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Summer Style Favourites.

The past few months I've really started to love everything style related, don't get me wrong I still love a good beauty buy, but fashion definitely has my heart over anything else. There have been quite a few new additions to my wardrobe for the summer months, so I thought why not do a round up and share my top 5...


New In: Charlotte Tilbury.

A couple of weeks back I had the pleasure of meeting Charlotte Tilbury, and seeing the brand new launches from the beauty genius. There are some seriously exciting things coming up over the next few months, including new additions to the Pillowtalk line - I tried the blusher and it's unbelievably beautiful! and an insane Christmas collection that's going to rob my husband in December.


Becoming a More Positive Person.

Ever been called a pessimistic Polly or negative Nancy? I used to get it alllll the time! In response I would argue the fact that really I'm just a realist... Debatable
This year I've definitely started to open up more, and realised that actually you can't sugar coat being a negative person, and there's a huge difference between being a realist and gloomy af. Since the beginning of the year becoming more positive about everything in life is something I've been working on, so I thought I would share a few things that have helped me along the way.



It's my birthday! I'm 23 and for some reason that sounds so much older than 22 to me. This is the first time I feel like a new age number has some significance (apart from when I was 18 and could actually go out without using someone else's id...) anyway. I'm properly, fully getting in my twenties now - you know?


The Morning of Our Wedding.

I thought I would talk you through the morning of our wedding, the getting ready process and how I managed to stay calm - I definitely surprised myself with that last one. I never thought I would treasure the morning as much as I do, which is one of the reasons why I've said to every bride to be I've spoken to, make it as stress free as possible!


The Wedding Day Makeup & Beauty Essentials.

If there's a day your makeup matters the most, it's your wedding day. Even before the dress, my wedding day makeup was something I thought about and researched. Having never had my makeup done professionally before, I really wasn't sure whether to just do it myself. Today I thought I would share the makeup I went for and some other beauty essentials that helped me feel my best on my wedding day. 


The Wedding Day Outfits.

If there's one day you'll feel the best you've ever felt, it's your wedding day. Instead of just showing you my dress and doing a whole post on that, I wanted to include absolutely everything I wore, down to the veil, earrings and dressing gown I wore in the morning.


The Wedding Venue & Decor.

Finding the venue was definitely one of the hardest parts of wedding planning, we spent 6 months searching on the internet, looking through magazines and doing visits to find the one. Our wedding was definitely a mix of DIY projects and help from the professionals, which kept costs down but also made everything manageable on the day. Most of the decor I arranged and bought different pieces, some of it was set up by a company and some my husband managed to pull together. In this post I thought I would talk about the venue, decor and our inspiration behind it.


5 Things I Learned Getting Married.

Firstly, welcome to a week of wedding related posts! I'm going to be talking the venue, bridal beauty regime and everything in between, so if you're interested there will be something new at 8am every day this week. I'm kicking off this little series by basically sharing all of the advise that helped me have my dream wedding day, and what I learned getting married myself.


Why Blogging Isn't My Full Time Job.

I don't think anyone could have predicted that a whole industry would be formed out of blogging, YouTube, content creation (whatever you like to call it) - I certainly didn't. At the end of April I was faced with a choice, do I create a full time job out what I do online or do I find another full time role and stick with that for now? As you can tell by the title, I went with the latter, and I thought I would share why...
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