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Most Used Makeup – Honeymoon Edition.

I did that thing where you pack as if you’re never being reunited with your makeup collection again – in reality I was going on holiday for a week, and spent most of the time wearing a tinted moisturiser and a bit of bronzer!

Instead of going through everything I took with me, I thought it would be more useful to share the makeup I actually wore whilst I was on my honeymoon.

The only foundation I used whilst away was *surprise surprise for any regular readers* the It Cosmetics CC Cream in Medium. It’s a good medium coverage but still leaves my skin with a glowy natural finish, perfect for the evenings when I wanted a little something on the skin. In the heat this held up well, wasn’t totally sweat proof, but it didn’t leave me looking patchy or too oily. I still use this on a day to day basis and love it! For concealer I used the trusty Glossier Stretch, I went for this because it’s not too full coverage so didn’t look too much against bare skin, I just wanted a little something around my eyes (I remained jet lagged the whole holiday!) that still looked natural and like I didn’t actually have anything on. It did crease a little in the heat, but I just used my finger to blend it a little and it that did the trick.

I did powder in the evenings using the Laura Mercier Translucent setting powder. Again a long time favourite as it’s so finely milled and never makes my makeup look cakey. Bronzer and blusher was something I loaded on my face, for bronzer I took a mini Benefit Hoola. This made the perfect holiday bronzer as it’s a little darker than I would usually go. For blush I went for Nars Orgasm, this was the blusher I wore on my wedding day and I thought the golden shimmer running through it made the perfect holiday blush. I loved using both of these together, even without foundation they lasted well and made my skin look glowy and fresh. I did also use highlighter in the evening, mostly the Benefit WhattsUp cream highlighter. It’s a champagne shade and I love how easy it is to blend and it almost melts into the skin helping it look a little more natural than a powder highlight.

For brows I tinted them just before the wedding so without any product they didn’t look too bare, but when I did want to add something I used the It Cosmetics Brow Power pencil with the Glossier Boy Brow. I love how quick I can fill my brows in using both of these. I didn’t have any issues with the products not lasting in the heat and they make the perfect duo for filling and setting my brows into place.

All I used as eyeshadow was the Charlotte Tilbury Eyes To Mesmerise in the shade Bette. I would just put a bit of this all over the lid then blend it out using a trusty MAC 217 brush (the brush that makes blending eyeshadow easy). Then I would just apply one coat of the It Cosmetics Super Hero Mascara, along with the Giorgio Armani Eccentrico this is my all time favourite mascara, it’s lengthening, thickening and stays put on the lashes all day without any flaking or smudging – even in the Mexico heat! Whilst away I just couldn’t be bothered to pile on the eyeshadow and sit there blending, so this combo worked so well for a quick 2 minute eye look.

One thing I did experiment with a little more was what I wore on my lips, however I did pack around 12 different lipsticks so I had to get use out of atleast 5 so I didn’t feel so ridiculous! I found myself using the Dr Lipp Original Nibble Balm (don’t be turned off by the name, best-lipbalm-ever) most days and applying it as part of my skincare routine before bed. I also lightly lined my lips using Pillowtalk from Charlotte Tilbury most days, my lips have barely any pigment and I found doing this really lifted my complexion and made such a difference whilst still looking natural and like I wasn’t actually wearing anything.

I wore the Giorgio Armani Ecstasy Shine lipstick in 401 as a stain on a couple of nights. It’s a gorgeous red that works all year round, I prefer this shade with more of a matte finish so I just used some tissue to blot away the shine and I loved the end result. Another lip product I used was the NYX Buttergloss in Tiramisu, it’s a gorgeous nude and the perfect lip gloss formula as it isn’t too sticky.

So, if my honeymoon proved to me anything about makeup it’s that in anything above 24 degrees I really don’t want/ need anything more than what I’ve mentioned!

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    Candice Petersen

    June 12, 2018Reply

    So many lovely products! xCandice | Natalya Amour

      Jodie Melissa

      June 12, 2018Reply

      Thank you lovely! Can't believe I managed to get through a week with just this makeup haha

    Lisa Autumn

    June 12, 2018Reply

    I really need to try the CC cream.. everyone loves it!x Lisa |

      Jodie Melissa

      June 12, 2018Reply

      You do! It's so good x


    June 12, 2018Reply

    The Watt’s Up Benefit highlighter is so lovely! I love cream products especially in the Summer!🌸💞

      Jodie Melissa

      June 12, 2018Reply

      It's just gorgeous, I think I'm going to run out soon and I've never ran out of a highlighter before! Me too girl xx

    Izzy K

    June 12, 2018Reply

    You look so gorgeous in that picture. I've been wanting to try the Charlotte Tilbury eyeshadows for so long they look amazing 🙂 xxxhttp://izzyk1998.blogspot.com

      Jodie Melissa

      June 12, 2018Reply

      Aw thanks girl! They are beautiful! x

    Danielle Alexa

    June 13, 2018Reply

    So many great products here, I am going to have to dig out the Benefit Watts Up, I haven't used it in such a long time!Danielle xx

      Jodie Melissa

      June 18, 2018Reply

      every time I leave it a week without using question why I ever stopped because it's just so good! I think summer is a good time to dig it out x

    Frankly Flawless -

    June 14, 2018Reply

    It's so true – there's the makeup you take with you and then what you actually use and I can nearly always narrow it down to a select few that work throughout the duration. I've heard great things about IT Cosmetics and definitely need to try this brand

      Jodie Melissa

      June 18, 2018Reply

      I'm glad I'm not the only one, I'm so bad for over packing makeup *just incase* it's such a good brand, definitely become one of my favourites over the past few months! x


    June 16, 2018Reply

    Next month I am hoping to pick up the CC Cream, I am so desperate to try it. I keep looking at the Benefit Whats Up Highlighter, you don't seem to see Benefit spoken about as much these days but I am quite keen to give that a go.Amy x

      Jodie Melissa

      June 18, 2018Reply

      It's honestly so good! Let me know what you think of it, I love it! No that's true actually, apart from their brow products they seem to be a little lost with so many other brands around! x


    June 19, 2018Reply

    What a lovely bunch of products!

    Charlotte Lane

    June 26, 2018Reply

    You look absolutely glowing in this photo Jodie – so pretty! I hardly wore much makeup when I went to Mexico because it is just way too hot for it! I do love the sound of the IT Cosmetics CC Cream xoChar |


    November 27, 2018Reply

    Hoola is my most favorite bronze. I love to use this regularly and this is awesome really. make-up lesson London

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