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Becoming More Sociable On Instagram.

This time last year I barely posted photos of myself on Instagram, it was mainly beauty content or something to promote a new blog post, but I quickly found that I actually love posting more about my life, and based on my engagement my followers like it to. Over the past few weeks I've been posting more than ever, I've started being more transparent in my captions, and in general just being more me. Injecting my personality into social media as much as possible, basically, using Instagram in a more social way.


Summer Hair Styling.

Honestly, I'm finally at a point where I'm pretty happy with my hair, and I don't talk about it enough! I've had so many bad experiences with it over the years but I've found exactly what works for me and what I feel comfortable with. Admittedly I'm usually pretty boring, I tend to curl it in the same way then just leave it down, but over the past few months I've been pushing myself to do a little more with it, and actually I'm really enjoying doing something a little different.


My Top 5 Charlotte Tilbury Products.

You guys know I love Charlotte Tilbury, ever since buying one her lipsticks a couple of years ago I was hooked. I would say I've tried most things over the years, so I thought it was about time I finally did a run down of my ultimate favourites.


The Affordable Makeup Collection Worth Trying This Summer.

It seems to be one makeup launch after the other, which is absolutely fine, but definitely hard to keep up with. I used to love collecting makeup but now I tend to stick to what I know (hence the lack of beauty content these days) until I'm completely wowed. L'Oreal sent over some products from their brand new "Woke Up Like This" collection, and I decided it was worth dedicating a whole post to and talk about my faves!


Summer Goals.

Anyone else nosey and like reading other peoples goals? They always motivate me to think about what I want to get done/ achieve over the next few months, then inspires me to get my shit together and formulate a p.o.a. With the wedding and move over I have a couple of smaller goals that I can actually focus on and put some time into, and I'm blooomin' excited about them.


Full Review & Favourites: It Cosmetics.

For months I've been itching to write this post, I feel like the best way to describe It Cosmetics is a step up from Glossier. The packaging isn't wacky, no unicorns or glitter here, and the main aim of the brand is to enhance your natural beauty - but for those of us who need a little more help than a sheer concealer. Remember QVC? Well they're quickly becoming my new best friends stocking Tarte and It Cosmetics, you can buy from there and on Selfridges in the UK, so a little harder to get your hands on but oh boy, it's worth it!


Getting Married, Moving House and New Beginnings.

April really has been the best month of my life - jeeeeze, I feel emotional and we're not even a sentence in... We moved into our home, got married and went on our honeymoon to Mexico.
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