, I think it's so important to remain true to yourself when posting outfit photos. I think it helps you to connect with your following a lot more that way as well. That's definitely something I admire about you, your photos are always so naturally beautiful and real! xx

    Hannah |

  7. You're kidding, right? Girl, I love your style and I always like the outfits! It's simple, everyday fashion which is available to most people, but look very well put together and awesome all together!
    I totally get it about not feeling good enough for this, not having the perfect poses or a professional photographer. I also get the weird looks you get. However, if you check my instagram, you'll see that I honestly don't care haha I feel a bit awkward, but never with my outfits. Now, I don't consider myself a fashion blogger, but I do put out a lot of photos of myself which obviously includes my outfits and if I like them, they're going public haha
    Don't ever stop posting your outfits because there are people (me) who love it! :*

    xo Honey - blog Royal Lifestyle - Twitter - Instagram

  8. You look absolutely bloody amazing girl and your style is so relatable!

    Danielle xx

    1. Thanks so much Danielle, pleased you think that!

  9. I do feel pressured to dress 'fashionably' as a blogger but I definitely dress for comfort and what I feel good in. I like outfits that are completely put together and are very 'Instagram' and 'blogger-ey' but I also like leggings and an old jumper or a really un-cool looking outfit because it is super comfy. Some days I'm put together and some days I'm embracing my quirky fashion taste and some days I have no fashion sense!

    Fatima x

    1. Definitely the best way to be, I think most bloggers are probably like this too - they just don't show it!

  10. I love this look, I'd love a blazer like that!

    Shelley x

  11. I loved reading this Jodie and totally agree! I always dabble with fashion but I hate how I look in photos because I don't look like the 'normal/usual' fashion blogger (which I'm totally jealous about haha..). I adore your style and think you look fab in everything you wear :) This post has inspired me to post more fashion content and not worry about it!xo

    Char |


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