5 Lifestyle Favourites.

I recently filmed a May favourites, with some beauty and fashion bits, so I thought I would share some lifestyle faves to go with that in a blog post. You know how it works, these are basically 5 things that are a bit too random to include in another post, but I wanted to talk about them anyway!

Actually relaxing

I know this sounds like a weird favourite, but this month I’ve been taking the time to properly relax. I’ve been watching Netflix, sitting outside in the sun, spending more time cooking. All pretty normal things but it’s things that pre wedding I just wouldn’t do. As much as I love blogging and vlogging my honeymoon made me realise that I need to take breaks more often.

Interior shopping & house plants 

Watching our house start to become a home has just been such a nice process. We surprisingly have bought a lot of our furniture from Wayfair and Tesco Direct. I found so many things I loved from the likes of MADE and West Elm, then we went on the hunt for affordable alternatives. I’m going to do a separate post on this soon! I’m cheating here and doing a two in one, but I wanted to give a mention to my love of house plants. I knew before moving in I wanted to get some, I think they add so much to a space (and it’s been the perfect excuse to buy mid century style plant pots). I’m currently on the hunt for a local garden centre that sells indoors plants, so far we just have english ivy and a snake plant but I’m after a monstera deliciosa for our living room.

SUDIO headphones
I’ve joined a new gym! I still don’t have a gym routine yet and my eating is kind of all over the place, but I’m getting there and it’s one of the best gyms I have ever been to so I actually really enjoy being there. One thing that’s made my life so much easier is over ear, wireless headphones. I have a white pair from Sudio and I find them to be really comfortable and hold a charge pretty well too. I’ve also been using them to edit any YouTube videos, I find using headphones makes me more productive because I’m less likely to get distracted by things around me. They gave me a discount code:XJMXO15 for 15% off.

Candles, every where
One thing I love about more expensive candles is that you don’t even have to burn them to smell them as you walk past. Jo Malone Peony and Blush Suede was the wedding day scent, so it feels far too special to burn on a day to day basis, but having them there and just catching that scent every so often is so nice. Our living room is filled with candles, we have ones from Amara, Home Sense and a couple of other places. Obviously they make the place smell amazing but I just find having a house with candles burning to be so cosy and relaxing, I just love it.

The Magic
I really do find it hard to live in the moment when I don’t have a plan, a couple of things in my life are a little up in the air at the minute so I’m trying to focus on the positives and stay as upbeat and happy as possible basically. I’ve been reading The Magic, I haven’t been as loyal to that as much as The Secret, but one thing I have taken from it is writing down 10 things every single day before I go to sleep that I’m grateful for. Honestly I can’t tell you how much this perks my mood, it makes me realise just how lucky I am to lead the life I do and reminds me to be grateful of all those little things.

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    Jasmine Harding

    June 3, 2018Reply

    Candles are my favourite ways to unwind and fully relax, just heavenly! Jasmine

      Jodie Melissa

      June 13, 2018Reply

      Aren't they!? I have some new ones on my wishlist at the moment!

    Lauren Victoria

    June 3, 2018Reply

    I'm obsessed with indoor plants! They just make a space feel so fresh and airy. I love little succulents xLauren |

      Jodie Melissa

      June 13, 2018Reply

      Yes! I need to get more succulents x


    June 3, 2018Reply

    I love indoor plants but my other half is so against them so I have my fake knock offs kicking around instead. Peony and Blush Suede is going to be my scent for my wedding day too! It's gorgeous.Amy |

      Jodie Melissa

      June 13, 2018Reply

      Ahh that's so annyoing! I'm currently trying to convince my other half they are a good idea but he thinks I'm just going to kill them and they will be a waste of money haha, fingers crossed I won't! You can get some really good fakes though. Oo it's so nice isn't it? x


    June 3, 2018Reply

    I love filling my home with plants and candles! It adds a touch of decor while still keeping things simple. I can't wait to see how you continue to decorate your new place :)Cindy |

      Jodie Melissa

      June 13, 2018Reply

      So true, I like how you've put it! Thank you, we can't do too much at the moment unfortunately as we might be moving soon, but we are definitely making some little changes!


    June 3, 2018Reply

    I love Candles they’re so relaxing and make a room so much more cozy!😊

      Jodie Melissa

      June 13, 2018Reply

      So nice aren't they!

    Tor Bennett

    June 5, 2018Reply

    There's nothing I love more than home décor and design… I live for the day I get my own house to work on! Tor xx That's Peachy Blog

      Jodie Melissa

      June 13, 2018Reply

      It's so much fun isn't it? My mum was a property developer whilst I was growing up and seeing her change spaces has really inspired me. I do struggle with making decisions though haha x

    Chloe Louise

    June 5, 2018Reply

    Candles help me feels so relaxed too!Chloe X

    Hannah Cao

    June 6, 2018Reply

    Candles, so true. I love nothing more than interior design and indoor plants. Hannah | coffee with hannah

    Danielle Alexa

    June 9, 2018Reply

    Nothing makes me feel more homely than lighting candles all over the place!Danielle xx

    Charlotte Lane

    June 19, 2018Reply

    I loved reading this post Jodie! I should start writing down 10 things I'm grateful for daily, I'm sure it would help lift my mood each evening xoChar |

    Katie Wednesday

    August 22, 2018Reply

    I loved this post! I've been shopping for my first proper home over the summer and I totally understand what you're saying, watching it all come together makes me so happy! Xx

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