My Natural Makeup Look.

When it comes to makeup during the summer months I tend to keep it pretty natural looking – no, we’re not usually blessed with a heatwave – but anything over 18 degrees and the thought of wearing heavy makeup terrifies me. I thought it was about time I shared my natural makeup look and essentials, I’m opting for a light foundation, cream products and a new lip combo that gives me naturally fuller and even looking lips … The kinda makeup that insinuates that I’m blessed with good skin and wake up with perfected brow.
To achieve my natural makeup look, I browsed the House of Fraser makeup range, to find all my must have products. I have a primer and foundation favourite to share that create a perfect, lightweight summer base favourites, and shock, they’re both from Charlotte Tilbury. I start off by using the Charlotte Tilbury Wonderglow Primer, even worn alone this looks beautiful and just leaves my skin looking a little more healthy and less dull. Paired with the Light Wonder Foundation for added coverage I don’t think I have ever used a better combo for the long hot summer days. It’s a light coverage foundation, so it really does look like my skin – just with a more even tone and healthy glow! 

My main problem area that I want to cover is the blueness in the inner corners of my eyes, it’s hereditary unfortunately and no amount of skincare is going to get rid of it. One thing I’ve found to help massively whilst still looking natural is the Bobbi Brown Creamy Corrector. I have the shade light to medium bisque, and it’s made such a difference to my routine! I don’t wear concealer around my eyes anymore because this just does exactly what a heavier concealer did for me before.

Before applying a powder I like to add a little colour to my cheeks, another completely new kind of product to my makeup routine is a cream concealer, and I have been loving the Stila Cream. I feel like it’s one of those OG beauty products that people used to love and rave about back in the day, and I don’t know why people have stopped! I have this in the shade lillium, a little definitely goes a long way but blended out it leaves a beautiful natural looking sheen of colour, it finishes off a natural makeup look perfectly.

I do get a slightly oily t-zone which definitely can’t go without being set. I have been reaching for the Charlotte Tilbury Airbrush Flawless powder. It’s one of the only compact powders I have, usually I much prefer the finish of a loose powder, but this is so finely milled and it’s sits well on my skin. It doesn’t look cakey at all and just stops certain areas looking more oily than glowy. I don’t actually feel the need to apply highlighter when I wear “no makeup makeup”, but you can shop the highlighter range from House of Fraser if you want even more of a glow (one of my favourites is the Film Star bronzer and glow palette from CT).

My brows are definitely the thing that takes the longest in my routine, when my tint is on it’s last legs and I have some work to do it can take up to 5 minutes! To achieve natural looking brows I have to use something with a small nib so I can imitate hair strokes, the Benefit Precisely My Brow Pencil is amazing for this, it has a spoolie on one end to comb through the brows and the product on the other, I switch between the two constantly to distribute the products and create natural looking brows (that are in fact actually filled in to within an inch of their life). For my eyes I actually love just curling my lashes and leaving it at that, but recently I have been applying a teeny weeny amount of the Charlotte Tilbury Legendary Lashes Volume 2. The formulation of this is quite dry which makes it perfect to apply a small amount and achieve fluffy lashes that aren’t thick with product.

For lips I’ve gone right out of my comfort zone – that was a lie, but, I have been using a true nude rather than a nude/ pink, so there’s that! The Charlotte Tilbury Iconic Nude lip liner is a new favourite, like all of the lip cheats the slightly creamy formulation makes a softer line around the lips for a more natural looking finish overall. I have been using this with the Dior Lip Sugar Scrub and it’s the perfect natural looking lip combo.

Some days I just like wearing a minimal makeup look, it’s not high maintenance so perfect for work when I don’t have time to touch up, and it frees up some time in the morning. This routine takes me about 7 minutes and then I’m done!

I’m so pleased to have collaborated with House of Fraser on this post, they have an insane selection of makeup and skincare from my absolute favourite brands. 

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23 responses to “My Natural Makeup Look.”

  1. Izzy K says:

    You literally look like you're glowing and radiating in these pictures, your skin looks super healthy. Anything Charlotte Tilbury is a yes from me!http://izzyk1998.blogspot.com

    • Jodie Melissa says:

      Aw Izzy, such a lovely comment, thank you! My skin has definitely improved over the past 6 months to the point where I feel comfortable wearing minimal makeup. Same girl, Charlotte Tilbury obsessed!

  2. Madison Williams says:

    So gorgeous and natural! It always takes me ages to do my eyebrows too, especially if they need doing! xxx

  3. Candice Petersen says:

    I've been wanting to try Clinique productsCandice | Natalya Amour

    • Jodie Melissa says:

      Honestly the Clinique balm has changed my skincare routine, so quick to remove every trace of makeup!

  4. Caroline Malone says:

    Absolutely love this natural makeup, it looks so effortless on you and it really is a proper natural makeup look too. I need to get my hands on a CT lipliner as I adore their lipsticks but am yet to actually try one of their liners

  5. Lucy Cole says:

    This is such a pretty natural look! I'd love to try the Bobbi Brown concealer.Lucy |

  6. Lisa Autumn says:

    I am just obsessed with CT products! x Lisa |

  7. Arianna says:

    That foundation sounds amazing! Loved the look, so pretty!🎀💕Arianna |

  8. Gemma Louise says:

    I always love how natural your brows look, I need to invest in the CT powder! xx

    • Jodie Melissa says:

      Thank you Gemma! I've started tinting them and it makes such a difference. It's really nice, worth the hype! x

  9. Leanne Page says:

    That CT Foundation is perfect for summer. I also love the powder

    • Jodie Melissa says:

      Ahh I always remember you raving about the powder! It's so nice, annoyed at myself for not trying it sooner!

  10. Danielle Alexa says:

    I didn't know whether to try the Charlotte Tilbury Legendary Lashes Volume 2, simple because of how much the first one transferred on me!Danielle xx

    • Jodie Melissa says:

      I think it's quite new, that's so annoying. I do get transfer with some mascaras but I didn't with this!

  11. Annie says:

    Love your natural makeup look! You're so so pretty! <

  12. Charlotte Lane says:

    You're so naturally pretty Jodie and this makeup look is lovely and fresh! I really need to expand my CT collection (I only own the iconic Pillow Talk duo!) and I love the sound of the two base products xoChar |

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