The Wedding Day Outfits.

If there’s one day you’ll feel the best you’ve ever felt, it’s your wedding day. Instead of just showing you my dress and doing a whole post on that, I wanted to include absolutely everything I wore, down to the veil, earrings and dressing gown I wore in the morning.

The morning of the wedding 
I was so unsure on what to actually get ready in, I wanted something comfortable but equally beautiful for the photos. The week before the wedding the weather was amazing which spurred me on to buy dressing gowns for me, the bridesmaids and my mum (a very last minute wedding purchase, I know). I honestly think dressings gowns are the way forward, they look nice in the photos and if you are having a summer wedding they are a good choice to stay cool. Another bonus that’s obvious but worth mentioning is how easy they are to take off, I wore my hair up and needed something that wouldn’t go over my head.

 The dressing gown I wore is from Dorothy Perkins, I can’t find it online anymore – typical, but I’ve linked some of my current favourites online now below. I went for this because of the mesh polka dots as my wedding dress has a similar design. As it was slightly see through I also wore a slip from Primark under it. I felt comfortable the whole morning and actually, I felt pretty nice wearing them too. My wedding dress had a built in bra so I didn’t have to worry about underwear for the day. As the dress was tight around my waist and bum I just wore simple, seamless underwear that was comfortable, I was in the dress for pretty much 12 hours so I thought about comfort quite a lot!

The dress and accessories 
I bought my wedding dress 11 months before the wedding at Brides of Chester. I really recommend buying from there if you are in the North West, the alterations team made the dress fit perfectly and the team in general are lovely. The brand is Pronovias and my dress is actually from their 2015 collection and was massively reduced. I thought I wanted something long sleeved at first, but everything I tried on I just wasn’t a massive fan of, they seemed to drown me almost. As soon as I tried this dress on I had butterflies and I just knew.

To go with the dress I did also buy a belt from Brides of Chester, the brand is Joyce Jackson, without the belt the dress just wasn’t complete for me, again something I managed to get reduced and I would have bought it full price! Something I didn’t realise before going wedding dress shopping is that there is a clearance section in most places, when I tried on my wedding dress I didn’t even know it was clearance and it was my absolute favourite.

For veil I wore the Paisley design from Britten Weddings. I was so unsure about what kind of veil to go for, but the paisley style has a beautiful floral design that complimented the dress perfectly. The quality and work that goes into each veil is pretty amazing, I can’t recommend Britten Weddings to any modern bride enough, such a supportive team with the best veil designs I’ve seen.

The shoes
I have wrote a full blog post about my wedding day shoes here. I went for a Ted Baker design and it was only up until about 8pm when they started to hurt. I lasted a solid 8 hours wearing them which is pretty amazing for me! They were the perfect heel height for me and unfortunately they are pretty filthy now from all the dancing. At about 8am I changed into some bridal havianas, to be honest I think a pair of white converse would have probably been a better option as my dress ended up dragging on the floor quite a lot (currently at the dry cleansers!).

The jewellery 
I kept my jewellery super simple as the dress had so much going on. The only bracelet I wore was one from ADORE, it’s a gorgeous circle design with swarovski crystals, I thought it was simple and dainty enough to compliment the dress and look pretty worn alone. For earrings there’s actually quite a funny story behind them. The night before the wedding my husbands auntie came and met up with us for a drink, and she was wearing the most beautiful pair of earrings. One thing lead to another and I ended up wearing them on my wedding day! I would never have thought to buy earrings with a slight drop, but I love the overall look and I’m so happy that moment happened. Without the earrings I think it could look a little plain at the top.

I think I’ve covered everything here! I really didn’t think I would wear a sleeveless dress with a neckline line this, but being open minded helped me find a dress I felt amazing in. I honestly wouldn’t change a thing about what I wore on my wedding day, I felt comfortable, myself and amazing to be completely honest – and that’s how every bride should feel!


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All photos are by our amazing wedding photographer Tom Calton.

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20 responses to “The Wedding Day Outfits.”

  1. Frankly Flawless - says:

    Loved reading this. Your dress is absolutely stunning

  2. Lauren Victoria says:

    You looked so stunning on your wedding day! Your dress is gorgeous and dressing gowns are such a good idea to just slip on and off with ease xLauren |

  3. Frankie Amelia says:

    I've enjoyed all of these posts so far, I think you should keep them up once a week after the 5 are done! The dressing gown you wore is so pretty and one you can wear again! It's so true about just feeling toratot yourself and comfortable on your wedding day, that's one thing I felt too and it just made me feel relaxed and ready for the day 💕

  4. Jessie-Ann Lewis says:

    You look absolutely beautiful! Your hair and makeup is just gorgeous and I absolutely love your dress. OBSESSED! xxJessie | allthingsbeautiful-x

  5. Beautylymin says:

    You look absolutely stunning! xxBeautylymin

  6. Danielle Alexa says:

    Your wedding dress was absolutely stunning. I would still wear it all of the time!Danielle xx

    • Jodie Melissa says:

      Aw Danielle, thank you! It's being cleaned at the moment so I haven't seen it since a couple of weeks after the wedding x

  7. Lisa Autumn says:

    OMG your dress is so dreamy! It's made for you babe!x Lisa |

  8. Arianna says:

    Everything about this look is stunning! You look absolutely beautiful!☺️💞

  9. Natalie Redman says:

    That dress is stunning! You looked gorgeous!

  10. Charlotte Lane says:

    I absolutely adore the last photo of you Jodie – you look absolutely beautiful! Your dress is so gorgeous and super flattering xoChar |

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