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Why Blogging Isn’t My Full Time Job.

I don’t think anyone could have predicted that a whole industry would be formed out of blogging, YouTube, content creation (whatever you like to call it) – I certainly didn’t. At the end of April I was faced with a choice, do I create a full time job out what I do online or do I find another full time role and stick with that for now? As you can tell by the title, I went with the latter, and I thought I would share why…

Since about the age of thirteen I have wrote some form of blog (definitely as shoddy as anything back then, and probably featured dream matte mousse) it really has been a hobby for me longer than a way to make money. I realised this the most when I gave myself a two week trial at going full time, my love for it started to fade and it reminded me of why I starting blogging in the first place – to write/ share my thoughts and feelings in an honest way.

I was approached by a laundry brand during those two weeks, they offered me a pretty decent amount of money that would have covered more than one third of the wage I would need to make to live comfortably that month. I said yes, then instantly had this feeling in my stomach that it just wasn’t right, I felt sad that I had said yes to something like that – who the hell wants to see me posing with a bag of washing tablets?! I decided to decline that in the end and start the search for a job outside of blogging.

I’ve got into the habit of listening to podcasts on the way to work, and I came across one of Lydia Millen speaking about her experiences as a full time content creator. During the podcast she says “you can’t buy back integrity”, and as soon as I heard that I knew I had made the right decision. I was honest with myself and knew I wasn’t getting enough paid work from brands I truly care about to dedicate myself to it just yet. I also thought about how I feel when I see someone online promote something that isn’t really relevant/ feels a bit icky. I can’t think of a better way to describe but it leaves me cringing and feeling a bit awkward for them – you know?!

It can be difficult saying no to opportunities, there are so many platforms that make it easy to just post a photo and make a bit of money there and then. It all boils down to authenticity, being true to myself and actually thinking about whether I would feel proud or a little bit embarrassed promoting a certain product/ brand.

Admittedly in the beginning I made the mistake of accepting PR samples for products I wasn’t that bothered about and then feel obliged to give them a mention because I felt bad. It’s not a nice feeling and something I’ve learnt from, and I’m taking the same approach with paid opportunities too. It feels good to have no restrictions and be in a position where I can turn down every paid opportunity if I want to, until I feel like I’m getting enough brands I love contacting me, I’m going to continue just dedicating my evenings and weekends to creating content.

So, I definitely haven’t ruled out doing all of this full time – to be honest it would be a dream. But for now this really is just a hobby, and if you see me working with a brand or mentioning them it’s because I love them, whether it’s a pr sample, paid for opportunity or purchased with my own money. I feel a little nervous about this post, speaking about money and authenticity is unfortunately  controversial but I feel like slowly bloggers and the industry as a whole is starting to get a bad name for itself and I’m not here for that.

What are your thoughts on blogging/ authenticity?


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    Gemma Louise

    July 1, 2018Reply

    I really admire you for posting this, there's nothing better than bloggers who are honest about everything! As someone who does it full time I can really appreciate where you're coming from and I feel the same way sometimes. I felt almost forced into full time blogging if I'm honest, I do feel really lucky that I am able to do it and it's one of the best jobs I could hope for, but because my options are so limited with being a stay at home mum it was pretty much a must do financially for me… I turn down so many opportunities because I don't want to become fake but I've also allowed myself to not stick to a specific niche so I can try out new things too because I find it does get so boring accepting the same collabs allllll the time. It definitely boils down to only accepting opportunities that you feel you can actually relate to and work into your life and I think I've found a good balance now but I don't know if this is a forever job to be honest as I do miss it just being a hobby! xxGemma Louise

      Jodie Melissa

      July 2, 2018Reply

      I guess there's just more pressure when it isn't a hobby to make an actual wage. It's so nice for me to see how well it's going for you though, it's definitely encouraging to me to work towards making it more of a career rather than hobby. Definitely agree with accepting things that are relatable, I guess it's that thing of if it isn't relatable for us then it won't be for the people that engage with our content! xx

    Frances Hemmant

    July 1, 2018Reply

    This was an amazing post, Jodie!! I definitely agree it is the best thing to stay true to yourself and only take brand collars that fit well with your brand. I love all of your content, and can't wait to see what else is to come from you in the future. Hope you're loving your new job too! xx

      Jodie Melissa

      July 2, 2018Reply

      Thank you so much! I've been writing it since last week I found it difficult to get my point across exactly! That honestly means the world, fingers crossed I will get to a point where I can actually do this as a part time job atleast and still work with brands I love. New job is going well thank you, we still need that coffee date when you are next in Lincoln xxx


    July 1, 2018Reply

    I always enjoy your posts. You come across as so real and truthful! It’s so important to stay true to yourself and I feel like you always are 💕

    The Makeup Aficionado

    July 1, 2018Reply

    This is the exact reason I do not see myself being a full time blogger. If I was ever in a situation where I could work part time because my blog has taken off, great. Other than that I don't want to put the pressures of making a living off blogging and finding it to become a type of stress rather than a pure joy.

    Candice Petersen

    July 2, 2018Reply

    I definitely couldn't do blogging full time sadly I dont make any money from it Candice | Natalya Amour

    Bry Jaimea

    July 2, 2018Reply

    It is so important not to lose yourself in the money, and remain true to who you are. Glad you're behing honest and continue to bring us your gorgeous content x

    Charlotte Morgan

    July 2, 2018Reply

    I'm completely with you on this and it's definitely a subject I've ummed and arred over many times previous. With the way my blog is going at the moment it's definite to say that although I love blogging I do have to remember that it is a hobby and not my full time job, which is where I struggle but also having the financial security of a job is something i'll never take for granted!Fab post xx

    Lisa Autumn

    July 2, 2018Reply

    Such an honest and motivating post babe! Well done!x Lisa |

    Madison Williams

    July 2, 2018Reply

    This is a lovely honest blog post, sometimes I feel that bloggers get it so right with paid for operunities and other times I'm left feeling like, what have I just seen! haha. I completely understand your reasons for not going full time but love how honest you have been! x

    Yasmina Magdy

    July 2, 2018Reply

    I would love to be able to blog full time, it would be a dream come true but then I like having a stability of a job. I completely understand your reasons for not going full time with it and it is really admirable. Yes it's nice to have amazing opportunities come to you but it's better to stick with your values and what your readers will enjoy too 🙂 xxYasmina | The July Journal

    Caterina Petrucci

    July 2, 2018Reply

    thanks for sharing! and i agree with you. writing of what we love goes directly to accepting sponsored post or products of brands we value. hope you have found a full-time job you enjoy <3xx from italyCate ღ 35mm in Style

    I am LZ

    July 3, 2018Reply

    Keep blogging, I love to read everything on your blog..I also part-time blogger, I enjoy blogging..xoxoI am LZ | Lady In Red Planner

    Mel Eaglestone

    July 3, 2018Reply

    There's nothing wrong with embracing blogging as a hobby, after all it isn't a job for everyone and treating it as such can take the fun out of it like you discovered.Mel ★

    Prettiful Blog

    July 3, 2018Reply

    You put this so well! I feel exactly the same!

    Jessie-Ann Lewis

    July 3, 2018Reply

    I love this so much. Being true to yourself is so important. I also wrote a post on this a little while back about why I couldn't blog full time (although I would never be able to make a living out of it as I don't have any collabs on the horizon haha!). I would lose the love I have for it. You wrote this so well 🙂 xxJessie | allthingsbeautiful-x

    Danielle Alexa

    July 4, 2018Reply

    I really did love reading this blog post because I feel like so much of what you said is the same for myself. I get approached by so many different brands about collaborations, but they just don't suit me and I don't see how I could work it into my content and stay true to myself at the same time!Danielle xx


    July 7, 2018Reply

    Thank you for sharing this. It's so rare to see such transparency lately! I appreciate bloggers who take the time to share some insight to their struggles or other experiences while blogging. We can all learn a thing or two from each other. It's nice to hear that you choose to say no, rather than accept all the free PR samples! 🙈Jasmine |


    July 11, 2018Reply

    I love this post! I have thought about it (although I am nowhere near going full-time), but I don't think it would be right for me. All those sponsored posts, the waiting for payment… not for me. For

    Tenneil Allmark

    July 12, 2018Reply

    I absolutely love this post, Jodie, and I totally agree with everything you've said! Blogging is one of my biggest passions in life and there's nothing more I'd rather be doing with my time, but for the same reasons as you (as well as blogging not being as big an industry in Australia as it is in the UK), it's not my full time job either. Don't get me wrong, I've definitely thought about it, but I just don't think it's feasible to earn a full time wage without compromising on my integrity and my authenticity. It doesn't sit right with me when you see bloggers working with companies you know they'd never spend their own money on or that seem completely irrelevant to their brand, and I'd much rather have a separate job outside of my blog if it means I can create content that's honest, real, and me.I really commend you for turning down that washing tablet brand! Given how much you were going to be paid, I'm sure it wasn't an easy decision to make, but it was definitely the right one and it's an awesome feeling when you get to blog with your head held up high! They always say that when one door closes, another one opens, and you have a really lovely blog, so I have no doubt even better opportunities will come along your way soon. :)Tenneil | Like Neon Love

    Charlotte Lane

    July 18, 2018Reply

    I loved reading this post Jodie and couldn't agree more! I could never talk about something I didn't truly love and I always decline collaborations if they're not suited to me. I'm struggling with blogging as a hobby at the moment to be honest, so I'm not sure if I ever could do it full time!xoChar |

    Jasmine Stewart

    July 21, 2018Reply

    This is an interesting post. I do definitely agree that it must be a lot of pressure to be doing this full time as it can be feast or famine with opportunities (as a lot of it is seasonal) and you may have to do things you don't want to from time to time to pay the bills. It's hard to choose between integrity and having enough money to live for the month… For me it's primarily the fact that I don't see any personal growth / intellectual challenge from sitting at home doing something pretty much independently. I also love working with the people I do and couldn't imagine working from home entirely off my own steam with minimal socialising! There are also other boring financial reasons such as a consistent salary, the generous pension contributions from my company, my share plan, other dental / medical benefits etc. Jasmine xx Jasmine Talks Beauty


    August 7, 2018Reply

    Thank you so so much for sharing this. I'm just a small teenage blogger, but I think the same. I want my blog to be mine and fun. I don't think I could ever rely on it to pay for a lifestyle. Obviouslyit would be fun to get some income out of it. But having realised that it would never HAVE to be a full time career was so freeing! I'm so glad I'm not the only one that thinks this!Coco|

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