My Ted Baker Bridal Shoes

March 29, 2018

When it came to my wedding shoes I was torn, the main dilemma being whether I go high end or find a more affordable option. I had a certain style in mind, and of-course they had to be comfortable.

I noticed a lot of my favourite high street stores were bringing out their own bridal accessorise and wedding shoes, so today I wanted to share the Ted Baker shoes I wore on my wedding day, give you a mini review and some other options I love and think make beautiful wedding shoes for the day – without breaking the bank!

The Ted Baker SKALETT Bow Bridal Court Shoes

The chosen pair are from Ted Baker. Well, I actually have two pairs but the main shoes I will be wearing are the SKALETT Bow Detail Pointed Court Shoes in Ivory*. As soon as I tried these shoes on I knew I wanted to wear them to walk down the isle. It felt like they almost moulded to my feet and were made for me (maybe I think this because I love them so much). I love the bow and how it’s not too out there but a little different to what you usually see. Another lovely thing about these shoes is that they are actually customised. Ted Baker are offering a free service where you can customise any shoes purchased in some of their stores on the 14th and 22nd of April. I had my future initials JR at the bottom of mine, this is also my husbands initials too and it really is just a special touch.

I knew for my wedding day I wanted closed toe shoes, I feel more comfortable wearing them and I prefer the way they look. Now I’m just a few weeks away from the day I’m happy with my decision to buy high street, everything wedding related is expensive as it is and buying £400+ shoes just isn’t my priority. I wanted to share just a few of the other wedding shoes I love. The first are these glittery block heels , which may or may not be the other wedding shoes I have for the day – hint hint hint – I know for the evening I want to be able to have a good dance and block heels just add that extra bit of comfort. What I love most about these shoes is the contrast of them being a traditional bridal shoe with the ivory satin front with the glitter at the back, they’re the perfect modern bride shoe.

If you’re looking for flat shoes to wear these are definitely the prettiest I’ve found, they’re gorgeous! I love the jewel detail across the foot. If I didn’t need the extra height these would definitely be one of my first picks. Lastly I wanted to give these open toe shoes a shout out, there’s something about glittery wedding shoes that I love and I think these could easily be worn after a wedding too so they don’t just get worn for one day.

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Lucy Alice says:

These are absolutely gorgeous, I love the rose gold detail on them too – such a perfect pick!Lucy | Forever September

Arianna says:

These Ted Baker heels are stunning! So beautiful with the little bow details and the rose gold accents! 💕✨

Charlotte Morgan says:

These are so stunning Jodie! Can't believe how quickly it's coming round!

Amber Gregory says:

These shoes are gorgeous! The attention to detail is incredible. Amber |

Lilies Beauty says:

These are so beautiful!! xxMelanie | Lilies Beauty

Danielle Alexa says:

These shoes are absolutely stunning, the personalisation is just to die for. I can imagine that these will be a stunning keep sake for years!Danielle xx

Jessie-Ann Lewis says:

Oh wow, Jodie! These are really lovely 🙂 I can't wait to see how beautiful you look. xxJessie | allthingsbeautiful-x

Charlotte Lane says:

Your Ted Baker wedding shoes are absolutely beautiful Jodie! I love the evening/dance shoes you have gone for too – I love anything sparkly but sometimes it can look a bit over the top, but the ones from ASOS you're having are just perfect xoChar |

Charline Official says:

Ted Baker do the prettiest heels! I'm always wondering how comfortable they are though… Glad they fit you like a dream!You will look so beautiful on your wedding, especially with these shoes ;-)Love, Charline | Charline Has a Blog  

The Makeup Aficionado says:

These heels look absolutely gorgeous!

Frankly Flawless - says:

I love these shoes- the bow detail and the initials just really add the special touch

Gemma Louise says:

Ahhh these are so gorgeous!! I love that they are personalised too, what a lovely touch xGemma Louise

Natalie Redman says:

Oh wow these are pretty! Definitely keeping these in mind for my bridal shoes!

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