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Being A Mindful Consumer And A Blogger.

For a while now I’ve been toying with the idea of covering this absolute minefield of a topic, and for some reason now felt like a good time. When it comes to blogging, content is needed (duh!) and often frivolous consumption of stuff comes with that, it makes life easier when you have new things to talk about and share… you know?

Keeping it real, of-course I get sent things. It’s a massive perk that I feel grateful for every time I get the chance to try something new. A lot of what I share I have bought with my own money, but trust me, if I’m wearing something and getting a photo whether it’s sent from a brand or not, it’s because I like it and want to share it with whoever is interested. I’ve made it a priority to be particular about who I work with, because I really don’t want to recommend something that I wouldn’t genuinely spend my own money on. I feel like recently, this has almost been lost in a sea of hauls sharing so many clothes that it’s just – well a bit crazy to be honest.

Lets talk about hauls…
I did one only the other week, it’s my most viewed video to date and it would appear people do just love seeing what people are wearing/ buying – I know I love binge watching them with a cup of tea and a couple of biscuits in tow. However, I feel as bloggers/ content creators sharing all of these things we have some responsibility to think about who engages with us and the kind of consumerism behaviour we are promoting by sharing all of this.

Of-course we’re not forcing anyone to do anything, if you genuinely like fast fashion and buying new things every week then just type Topshop Haul into your search bar and you’re good to go! For me, I’m starting to see a shift and it’s something I’m happy to welcome with open arms. People are speaking about consumerism more and how both inside, and outside of the blogging community it’s something we should probably all be a little bit mindful of. Honestly, I’m only just getting my head around it myself, but it’s something I’m passionate about and believe is actually really important to help promote… *note to self, wearing the same thing year after year is a good thing!*

From now on when it comes to my hauls, I’m going to be sharing less but styling more, showing exactly how I get the most out of one thing so I can wear it over and over without feeling the need for something new constantly.

How I’m being a more mindful consumer…
I started to notice, I didn’t love all that much sitting in my wardrobe. I wasn’t hanging anything properly, there was piles of shit every where, and with that I was loosing a love of style and getting ready became difficult (I had that panic moment multiple times when I was rushing around needing a quick outfit that would make me feel 10 out of 10… and it was no where to be seen!) Since being more mindful about what I’m buying I’m finding it easier to put outfits together that I truly love.

The first thing I’m doing is a regular wardrobe clear out. I actually have a video on this going live on Sunday, basically going through my wardrobe and looking at what I’m wearing and what’s collecting dust. Anything I’m not loving that’s still in good condition I’m either selling on depop or donating to charity. I’ve found having clear outs one of the best ways to see what I actually love in my wardrobe and like wearing, and also getting a little extra money to put towards anything new I might need.

It sounds simple, but I’m looking at what I reach for the most already and understanding more about my style by doing that. I’ve made so many impulse purchases in the past that have led to me wearing something once and never reaching for it again (is there anything more annoying?!). I’m also learning not to jump on the bandwagon for every single trend, an example of something this season is the silk skirt. They look absolutely amazing on everyone, but thinking about it would I really wear a silk skirt day to day? Probably not!

I know I could have delved into this topic even more than I have here, but honestly I wanted to test the water first before I go full force. How do you feel about hauls and consumerism in general?

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    Erin Azmir

    September 14, 2018Reply

    I don't buy that much clothing at all. I love restyling and using the same clothes so that's money saving just right there. However, I do love bags and shoes xerin x | oh, erin writes

    Jodie Loue

    September 14, 2018Reply

    Fast fashion is something I used to be obsessed over, now I much prefer the charity shops and depop to fulfil my need for clothes that are new to me. I'm glad it's being talked about because it really does harm the environment more than people realise!Jodie //

    Candice Petersen

    September 14, 2018Reply

    I think thats a brilliant ideaCandice | Natalya Amour


    September 14, 2018Reply

    This is such a useful post Jodie. I've really tried to look around for Autumn pieces that I genuinely love instead of just adding loads of items to my basket online! I often find I'm more likely to purchase something I'll only wear once online as opposed to in store. I'm also in need of a good wardrobe clear out as some of my clothes just don't make me feel that good anymore! xxHannah |

    Amber Gregory

    September 14, 2018Reply

    Definitely think that the showing how to maximise a piece or an item of clothing that you have purchased as part of a haul is a great way, not only for you, but for your viewers to see how you're getting your moneys worth from it, if that makes sense. Amber |

    Forever September

    September 14, 2018Reply

    Such a great post Jodie and I'm definitely seeing a shift in the way influencers are treating consumerism. Well, some anyway. Its definitely important to be aware of fast fashion and even ethical fashion. Its definitely something I want to be more educated on and I'm trying to work my way towards that!Lucy | Forever September

    Lisa Autumn

    September 15, 2018Reply

    SO IMPORTANT! loved the post babe!x Lisa |

    Danielle Alexa

    September 15, 2018Reply

    This is a change that I have been trying to make this year, it had made me much more careful about the items that I am buying and where they come from!Danielle xx

    Charlotte Lane

    September 18, 2018Reply

    Loved this post Jodie and I really need a catch up with your YouTube channel! I absolutely love watching clothing hauls – I need to start filming some myself xoChar |


    September 25, 2018Reply


    Jasmine Stewart

    November 6, 2018Reply

    I find fashion really difficult as it feels like you 'can't' wear anything that isn't current which definitely feeds into the consumerism, whereas most beauty products aren't LE, so you can talk about them regardless, though there are so many new launches constantly that everyone's trying to 'keep up with'. Interesting post!Jasmine xx Jasmine Talks Beauty

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