Switching To A Capsule Wardrobe.

70% of my wardrobe doesn’t get worn, I’ll buy something – wear it once – then hang it up. I’ve got better at getting rid of these items but then I’m left with nothing I love and essentially it’s a massive waste of money! I’ve decided to make a slow switch to a capsule wardrobe. This is really inspired by The Anna Edit, after watching her haul videos and seeing how put together she always looks it’s made me realise that actually it’s all about quality over quantity, and having things to wear that you love over and over again.

I have two wardrobes with clothes in, I have so many skirts, tops, shorts, dresses – everything. Except every time I come to choose an outfit I either go for the same few things or have a mini melt down and have no idea what to go for. I want to buy some absolute key pieces that I can mix and match and wear with a whole host of different things so I never feel like I’m missing out or bored with my clothes. I don’t think I’ll be quite as strict as 37 things which the original capsule wardrobe suggests, but whatever I buy from now on is going to be thought out and considered, rather than just browsing a sale and buying something just because it’s half price.

To get the ball rolling I have created a list of things my wardrobe needs.

– a staple jumpsuit
– jacket
– button up shirt
– silky shirt
– jeans
– a good t-shirt

So really that isn’t too much to buy, by “a good t-shirt” I mean treating myself to one from Whistles (they look amazing but never thought to spend £49 on a t-shirt) I get so much wear out of my basic t-shirts from Topshop so I know I would get so much use out of it – and fingers crossed the quality matches the price tag. In an attempt to start the whole process I’ve bagged up a lot of clothes, some of it made it onto eBay and Depop but the rest went to the charity shop MIND. Doing this has already made it easier to choose outfits and get the most out of the things I actually do like.

I’ve realised that my style really does change day to day, but one thing that’s consistent is my love for anything neutral. I don’t care what season it is, apart from the odd piece I don’t usually stray from black, white, greys, pale blush pinks, blue denim, khaki, camel shades etc… You know, those kind of colours! I’ve been doing a hell of a lot of bookmarking the past few weeks and a pattern seems to be occurring and I’m drawn to the same kinds of things, a little list of those below.

So, a capsule wardrobe is the plan. I’m actually really enjoying having a proper clothing clear out and the thought of starting again is exciting! If you’re living from a capsule wardrobe I would love to know any tips.

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    June 19, 2018Reply

    I love clearing out pieces in my wardrobe every now and then! It feels so refreshing to have more space!☺️✨

    Chey S

    June 20, 2018Reply

    Lovely post Jodie. Im the same… half of what I buy doesn't get worn and I end up taking things back. But I have started to limit what I buy now in terms of clothes and where I buy them… quality over quantity is such an important thing. The amount of wasted clothes can be ridiculous… Just simple pieces for the day to day basis, a good bag and those fancy bags for the posts and dresses/shoes you know you'll wear are enough I think too personally. X

    Danielle Alexa

    June 20, 2018Reply

    A capsule wardrobe is such a necessity for me. I love nothing more than filtering through my wardrobe and just having the essentials!Danielle xx

    Hayley Williams

    June 20, 2018Reply

    I’ve been telling myself I’ll start a capsule wardrobe for so long now! I can’t bring myself to dive into my wardrobe and sort through all my existing clothes but I definitely should! I love the idea of investing in a Whistles t shirt, I go through plain white tees like there’s no tomorrow! Xx


    June 21, 2018Reply

    While I love the idea of capsule wardrobes I know it probably won't work out for me. I think for the most part it's just important to buy quality pieces of clothing! I think buying cheaper versions for "fast fashion" items is totally fine – because they may not be investments or you're testing out a new style. But I think clearing out your wardrobe regularly is necessary so you don't feel dragged down by it!Cindy |

    Charlotte Lane

    June 27, 2018Reply

    This is such a good idea and something I need to put in place too! I have so many clothes but I constantly feel uninspired by everything I see.. The next time I have a free weekend, I need to properly go through my wardrobe and be a bit more ruthless xoChar |


    June 28, 2018Reply

    I don't think I would be able to do this as I have so much clothes but I actually wear most of it 😀 however, in the past few years I've gotten much better at buying it so I'm actually planning outfits and I'm thinking of occasions I would wear some clothes to… planning is everything now :Dyour list is so short, but honestly all the needed stuff. in neutral colors and you can't go wrong with it…xo Honey – blog Royal Lifestyle – Twitter – Instagram

    Dany Queen

    July 2, 2018Reply

    I just published a post very similar to this because I found myself with pretty much the same problem. I haven't quite made the decision to go to a capsule wardrobe but I'm really working hard on downsizing! Great post! xxDany | Danielle Reine


    July 7, 2018Reply

    I wish I could create the perfect capsule wardrobe for myself – I just never seem to buy quality items! I need to jump in and just give it a good go. Where are your green pants from? They are perfect! Jasmine |

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