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5 Inspiring Podcasts.

Rewind to this time last year and I barely knew what a podcast was, now I love them! I listen to atleast a couple a week either on my way to work or while I’m pottering around the house – basically at any opportunity I get… There is nothing I love more than finishing an episode and feeling inspired, here are my favourites that I tend to turn to when I need a boost of motivation and need to get shit done.

Letters From A Hopeful Creative
It’s this one that inspired me to write a post, if you’re a “hopeful creative” or just a creative person in general and looking for inspo you need to get subscribed to this. I discovered the podcast when around 5 episodes had already been recorded and had a massive binge listen on a 3 hour drive home a couple of weeks back (best solo driving journey ever). The podcast is by Sara Tasker and Jen Carrington, they’re both so knowledgable, relatable and successful business women who share their answers to letters sent in by hopeful creatives. Topics covered include pricing, Instagram/ social media, productivity and taking the leap of faith and putting everything into your business.

At Home With

I’m sure you will all already know Anna and Lily, both are an inspiration to me when it comes to blogging and YouTube anyway, so when At Home With launched not only did it introduce me to podcasts and how amazing they actually are, but I was hooked! I wanted an episode a day not one a week… Their recent episode with Jules the founder of Isle of Paradise honestly filled me with joy, he’s such a positive person and hearing his journey and outlook on life made me do a cheesy grin mid way through my commute. Be prepared to have all the interior envy and want to redecorate your home each week too.

Take Fl1ght
I was introduced to Take Fl1ght by Mark Whittle when he interviewed Lydia Millen, of-course that was a seriously inspiring episode and a juicy hour and a half long so a good one to get into during a long drive home, but since discovering I’ve listened to every episode since. The podcast is basically Mark interviewing amazing people who are achieving their goals and standing out for the work they are doing. I’ve taken away practical tips that have helped me set goals and aided productivity, and it’s nice to hear success stories from a whole host of people in different industries.

Feel Better, Live More
A bit of a different one to the rest I’m mentioning, this one came up in my suggestions and I noticed there was an episode with Emma Willis (who I bloomin love) so I gave it a listen. It’s essentially about health and how to live a healthy lifestyle easily. I studied Psychology at uni, and being the absolute geek I am I love leaning about the links between physical and mental health. Some of the guests on the podcast have done some incredible reasearch, I find it so inspiring and it definitely makes me think a little more about what I eat (atleast for a day or two anyway…)

Hashtag Authentic
Finally, another OG podcast that I started listening to a while back. It’s hosted by Sara Tasker (aka insta queen) who co-hosts Letters From A Hopeful Creative mentioned earlier. If you’re looking for advise when it comes to using Instagram in a business sense, look no further. Honestly I’ve learnt so much from listening to this over the past year, as the name suggests it’s all about being authentic on social media which is something I aspire to achieve every time I post. I love her ethos and how she’s managed to grow such an amazing following and community.

So, they’re a few of my favourites when it comes to feeling inspired… Do you have a favourite podcast?

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    Jodie Loue

    September 7, 2018Reply

    At Home with is one of my favourite podcasts, Lily and Anna are definitely inspirations. One of my favourites is Couples Therapy, I love listening to Casey's and Candice's outlook on life and they have a way with words, that's for sure!Jodie //

    Lisa Autumn

    September 7, 2018Reply

    Oh I just love At Home With! I'll be on a lot of train and plane journeys over the next few weeks so I'll be downloading the ones you mentioned.. thank you!x Lisa |

    Forever September

    September 7, 2018Reply

    I've been trying to find a new podcast to listen to, I really enjoyed Fearne Cotton's podcast, especially the one with Matt Haig! I love the sound of Letters From A Hopeful Creative!Lucy | Forever September

    Natasha and Emily

    September 7, 2018Reply

    Great recommendations, thank you. I love Anna and Lily so I really do need to listen to At home with, I just haven't got round to it yet 🙂 xNatasha | Twice the Talk


    September 7, 2018Reply

    Thanks for the recommendations! xxx

    Hannah Cao

    September 7, 2018Reply

    Ahhh need to start listening to these! Thanks for the recs!Hannah [ stained tale ]

    Izzy K

    September 7, 2018Reply

    I love a good podcast so thanks for sharing :)


    September 7, 2018Reply

    I know this might be completely out of topic, but I'm loving your nail polish! <

    Lauren Victoria

    September 8, 2018Reply

    I've really been getting into podcasts lately! They're such a lovely and inspiring thing to listen to. I love the Letters From A Hopeful Creative podcast at the moment. It's one of my favourites xLauren |

    Danielle Alexa

    September 8, 2018Reply

    I am obsessed with listening to podcasts at the moment!Danielle xx


    September 8, 2018Reply

    At Home With is one of my favourites too! Recently I've been also loving The Influencer Podcast, definitely recommend that for some amazing blogging tips! xx

    Charlotte Lane

    September 13, 2018Reply

    I've still never listened to a podcast! I must see what all the fuss is about. Letters From a Hopeful Creative sounds super interesting xoChar |


    September 15, 2018Reply

    Firstly I absolutely love this photograph and although probably not very sophisticated, I adore My Dad Wrote a Porno podcast! Lily |

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