Becoming a More Positive Person.

Ever been called a pessimistic Polly or negative Nancy? I used to get it alllll the time! In response I would argue the fact that really I’m just a realist… Debatable
This year I’ve definitely started to open up more, and realised that actually you can’t sugar coat being a negative person, and there’s a huge difference between being a realist and gloomy af. Since the beginning of the year becoming more positive about everything in life is something I’ve been working on, so I thought I would share a few things that have helped me along the way.

I’ve spoken about this in a post I wrote earlier in the year on The Secret. Reading this and learning more about the law of attraction is really what started me off, and motivated me to change the way I was thinking about everything.

Being grateful
Honestly when I think about everything I have, and my life in general I can’t help but feel grateful, which in turn puts things into perspective for me. I think regardless of what situation you are in there is always a way to pull yourself out by being grateful for the things you do have, and focusing on those. I’ve found a good way of remembering to do this is by writing a list of 10 things I’m grateful for everyday, this has really helped me think about all the different areas in my life that are actually pretty bloomin’ amazing!

Socialising and cherishing relationships
I wouldn’t have initially associated this with positivity, but I really do think that having strong connections with family and friends is what makes it easy to live a positive life. There is no better feeling than knowing that people have your back.


Counteract a negative with a positive
At the beginning of the year when I decided I really wanted to change my response to situations, as soon as I had a negative thought I would instantly just think of something positive and good in my life. I think out of everything this has helped me the most, I don’t even have to think about being positive anymore, it’s like I’ve trained my brain to automatically look on the bright side of life – which for a ‘pessimistic Polly’ is a pretty big thing.

Only speak about positive things
Ok, if it’s something serious that’s really bothering me then of-course I’ll speak about it, but if it’s a passing comment and I would just be being negative for the sake of it then I try my best to just bite my tongue. I don’t know whether it’s a British thing but it seems like everyone has this fascination with being negative about the weather – why!? I’ve noticed when people speak positively it’s always a conversation 10x worth having, and I leave it feeling good.

I’m also trying to remember to smile (apart from when I’m in London, people automatically assume you fancy them when you smile there…) – but seriously, smiling makes you feel good and in a positive, uplifted mood!

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    July 22, 2018Reply

    These are some great tips! Especially the speaking of positive things one. Also, try to avoid negative people and things. I found that when I was surrounded by negative people it was soooo hard to be positive, and I would say that I am quite a positive person usually!

    Lucy Cole

    July 22, 2018Reply

    Loved reading this post! I always try my best to be positive and radiate only positivity! Watching out on what you're speaking about could definitely be something I could look to doing more.Lucy |

      Jodie Melissa

      July 22, 2018Reply

      Thank you Lucy! Such a good way to be. It's just little things like that which always seem to happen day to day that have helped me even more x

    Lisa Autumn

    July 22, 2018Reply

    Yes girl! So motivating 🙂 x Lisa |

      Jodie Melissa

      July 22, 2018Reply

      So glad it's been motivating for you!


    July 23, 2018Reply

    Loved this post! I always try to focus on the positive and counteract the negative. It makes you feel better than worrying about the negative and stressing.

    Lizzie Owen

    July 23, 2018Reply

    I love the idea of counteracting a negative with a positive! This year has been the worst for me in terms of my self doubt, and I feel like that tactic will work so well for me. I’ve heard of the Law of Attraction before and I’m quite intrigued by it! Maybe I should check that book out, too… Lizzie Bee //

    Jessie-Ann Lewis

    July 23, 2018Reply

    I love this – and also love your outfit! I made a conscious effort to rid any negative energy from my life and I am so much happier and healthier too! I do look at things negatively sometimes, but now I am trying to do as you are, and think of positive things. xxJessie | allthingsbeautiful-x

    Forever September

    July 23, 2018Reply

    I've definitely had a problem with being too negative in the past and I'm still guilty of doing it from time to time. I've made a conscious effort to try and be positive on a daily basis and try my absolute best to see the good in things. Such a great post Jodie!Lucy | Forever September

    Alicia Johnson

    July 26, 2018Reply

    I agree with you so much about socialising and cherishing relationships. I always feel so much more happier, and positive after socialising with people that I do care about. xAlicia |

    Charlotte Lane

    August 1, 2018Reply

    Aw I love this post Jodie! Becoming more positive is something I'm really trying to work hard on too – hopefully I'll get to the same stage as you one day 🙂 xoChar |

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